7 actors who could play Kevin Stitt in a movie

With his name recognition at an all time high, there should probably by a movie made about Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, especially if it’s a disaster flick like Chernobyl. But who would play the five-headed businessman-turned-politician? Here are 7 actors the producers could option:

Bill Hader

Going with a fellow Tulsan would be ideal, and Hader is a versatile actor. If it’s a spoof, he can do the comedy, but he’s also been able to show his dramatic chops in films like ‘It: Chapter Two’ and “Barry.” He would just have to commit to getting Stitt’s weird military haircut, the kind where there’s a chart on the wall of his barbershop and asks for the #8.

Nicolas Cage

Honestly, I just wanna see Nick Cage in every movie I watch. It would be fun to see a Stitt biopic where Cage is UNCAGED, just screaming and being weird while playing a button-downed conservative politician. If the writers can somehow put in a scene where Stitt screams, ‘THE BEES! NOT THE BEES!,’ bonus points.

K.D. Lang

K.D. is a multi-talented performer, and I could see the songwriter playing Kevin Stitt in some sort of Woody Guthrie-style musical about his rise from preacher’s son to business mogul to governor during a pandemic. They’d call it “Constant Craving.”

Eugene Levy

If the movie is taking a somewhat friendlier approach to Stitt, Levy brings the Levity, and has the distinctive eyebrows for the role. He’s always the sweet, Jewish Canadian uncle that you never had, and can play a bumbling straight man with incredible comedic timing. Also, he’s made like 12 ‘American Pie’ movies, so he’s probably available.

Jon Hamm

If Kevin Stitt was financing and producing the movie, I bet they’d pick Jon Hamm. Dashing. Handsome. Articulate. He’d be the Governor’s first choice to play himself.


If Oklahoma City Liberal Twitter was financing and producing the movie, they’d probably be mean and pck Ted Cassidy – the actor who played Lurch in the original series of ‘The Addams Family. Sure, he’s been dead for over 40 years. But they’re doing such crazy shit with holograms and CGI right now, why not give it a chance?

Fred Flintstone

Okay, this doesn’t count because Fred’s a cartoon and not a person, but it would be funny to see Kevin crack a “My pebbles!” at a news conference.

Billy Donovan

As a Lurch-adjacent pick, Donovan shares some similar physical qualities with Eddie Munster, and holy shit I just realized those two characters mashed together describe Kevin Stitt to a T. We don’t know if Donovan has any screen acting skills, but the way he could bullshit his way through Thunder press conferences in the 2018-19 NBA season was pretty impressive, so it’s worth letting him at least read for the part.

Who would you cast in your own Kevin Stitt biopic?