James Lankford shamed for buying essential flowers…

As most of our readers know, there’s nothing I enjoy more than lampooning, criticizing and shaming Oklahoma’s idiotic US Senators for their draconian views, theocratic ideologies, illogical decision-making, general hypocrisy and bad haircuts.

Despite all that, I’m going to resist the temptation to shame James Lankford for getting out this weekend to buy essential flowers for a gardening project:

Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say Ni at will to old senators on social media. There is a pestilence upon this land. Nothing is sacred. Even those who arrange and design garden shrubberies are under considerable economic stress at this period in history…

Holy Grail references aside, I know James Lankford getting out to buy marigolds, begonias and pansies for his garden is irresponsible and sets a bad example. I sure as hell wouldn’t get out for that reason, but I’m not ready to publicly shame the man for it.

First of all, it’s not like he defiantly went to a DC grocery store to buy Corona after voting against a much-needed Coronavirus relief package. That’s what tough guy Jim Inhofe does.

Second, if there’s a store open selling flowers as “essential” business, and some Edmond-dad wearing khakis wants to get stuff for his garden as he either catches or passes Coronavirus around to others, I guess that’s his right. The Senator’s not getting any special treatment, appears to be practicing safe social distancing, and gardening is good activity to get you active and outdoors. If you’re going to shame him, shame the person who took the photo, too.

Plus – let’s be honest – we’ve all probably gone out once or twice when we shouldn’t have during the pandemic. In the past week, I’ve ventured out in public two times to conduct “essential” business. The first time was at a cannabis dispensary to get medication. The other was to On Cue to get beer. I guess essential is a very subjective term.

“But Patrick, he should at least be wearing a facemask!”

Probably so. Then again, have you seen what James Lankford looks like wearing a Facemask?

See. The health risk doesn’t outweigh the psychological impact of seeing James Lankford in a Skeletor mask.

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34 Responses

  1. Trump hooked him up with some hydro. He good.

  2. Yeah, unless the person who took this picture is an employee, they really have no room taking a picture in the garden center of a lowes complaining about whoever else is in there. If you’re truly only going to a home improvement store for an essential, it’d be because a pipe burst or their roof was in danger of collapsing. Otherwise you’re there buying supplies for a project to do because you suddenly have a lot more time on your hands.

  3. Pansies!! How appropriate for the light in the loafer ginger. Guess this is better than returning to his “counseling job” (wink, wink) at falls creek.

  4. So, where’s the photo of Lankford in a mask?

  5. When the wife sends you out for pansies, you go.

    1. That makes YOU a pansy.

  6. I work at a big box store, and it pisses me off when people come in to buy some non-essential item because they are bored!! I get it people! But seriously, coming in to browse around because you are bored is the reason I can’t go see my elderly mother because who knows who is sick. Our store closes 4 hours earlier than normal, so we can clean and sanitize. What do I do when I come home after work? throw my clothes in the washer and take a shower before I can even think about getting something to eat or sitting down to rest after working all afternoon, checking out people who “NEED” their marigolds and daisies!!! Not essential items, people, NOT ESSENTIAL!!!!!!!
    Rant over.

    1. Exactly. Thank you for what you do.

  7. I’m suprised he does his own gardening. I figured a hypocrite like Lankford would be paying an undocumented worker substandard wages under the table… js

    1. Well Jimmy has do to his own gardening after he helped Trump cage his regular crew.

  8. His supporters would say he is showing the world that he will not let the virus change his life, and support the economy. Never mind that he has also told the same to stay at home.

    As his PR people should have told him, going out to buy flowers “is bad optics”. But hey, when you are king and get re-elected every time you run, you know like Steve Russell used to believe before Kendra Horn, a Democrat beat him in what he thought was his safe and entitled seat.

    But hey, he is still drawing his salary, unlike many of those who voted for him who are forgoing the spring flowers this year. He is looking more and more like Steve Russell, so perhaps a qualified opponent might send him back home when he is up for re-election. Well, make that send him off to work as a lobbyist, or off to any company he granted a lot of special privileges.

    Imagine that!

    1. I’m thinking the odds of that happening in Oklahoma are about equal to winning even a free ticket on an Oklahoma “scratcher.” Now, Kendra? She at least won a scratcher but she slipped under the Oklahoma radar that’s far better than anything David Payne could ever dream of.
      I’m not saying she’s going to lose but she just better be ready. They gonna get ugly.

      1. Whether or not Kenda wins depends on what happens in the primary. If one of the usual suspects advances there Kendra has a shot. Voter turnout is exceptionally low. It depends of the GOP of Oklahoma can work up enough of the I only vote for an “R” crowd who can ignore the past of some of those candidates, and I’m not talking political past.

        But you are absolutely correct it will be ugly, but that has always been Oklahoma politics. It will be personal attacks as opposed to philosophical arguments.

        Registering Republican in Oklahoma is much like wearing an OU shirt out to an event. You didn’t go to school there, or at least didn’t graduate from there, you wear it to be part of the team. Today you are a registered Republican, just like in Cal Hobson’s day you registered Democratic in Oklahoma.

        In 1965 Hillary Clinton, a Political Science major was president of the Wellesley Young Republicans. It’s all just marketing, not beliefs.

        1. Actually, it is beliefs, the Republican and Democrat party philosophies have changed quite a bit over the decades. Republicans used to be *for* and big government, for instance.

          1. Argh, need an edit button. *for* civil rights and big government.

  9. Deep down, I knew he was a flower child.

  10. Good thing if he does get sick he has taxpayer funded gold plate health insurance. You know the quality of care he has worked tirelessly all his career to deny to millions, hard worker.

  11. Since Congress is mostly shut down, this incident probably occurred in or around Oklahoma City. It was only very recently that Oklahoma’s governor started taking the pandemic seriously. At least Sen. Lankford wasn’t pictured joyfully in a crowded restaurant with young children.

    “I did nothing illegal” is a common excuse for politicians doing morally questionable things.

    Some hyper-religious types are naming and claiming victory over the virus, in God’s name. I don’t have any data on how that’s working out, but Lankford always burnishes his reputation as being hyper-religious. Maybe he is walking inside God’s Bubble as he picks out flowers.

  12. Banjo Boy is most assured a Dr. Danny pansy just like his diddey Jimmy “I sued my brother” Inhoffe.

  13. Who ate you to say what is essential for someone else. I’m not a Lankford fan, but maybe he has a garden to grow food for his family & practices companion planting to keep pests away?
    My spouse is a disabled vet & we have been ordering a lot from Lowes in particular to complete some projects that we now have time to do. And also because my spouse has to stay busy to keep the demons at bay. It’s hard to go from 60+ hours a week in the oilfield to staying home.

    1. is this satire, hard to tell in this age

    2. Maybe Lankford grows his own food. Maybe, but I doubt it.

      Those sure look like flowers on his cart.

  14. The pandemic has forced us to find new things to be offended by.

    1. Personally speaking I have ALWAYS been offended by this holier-than-thou ass wipe.

    2. Surprised?

      You’re in the place where people bitch about a business donating to support a public space.

  15. I guess planting flowers is more enjoyable than leading the Senate Ethics Committee when your good buddy may or may not be under investigation for violating the Stock Act of 2012. Btw, he is having a tele-town hall today at 1.30pm today. I suggest everyone sign up and listen in.

  16. He is a weirdo

  17. I don’t want to be the lone defender of this guy but I don’t have a major problem with what he’s doing. Now Inhofe buying Corona beer is another matter. Whether you like his politics or not, Lankford is a really smart guy and knows the details of budgeting and other snoozer subjects. At least he’s not out seeing a woman not his wife, unless she works at Lowe’s.

  18. So perhaps the governor should make a list of essential items, and stores should refuse to sell anything but those few items. That way, stores like Lowes can layoff more employees so they can stay home and collect unemployment without risking their lives.

    1. Oh, FFS…I was only joking. But sure enough, some states are beginning to do this.

  19. One Senator and several Senate staffers and aides have tested positive for the virus in the last month. Senator Lankford left Washington on 3/26 for the Senate break and flew back to Oklahoma. He should still be self isolating for 14 days.

  20. I always knew he was a phony, now you have photographic evidence. This is not an essential trip, it is disrespectful to the city order. Thank you for exposing his lack of concern for humanity (despite being “pro life”). He is showing a complete lack of leadership and a displaying a bad example for others, who are by the way, violating the order right and left. When this is over we will have a conscientious citizens easily sorted from POS.

  21. I went to Walmart yesterday and bought some nonessential Oreos and milk. Does that make me a bad person?

    1. Yes on the milk, no on the Oreos.

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