7 Things OKC Residents Can Do To Kill Time At Home…

Everyone enjoying their quarantine?!

While we still have chance to publish content before this website goes under, Patrick and I thought it would be fun to share some things for OKC residents to do while we’re all stuck at home dealing with anxiety, wondering if or even when life will ever return to normal, or how we’re going to pay bills.

Here you go:

Have A Solo Rave

You can bring the party home by scrolling up some dance parties of the past. I just did a YouTube search for ‘Robotic Wednesdays OKC’ and it turns out there’s a lot of videos of those hipster dance parties at Kamps from back in the day. Come for the techno, stay for the Myspace scenester haircuts. – Lucas

Finally read Boom Town

The brilliant official modern history of Oklahoma City has been out for over a year and a half and you still haven’t read it, but you probably want to. Well, there’s no better time to start than when you’re under quarantine during a pandemic. – Patrick

Build A Beach

This year, it’s not a smart move to go to Cancun and act like an asshole at Señor Frog’s, but you can recreate the environment at home! Order a hundred pounds of sand from Amazon, get the cheapest possible tequila, and have a spring break that you’ll never forget. An added bonus is that if you get drunk enough to flash your bits, the only ones who could notice are your pets, and they’re not telling anyone. – Lucas

Binge Watch “Is This A Great State Or What?”

Want to learn about a lady from Yukon with a collection of Shawnee Mills memorabilia dating back to the 1920s? Looking for a cheer me up about a southside gentleman who produced puppet shows for children at the Capitol Hill library? I don’t know if those are past ITAGSOW episodes or not, but they probably are. – Patrick

Watch Classic Thunder Highlights

With the NBA season postponed, and possibly cancelled for the year, that’s one less distraction from the crisis threatening us right now. It’s a double bummer because the Thunder were the most fun to watch that they’ve been pretty much since the year before Durant left. But all those memories are alive and well on the Internet, so why not reflect on the good ol’ times? – Lucas

Catch up on The Lost Ogle Show or Free Queso

Back in July, we decided to get into the podcasting game. The results were a bit mixed, but I think we’re doing okay for an obscure local social podcast. Listen and subscribe on Spotify or Apple, or wherever fine podcasts are sold. – Patrick

Make Bathtub Ecstasy

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but unless your dealer makes drop-off deliveries, your spring break is going to need drugs to fuel it. You’ve got all week to figure it out, what could go wrong? I think it’s mostly just crushed up Flintstones vitamins and cold medicine, but it’s best to consult the Dark Web in these situations. – Lucas

These are just a few ideas, but let us know how you’ll be spending Quarantine Break this year!