Oklahoma is no longer the best state at not testing for Coronavirus…

Over the past couple of days, there have been a lot of graphics floating around on social media casually pointing out that Oklahoma is the best state in the country at not testing its residents for Coronavirus. For example:

Yep, just like we do with teen pregnancy, incarceration and home foundation problems, Oklahoma leads the way like David Stanley, when it comes to not testing for Coronavirus!

Or do we?

According to The Frontier and other media reports, the graphics didn’t account for the over 6,000 negative results that came from private testing labs. For some reason – probably because Oklahoma is a weird state that’s always enjoyed embarrassing itself on the national level – the health department wasn’t including those results when submitting testing totals to the media. Imagine that!!!

Well, now they are, and we’re skyrocketing up the testing list:

Yeah, this KOCO Dylan needs to get his act together. We do not include “territories + DC” when it comes to lists like this, because 1) Murica and 2) It can affect our OK Top 10 ranking. Also, do the updated numbers take into account all the tests we wasted on the Utah Jazz?

Anyway, I guess it’s comforting to know that Oklahoma is no longer the worst state in the country at testing for Coronavirus, and instead in the more familiar 44 – 47 range. You’re doing fine, Oklahoma.

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43 Responses

  1. Still Top Ten… in everything bad. “Doin’ fine” is a relative term, isn’t it?

    How did our reporting of testing stats get so far out of step with the rest of American states… and territories? How?

    We’re gonna miss all those Oklahoma rural hospitals that closed for financial reasons while we rejected Medicaid expansion – solely because of its “Obama” cooties. We miss them already, and it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

  2. So…did all the other states not include tests conducted at private labs also? I find it hard to believe that Oklahoma was the ONLY state that did not provide private lab testing statistics.

    We could be back in the bottom 10 (or last) or higher. There’s still too many questions. Nobody has all of the answers. Only some people have some of the answers. It’s hard to make a judgment until you have all of the answers.

    1. This rambling comment sounds like something I heard on TV from a press briefing yesterday.

      1. I think Okie in Austin is establishing that the “weird” part of Austin came across the northern border of Texas.

  3. It’s time we start referring to this and the numerous similar performances as The Oklahoma Substandard.

    1. Bingo.

  4. Unless, of course, there are other states with “official “ numbers that do not include all tests from all sources within their state. Thus, Oklahoma might not have surrendered our ignominious “first” after all.

    1. That’s what I was trying to say. You took the non-rambling approach. Kudos.

  5. Somebody has to be in last place.

  6. I’d like to see proof of these “private lab tests”. It sounds like they just “found” some numbers to make people happy.

  7. They need to put David Boren and Tripp Hall in charge of reporting statistics. Top Ten real quick!!

    1. Yep!!! They know how to work those numbers Lol

  8. OKLAHOMA: We are Number One. All others are Number Two, or lower.

  9. If you ain’t first you’re last.

    Seriously, the negative test disclaimer has been on the issued daily numbers for a while. Common sense would have told you how many tests have been completed. But Okies don’t compute that math numbers so well and apparently neither do them media reportin fellers.

  10. I’m so tired of not being of not being surprised, imagine that..

    Nothing like a pandemic to show how inefficient, backwards and just how much the people we look to for leadership rely on fairy tales to save us.

  11. I’m sure glad we’re arguing about numbers and stuff. Thank God we’re not talking about human beings and real suffering.

  12. It’s insane at this point that we don’t have the following numbers reported each day, by *both* private and state labs:

    Total people tested
    Number of negatives
    Number of positives
    Number hospitalized
    Number dead
    Number released from hospital/recovered

    1. A consistent method of reporting would require national leadership.

      1. And it’s just not that f-ing hard. Private labs and state labs task someone to give their testing numbers each day to someone in the state’s health dept., that person gives those numbers to someone at the federal level, at that point someone uses Excel and boom, you have all the damn numbers.

    2. Only the negative results from private labs are not included. Most of the other factoids are available here: https://coronavirus.health.ok.gov/

      1. And your point is? Data is incomplete.

        1. Point is, you’ve made it sound like all of the private lab stats are unavailable. Only the negative results are not on that page. Most of the other stats you wanted are there.

          1. It should not be a regular joe citizen’s job to correlate and go to different places to find numbers (and they’re still not complete), it should be the health dept’s job to give us *all* the data in one spot, that’s part of *their* job.

            1. So, if you go to the below tracker and find Oklahoma, there will be two source citations on the far right that you can click and do some research yourself (I know, it’s tough):


              Nice pdf from the health dept on hospital readiness:


    3. You mean like right here?


  13. 44-47 seems to be the “Oklahoma Standard”.
    I have heard first hand from a Mercy employee that they are sending their tests to the Mayo clinic because the turnaround time is only 2-3 days. having the test done in OK results in a 7-12 day turnaround.

  14. Also, from the large physician Facebook groups in Oklahoma, no one has been able to find any doctors that submitted any tests to any lab before March, and those tests were taking over two weeks to return results. Indeed, it seems like someone just “found some numbers”.

  15. An Oklahoma Tale:
    Have been watching the Johns Hopkins website and (all the parts of OK) for 3? 4? weeks now..?
    The rest of the story:
    Jackson county (pop. 30k?) currently showing 6 cases 0 deaths. (This is probably wildly inaccurate but..wait for it)
    Neighboring Greer county (pop. 6k?) 31 cases, 3 deaths.
    Talked to some people. It seems there was a preacher from the Mangum (Greer County) area who not only encouraged his “flock” to keep attending services but…went into the local Dollar General..coughing and sneezing declaring that: This was the rapture….or the great culling…or whatever the fuk they are calling it.
    As it so happens, I had to drive through both of these counties just yesterday.
    I stopped to gas up at a local convince store in Magnum…
    Parking lots full..everywhere. Not a single mask. Not a single glove.
    Being in the center of the country, we had a great opportunity to flatten the curve right here.
    We are two weeks behind NYC.
    It is like watching robots made of wood in a house on fire. They will not deviate from their routines no matter what.
    Stop listening to preachers. Start listening to scientist. If you are in a big city..stay in your fucking homes! If you are not…stay in your fucking homes!
    Wear a mask. Wear gloves. Wash your hands.

    1. This here is ‘murica! Dont need no commie-obamanistas tellin me ta stay en my oan dern hoam? Are presdent done tole us thet it wuz a democrap hoaxx! I blieve are presdent ovar them dam commy demcraps. Yer aginst gawd an Jeezus, an my preecher an yer wun of the dem commycraps.

      1. You misspelled Presedent you ideot.

    2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  16. I’m confused on the negative test? Why so many. I have know a few people that had 2 of the 3 symptoms that couldn’t get tested. Had to have all 3. Fever, cough, shortness of breath. So did we test 1,000 people just for the hell of it?

  17. Stitt is threatening a vetoes on legislation that would appropriate funds to protect state agencies from budget cuts because he isn’t getting funding for his pet project.
    Looks like Stitt has his own version of the “Border Wall”.
    Imagine that!

  18. Stitt is threatening vetoes on legislation that would appropriate funds to protect state agencies from budget cuts because he isn’t getting funding for his pet project.
    Looks like Stitt has his own version of the “Border Wall”.
    Imagine that!

  19. If and when we get a vaccine for CV, I wonder where OK will rank in the number of people who refuse to take it.

    1. One thing about Covid 19. Every single day someone lays out an issue that has never crossed your mind. You know that’s true.

  20. According to this 2018 article, Oklahoma was #42 in child vaccination (67%), and #2 in Population with no health insurance. Sad.


    Many will believe that a new vaccine is a Deep State plot, and refuse it – because scientists, what do they know?

  21. Why do we not have the stay at home mandate!! What is our D***head Governor waiting on, for this to get out of hand. Yes by all means worry about your crappy Digital project. Piece of crap!

    1. Here’s the thing, he could (and should) issue it. Would it change anything? Probably 20% of the rural population would take it seriously (I’m being generous too). The rest would still treat it as business as usual. It wouldn’t be enforced anyway. Look at the people congregating in parks, Lowes, and various other places in OKC which has a stay at home mandate. Yeah, it’s working well.

  22. Kevin Stitt has been dragged kicking and screaming to do much associated with covid-19. The mayor of Tulsa has done more behavior management than the Governor.

    Doesn’t seem like he has been much better than Mary Fallin.

  23. I for one am proud that Oklahoma is looking like, once again, will edge out Mississippi for 49th position of worst governed states in the entire Nation!
    Just as no one remembers who came in 2nd, Hell I don’t even know who comes in 1st anymore, our State leaders have finally realized no one gives a shit about who comes in 49th. Absolute Republican governance at its finest. It’s just so hard to get your head around the “new” age way to rationalize our “fuckuptedness.”

  24. Stitt sat on his hands and not preparing citizens for what happening. He like trump was more concerned with how things look than people dying. He had to please trump no worrying about people health. The so called “Oklahoma standard” is a disgrace as citizens suffer with egotistical politicians let us die to save their reputations .

    1. +1

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