Oklahoma Republicans waste no time spreading Coronavirus conspiracy theory memes…

If there’s one saving grace from the Coronavirus Pandemic, it would be that it’s now easier than ever to identify the true idiots in the world living amongst us. Not surprisingly, it looks like most of them live and congregate in Pottawatomie County:

That’s a pretty cool conspiracy theory not based on any truth, facts or reality. Here’s one that I made up in three minutes…

The US, with help from Russia, bioengineered the Coronavirus! They designed it to target the elderly, but because they have a heart and everything…didn’t want to hurt too many children. They planted the virus in China – our greatest economic rival – right before the Lunar New Year, and then in Iran – Trump’s biggest foreign adversary – as part of a long plan to cause global economic chaos. Soon, a vitriolic debate fueled by the right-wing media and amplified by Russian social media bots will emerge as to whether social distancing and shutdowns are worth the economic cost. Violence will erupt, Trump will then declare martial law and consolidate and seize executive power. When a surprise miracle vaccine / anti-viral drops in October, he’ll win re-election.

But once again, that’s just a stupid, semi-plausible conspiracy theory I made up. It’s not backed by any facts and is simply nothing more than a stupid “What if?” to reinforce my paranoid, subjective political beliefs and prejudices. I’m glad I’m intelligent enough to realize this, otherwise I’d have to join the Pottawatomie County Republican Party.

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13 Responses

  1. Holy crap, your theory fits the one I was working on to a tee. Let’s go on Reddit and exchange misinformation with other illiterate friends!

  2. Trumpists everywhere have my undying admiration. They’re the bravest among us. Just yesterday, in fact, I saw two of them out and about, without their helmets on! Plus, everybody knows only pussies are afraid of viruses. Yes, sir, they’re real, bible-beating tough guys; and they’re stumbling, drooling, babbling proof that abortion is a survivable procedure.

    1. They probably cured themselves by blowing hot air up their nose with a hair dryer like that trumper politicain in Florida. He said it worked for him & got the info from OANN, One America News Network, the new network that is more trumpy than Fox.


    2. Looks like it is morphing into a dying admiration.

  3. Anything to post-pone the November elections ….

  4. Trump does not need to have sole control over a 500billion$ slush fund.

  5. A conspiracy theory means nothing if there is no logical reasoning. Patrick’s made up theory actually had weight, because if Trump loses his presidential seat, he’s going to prison. None of his followers want to see their Fuhrer go away, especially not to prison. He’s the only one that makes White Supremacy (sorry, White Nationalism) okay. Without him, they have to live life pretending they’re not racist. Apparently, no one likes to be called a racist, even though they clearly are.

  6. I am well aware that much of the content on this website is satire, but I need some help on this post.

    1) Did the Pottawatomie County Republicans really produce this, or is someone pranking them? I can’t even make a good guess. Is the PC GOP actually that stupid? Maybe!

    2) Is that an actual billboard, or a product of Photoshop? I’m guessing Photoshop.

    (Not even Oklahoma’s rural GOP stupid enough to spend money on a real billboard like that. Or are they?)

    3) Does Chik-fil-A actually endorse this nonsense, or has their brand and copyright been shamelessly trashed by Pottawatomie County Republicans. I’m guessing the latter.

    (But since CfA’s owner is a billionaire Christian conservative not so different from OKC’s Green Family, and since he has a sad history of being virulently anti-gay, it’s not impossible that he and his company would endorse this nonsense. Although CfA did back off some of its anti-gay stances when they started hurting business, so that anti-gay episode may have left a lesson behind.)

    In the cult of personality that is Trumpism, whatever the Dear Leader says must be true, and all reporting to the contrary is necessarily Fake News. But what nefarious forces are behind the Fake News? What are their purposes? Of course! To discredit the Dear Leader and get him removed from office. They already tried by impeaching him, didn’t they? So there!

    Hence the extreme gullibility of Trump’s minions. Poor “Coronavirus by the minutemen” has become our resident example of this sad state of mind. And she thinks she is only delivering “logic and facts”! 😀

    Perhaps Cbtm will be willing to cite her sources. A friend-of-a-friend on Facebook, perhaps? I’m particularly interested to know whether four billion people actually reside in Oklahoma! where are they hiding?

    1. I had the same question, whether it was a hoax or joke- I knew they didn’t have a billboard. Anyway, I wrote them an e-mail, this the exchange:


      John Langston ([email protected])
      To:pottcountygop Details
      Yes, it is spelled wrong. That’s on you, not me. Fix your contact address on your website.

      So you’re callous, unrepentant and suffer from projection? It’s still not too late to do the right thing. And you still could fix your return address.

      John L

      —–Original Message—–
      From: Pottawattamie County GOP
      To: J***************
      Sent: Thu, Mar 26, 2020 11:06 pm
      Subject: Re: Lost Ogle

      Spelled wrong Pottawattamie

      Sent from my iPhone

      On Mar 26, 2020, at 10:08 PM, John L wrote:

      I hope this a hoax and you weren’t so callous and inhumane to actually make this image.

      If it is true, more than shame should fall on you. Repent and make it right.

      John L*******

  7. President Trump left me a coded message on my answering machine: Dear MAGAT’s fear not for we are going to refire the economy bringing the greatest economic recovery ever seen in history! Trump/Hannity2020 “Let’s kill people, not businesses!”

    1. MAGAT: Make America Great Again Trumpster

  8. The Cows Have It Right. Right On!

  9. Trump almost let the cat out of the bag when typed Covfefe.

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