Kevin Stitt Attempts to Proselytize Way Out Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Last night, in an attempt to “bring and unite all Oklahomans” together in this time of crisis, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt hosted a televised prayer rally that excluded every religion, faith and set of beliefs in this state except for one. Titled “Let Hope Arise: Together in Prayer for Oklahoma,” the ritual featured a godly […]

5 Ways to Social Distance in Oklahoma

My first impulse when sitting down at the keyboard is to just type ‘NO WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES LUCAS A DULL BOY’ over and over again. But I was already dull to begin with, and that doesn’t quite make for good blogging material. I’m bored to death and losing my mind, as many of […]

Louis Fowler’s Pandemic Journal: Vulnerable Population

Pointed out by far better satirists than I, the absolutely cruel response by the far-right to this pandemic has been, I’m sad to say, expected. From local marijuana lab owners to the Lt. Governor of Texas, it seems as though those in power have deemed the more vulnerable of us—translation: the impoverished, the handicapped and, […]

The Netflix “Tiger King” Drinking Game

So far, the big streaming hit of the Coronavirus pandemic has been “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.” It follows the rise and fall of one Oklahoma’s most unusual celebrities – Joe Exotic – and the bizarro, truth-is-stranger-than-fiction reality of the big cat underworld. For many Oklahomans, the show’s been a weird watch. Joe Exotic […]