Lost Ogle Show with Norman Mayor Breea Clark!!!

On the second part of our Coronamania / Joe Exotic podcast, Marisa and I talked with Norman Mayor Breea Clark.

As our state leadership (a.k.a. Governor) and other local municipalities have dragged their feet and tried to pray away the virus, she took early, decisive action to try to prevent its spread. We talked all about the virus and what it’s like to be a mayor in crisis, what she thinks of the state’s response, and who has the power to cancel OU football.

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  2. Idiots electing idiots. Norman has the highest death rate per capita in the state, one of the highest in the country. The plandimic is working just like they want.

    1. So let’s just pretend for a moment I can be easily swayed by people on the internet.

      Where can I find information showing Norman has the highest death rate per capita in the state and in the country?

      Also you say that everyone is an idiot in this situation but you give them the credit to create a plan to kill Americans with a virus. Interesting mental gymnastics ya got there.

      But serious, give me one even non-credible link to your claims. Please.

      1. 6.6% death rate in Cleveland County. Yes, Mayor Clark is the most dangerous Mayor in the country and possibly the world. But hey, what would you expect from David Boren’s Skull and Bones Society junior university?

    2. Speaking of idiots – “plandimic”?

      1. The backwards OKIE dictionary

        plandimic (addgective) :
        1. Any actionable plan used to mimic a plan of therefore mentioned blah blah blah.
        2. Throwing out fantasy verbal grenades that a drunks like to do when they think they are on some conspiracy.
        3. People like fred fundpuckers looking in the mirror trying to understand why they are so right while being so miserable.

    3. Well, I can guess that applies for everyone from George Washington to Dear Leader?

  3. She gets it…You listening Stitt?

  4. She’s out of her depth

    1. I can think of any number of Oklahoma political figures who are “out of their depth,” even though most don’t have “actual responsibility” (quoth Sarah Palin) for running a decent-sized city.

      In these tough times we are all “out of our depth,” aren’t we? The question is whether you can swim. Ms. Clark is an excellent swimmer!

      1. No she’s not.

    2. you don’t have any

    3. No one was gonna ask if she had ever held a job? Career university student, then university worker? that’s it?

      1. At last check, I think teaching, especially at en educational level, is a paying job.

  5. But i can understand your support graychin.

    1. Option a – vote for Trump; Option b – bury Option a.

  6. The covidiot who would be queen.

  7. Just spit wad’n here but I got $5 that says most of the people on here dissing Ms Clark is because she is one of thum thar “uppity women”

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