Louis Fowler’s Pandemic Journal: Housing Crisis

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any stocks to sell—maybe I can still get a few bucks for my guitar?

Even if I did have some stocks, there’s something particularly scummy about making a cool million or so off information that a world-ending pandemic is about to begin its destructive journey across America. Four senators are under fire for doing just that, including our own beloved octogenarian James Inhofe.

Normally, something like that would have been another goofy news-story to forgive and forget, like many Oklahomans are wont to do with him, but to sinfully profit as many of his constituents are more than likely going to be infected and, worse, die, while he lewdly rolls around (possibly) nude on a bed of crisp ones and fives, I hope that this is the time we finally hold him accountable.

While walking down around the old Rainbow Records on Friday, I noticed a wheat-pasted poster that read “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Inhofe.” I saw another one at the corner of N.W. 63rd and May later that weekend, the rain doing it’s damndest to tear it down. It gave me hope that it was still up. I hope they still are.

Meanwhile, a “shelter in place” order isn’t coming to Oklahoma City anytime soon. Kevin Stitt must need more cheeseburgers.


The jobless rate is projected to hit 30%. As a freelance writer with weak lungs and a weaker bank account, man alive, have I been worried about next month. The house I currently reside in is packed with twentysomethings that work in the food industry; they have been given their pink slips recently and are desperate to find work as soon as possible.

Thank the Lord that, last week, the Oklahoma Sherriff’s office announced they’re going to suspend evictions during the virus.

While it’s something of a sense of relief that our landlord can’t kick us out just yet, we can’t forget about the poorest among us at this time, like the undocumented, that are currently renting the houses in my neighborhood under backhanded deals and cash-only payments; who will protect them when the powers that shouldn’t be come to kick them and their children out in a few weeks?


Many people have been messaging me, texting me and so on, wondering how I’m doing in all this mess, health-wise; I am pretty susceptible to the virus, for various reasons, but I can promise you that as long as I’m writing, I’m still alive.

Like Mojo Nixon once said, “You can’t kill me, I will not die…”


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10 Responses

  1. So glad to hear you are doing okay thus far. Please stay healthy! My world would be sadly lacking without my dose of Louis’s writing on the regular!

    1. Co-signed. Be well, Louis, and stay safe.

  2. What kind of guitar you pickin on?

  3. I think I live in your neighborhood.

  4. Until the so-called “little man” the so-called “average person” demands accountability and proper conduct from his/her elected “leaders,” turds like Inhofe and Trump will continue doing whatever they want to do, with impunity.

    Trump has normalized execrable behavior. It’s like the worst guest ever to appear on The Jerry Springer Show got elected president. And because he gets away with everything, the rest of those bastards are getting away with it.

  5. These are scary times for folks who are already in fragile health. Even worse if you add the collapsing economy to the mix.

    Stay safe, Louis. Keep your hands clean and don’t touch your face.

  6. Been thinking about you . Have been where you are (almost literally..geographically speaking..and worse financially).
    Wish I had the money to get you out of that. Hell..wish I had the money to get me out of it.
    Hang in there and stay safe. You are exactly the population the “boomer remover” are cool with inadvertently wiping out.
    Wear gloves. Wear a mask.
    If anyone asks about it say: “I know I don’t have it..but you don’t. I am doing this for you…”
    That is what they do in China. It is a courtesy to others.

    1. …..and whatever you do: Keep writing.

  7. Thank you for writing this. Week two of pneumonia for me. Lifetime asthmatic. No test for the virus yet after two very distressing ER visits. I guess I’m somehow not “high risk“..? I’ll hopefully see 50 this year.

    Everyone can see what’s going on right now. People appear to be disgusted with the gross mismanagement of this entire situation from the White House, but especially (once again) from the Oklahoma Department of Health to our now affected community hospitals, churches, food banks and pantries, small businesses, and our homes. People claim to hate “big gubment”, but little gubment does the public a huge disservice by stooging on their behalf.

    It’s got to stop.

    I think The People have truly forgotten that THEY hold the power. The People, ultimately, do not HAVE to settle for this fate. Everyone has to begin to demand better from themselves and everyone else regardless of skin color, religion, country of origin, gender, or political party. This virus doesn’t give a damn about any of that bullshit, and neither should we.

    Stay healthy and safe.. ♥️☮️😷🦠🌎

  8. I’m a new Ogle Mole, sorry, best I can do in a pinch, Bud. Great that your writing about an old friendly adversary of our’s the infamous James Inhofe. As I see it, TLO is the only paper I’ll read out of Oklahoma because I don’t think you folks will will lie to me like conservatives do. I used to live there, a resident for over 20 years and a student at Oklahoma State. My parents, born in Oklahoma, I’m as close to being a non-Indian, native Oklahoman as one can be without being born there. Born in California, raised in Texas. I can’t be there because of the politics. Otherwise, if I could just find some moderation somewhere in Oklahoma to live I’d go there and become the meteorologist I’ve always aspired to be….all that bad weather, I’d be in my element. I’m a refugee in a blue state, whats one to do? I understand your plight, I will try and help, from a distance…warm regards

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