Update: ImageNet Abandons Plan To Pocket Employee Stimulus Payments

Yesterday afternoon, we revealed that OKC-based ImageNet Consulting – a premier supplier of enterprise-level scanners, copiers and bad corporate HR policies – devised an “Emergency Employee Compensation Plan” that would essentially swindle employees who earned less than $75,000 out of their government stimulus checks. Well, it looks like that plan is now officially in the […]

5 Joe Diffie home karaoke jams

As the COVID death toll rises locally and nationally, we’re starting to see cases of celebrities being infected, and sometimes passing away. Yesterday, we lost Joe Diffie, a modern country legend from Tulsa. Growing up in the 90’s in Oklahoma, it was hard to escape Diffie’s hits, and with good reason. To this day, I […]

Louis Fowler’s Pandemic Journal: Medicinal Menudo

Saturday, OKC Mayor David Holt took a few minutes out from his job of taking photographs with plates of Made in Oklahoma-branded foodstuffs to announce an amendment to his emergency proclamation, “explicitly” implementing a much vaunted shelter-in-place order. What that means, basically, is that you must remain inside your house at all times, with the […]