The craft beer world is going wild over Joe Exotic

It’s been cool seeing Oklahoma (and America in general) starting to really dig into craft beer. We used to have to settle for corporate-made lagers, and now the options are crazy. I still love my Coor’s Banquet, but it’s cool to be able to walk into your neighborhood bar and be able to drink a locally made brew that is tasty and made with care.

One of the big trends for small breweries is to make one-off batches for special releases, and it turns out Oklahoma’s own Joe Exotic and the ‘Tiger King’ Netflix documentary has inspired several. Worst Beer Blog, a social media account that doesn’t really blog as much as share controversial and funny beer news, has been documenting the rise of the this trend. Here are some of the best ones:

This was right before April Fools Day, but I’m praying the eyebrow piercing deal was a joke. I have been the recipient of a stick’n’poke tattoo in the backroom of a restaurant, but even then there’s no way in hell I’d wanna get a pandemic piercing.

The pun is awful with this beer, but it’s maybe the one I wanna try the most. Sabro hops have been a newer trend in craft brewing and they have a smooth, coconut flavor.

Maybe they’re right, but this brewery wasted their time printing this message instead of putting a ‘brewed on’ date at the bottom of the can. New England IPA’s gotta be fresh, get it together.

I don’t know what this beer is, but obviously a brewery named Panther Island would have had to jump on the cat man trend. The Lisa Frank inspired artwork of Joe isn’t something that I realized the world needed, but here we are.

Wow, this one is not subtle all all, but a peach berliner weisse sounds like a refreshing way to daydrink your way through yet another day of staying at home and rewatching the same bullshit over and over and over again on Netflix.

If you could make a Joe Exotic themed beer, let us know what it would be in the comments.