Stitt’s “Yes Man” got a new car to lead Oklahoma Dept of Health…

“This Is Public Health.” This slogan for the Oklahoma State Department of Health projects assurance and confidence that the organization knows what the hell it’s doing, which is probably something you want in a state-run agency tasked with keeping data on the spread of contagious illnesses and overseeing community health departments that provide life-saving immunizations, […]

Louis Fowler’s Pandemic Journal: Strokin’ It

“I can’t feel my face…” I was sitting on my ladyfriend’s couch when a sudden numbness had come over the right side of my head; I kept slapping it harder and harder, but there was zero feeling there. We sped to the OU Emergency Room—go nine times and the tenth one’s free!—and I was dumped […]

7 Awesome Oklahoma Celebrity Mullets To Give Yourself During Coronatine

We’re reaching a new stage of quarantine ennui, one that can perhaps be very dangerous for people concerned with personal grooming. That’s right, it’s ‘Well I might as well cut my own hair’ time. You’re probably getting really shaggy, and it’s likely that we’ll continue to be locked down even longer than expected, so why […]