Official TLO Report Card: How are Oklahoma leaders handling COVID-19?

With the number of COVID-19 cases growing every day (at least in counties that actually have testing available), everyone is anxious about the effects the illness will have on public health, the economy, and society in general. In times like these, Oklahomans look to government leaders, community figureheads, and media personnel to provide direction and support as we strive to survive the pandemic and plan to thrive in the hereafter. Unfortunately, some of them are better at their jobs than others. So here is the Official TLO Report Card on our leaders’ COVID-19 responses!

Kevin Stitt: A+

They say, “all publicity is good publicity.” So since Stitt’s botched response to the COVID-19 outbreak has given us so much to snark about, TLO is giving him an A+.

Hobby Lobby D-

They’d be receiving an “F” if their eclectic collection of novelty throw pillows were so goddang adorable.

Kelly Ogle: Present

Kelly Ogle’s My 2 Cents segments on COVID-19 seem to be a combination of completely made up statistics and pandering to Trump supporters. I don’t exactly know what his rants accomplished, but at least he turned something in.

Jimmy Mitchell: A

Jimmy Mitchell, the sign language interpreter for Kevin Stitt’s press conferences, receives an A for the tireless effort he gives in his informative interpretations that make sure all Oklahomans know just how flawed our state’s response to COVID-19 has been.

Steve Lackmeyer: B+

Steve Lackmeyer may be writing and tweeting informative, data-integrative pieces on the severity and effects of COVID-19 within Oklahoma. But he also seems to get in a lot of twitter fights, so he’d probably get points deducted for talking/acting out in class.

Mike Gundy: F+

Like a 9th grader trying to BS their way through an oral book report of a Hemingway novel they damn sure didn’t read, earlier this month Mike Gundy indicated to local news outlets that he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about when it came to the coronavirus. At that time, Gundy informed the reporters that it didn’t matter if his young football players came down with COVID-19 because their “build” and “anitbodies” would help them recover. For basically making up his report, Gundy gets an F. But by pioneering the quarantine mullet before it was mainstream, we’re bumping it to an F+.


Coronavirus: A-

Give this little virus some credit. He, she or they has caused havoc on the world, and may even come back bigger in the fall. The only knock is that it’s very vulnerable so to soap and water.

Breea Clark: A-

Norman Mayor Breea Clark issued her “stay-at-home” order on March 24th, began advocating for federal aid for Norman to fund necessary city operations on April 19th, and flat called Stitt out on his bullshit response to the COVID-19 epidemic on twitter for God and all her followers to see on April 22nd. For the last reason alone, we decided to give her an A+.

Hayley might shelter in place until May 1st of 2021. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek

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31 Responses

  1. Yea this is a terrible take. Who would listen to college football coach about the virus anyway? What has Oklahoma done that is so bad in our response? We have a mere 2,800 cases and have more test per million people than California. The response has actually been fine. The fact is we have a majority of hospitals in Tulsa and Oklahoma that are furloughing nurses and other medical staff because they cancelled just about every medical procedure to hear up for the influx of covid patients. They never came. We have medical staff just sitting around doing absolutely nothing.

    Yes the normal mayor tried to get some cheap political points on twitter by pandering to the left, but nothing the governor did to reopen the state contradicts anything the cities are doing. Read Mayor Holts exploration of the orders. They don’t supersede any mayors decrees.

    And I’m not sure what your point was with the my two cents articles. One saying basically what every news organization, the WHO, and even Nancy Pelosi was saying at that time, and the other stating to maintain social distance after more was learned. Odd those are pandering to anyone. Just basically reading what was coming over the wire.

    The only pandering I see is this silly article.

    1. Sam, you are sadly misinformed.

      Hospital layoffs are NOT occurring because the number of virus inpatients is disappointingly low. Hospitals did not “gear up” for them.

      Elective procedures are hospitals’ cash cow, and they have been shut down by government order. The result is a financial crisis similar to what is being experienced by so many other businesses, caused by a lack of paying customers. Hence the layoffs.

      Are the Republican mayors of OKC and Tulsa also “pandering to the left” with their more aggressive approach to the virus than the Governor’s?

      This really isn’t a Republican/Democrat or conservative/liberal thing like you see it. It’s a stupid/smart thing.

      Social distancing works. It IS flattening the curve. Ending it too soon will destroy all the progress we have made so far.

      Enjoy your haircut, your experience dining out, and your movie if you find an open theater. I would never be crass enough to say “I told you so” if you get sick.

      1. I would!!

      2. This thing is just now starting to impact the fly over states so my husband & I will continue to live with the guidelines of social distancing, wear masks & so on.

        The reason the COVID-19 numbers were down here is because sheltering in place worked. I can’t figure out why that is so difficult to understand.

        1. Flyover country is great…if you’re in an airplane on the way to a place that respects science.

          1. Flyover country is great precisely because people like you consider it so.
            You just made me really grateful to be here. Most on this site seem to hate living here (not sure why they don’t just move) but I’m proud of my home state and I’ve lived all over the country.
            Fly on brother….

            1. Amen !

      3. They for sure did. I don’t know where you are getting your information but the major hospitals in okc are operating at 25% capacity. Yes, eliminating elective surgeries to save room and supplies for the rush of covid patients that never happened is indeed gearing up for them. Literally exactly what I’m talking about. They have converted floors to ICU’s, have ventilators and PPE at the ready. Set up for hundreds of patients. They’ve barely had dozens.

        Ummm it shouldn’t be a left right issue, however posts like these make it one. The mayors of Tulsa, OKC, Norman, and anywhere else do not conflict with Stitt’s order. It specifically says it does not overrule a city’s previous decree. The Norman mayor is basically making up something untrue to be outraged about for her social media followers. It’s like “we can open some stuff on this date, but it’s up to mayors” then she runs to Twitter “You can’t tell us what to do bully” when literally no one is trying to. Thats called politicizing a crisis 101. Just like this blog post. Everyone that’s in charge did a horrible job, please disregard the fact we have some of the lowest numbers in the US, and plenty of tests. It’s sad really.

        We can’t sit on our hands waiting for a silver bullet that may never come. No one is forcing anyone not to stay home or not wear mask/socially distance themselves. Stay home if you want, but if others chose to actually participate in life they should be allowed to.

        1. So by saying “rush of covid patients that never happened”, you (Sam) think this is pretty much all over and done with, huh? You’re wrong.

        2. This isn’t hard.

          The operation at 25% capacity is due to mandated cancellation of voluntary procedures. No business can stay afloat for long operating at 25% capacity. Some empty beds were converted to ICU beds? So what?

          When you go out to eat, see a movie, get a haircut and manicure, you aren’t only exposing yourself. If you encounter the virus, you expose everyone you come into contact with for the next two weeks before you get symptoms.

          But it’s all about you, isn’t it?

          1. Yes. That’s exactly my point. No business can survive these shutdowns and they need to end. Wha are you arguing? They are at 25% due to the mandate, people are losing their jobs, the surge never happened, so do away with them before even doctors are broke. Sounds like are agreeing with me but in a confrontational way.

        3. Sam here’s the simple thing about this, and I’ll talk as slow as I can, if the people that say continue to social distance, wear masks and continue a limited shut down are wrong, the worst things to happen is people get bored, the economy does continue to suffer (hopefully our state/fed/local government will help with this, and we continue this process for the time recommended by the scientist, not the economists.
          If you and your group is wrong-People will DIE, for no reason other than people have the right to live, infect others and kill them through ignorance.
          Yes it’s a free country but your right to swing your arm in a circle ends when you enter my personal space and hit me in the nose……so participate in “life” and I hope you don’t end up sick and I really hope you don’t end up contribution to someones’ death.

          And before you call me a name or elitist, my wife owns a salon in Norman has been shut down since Norman issued the edict, it has cost us $11,000.-denied a PPP loan because they don’t have a payroll-can’t get unemployment because self-employed (even though benefits were approved on April 6th, OK can’t seem to find a system to implement them-and we still aren’t going to consider opening her salon until after May 1 and maybe longer. Had Trump not tried to push this aside based upon his “gut” feeling in February, we would all be “living life” by now.

          1. Well of corse that is wrong. I never said not to practice social distancing or not wear masks. I said we need to eliminate restrictions on the economy that are hurting far more people than the virus. The worst thing to happen is definitely not “be bored.” The worst thing that can happen is we continue the lockdown for months and months causing millions to lose everything. Their savings, their homes, millions homeless, and dying in the street. Civil unrest, the collapse of society. That’s far from boring. The worst case scenario of easing restrictions if at risk people take precautions is we have a small spike and people are sick for a couple of weeks.

            We must consult all experts in the risk analysis as everything is effective. Economist and scientist alike. It’s funny how you think venturing into the scary outside is immediately going to make you sick. If you use proper precautions the risk is minimal. I have been working through this entire thing. I’m senior management at an essential company. I go to work everyday as normal. My wife is an RN at a major hospital. She goes to work as always. O go to the store, gas station, hardware store they are all packed. I have been getting black market haircuts every other week from my haircut lady and I’m fine. My wife has been tested twice for work. She’s fine.

            That’s the thing I’m still making the same 6 figures I always was. My wife is picking up triple time shifts, and our. Government free bee of 2900 bucks was just throw away money to piss away. I’m not saying this for myself. I’m fine. I’m saying this for the people not as lucky as me. We can’t depend on the government to keep giving us money because that’s tax money. And if no one is working or buying anything there is no money to pass out. I mean we could print more but hyper inflation is a real thing. There are poeple losing everything and you call it being “bored” Netflix all day isn’t an option for some people who can’t afford a house.

            Again you and your wife don’t have to reopen her business. But she should sure have the choice to.

            And I would never call you “an elitist”. The closest thing to “elite” that’s ever lived in Norman are the racist frat bro’s, the coed punching football players, and Toby Keith.

          2. “Had Trump not tried to push this aside based upon his “gut” feeling in February, we would all be “living life” by now.”

            Here we go again… Fauci was on record saying Trump never brushed him or team’s advice aside (he must be lying, tho).


            Anthony Fauci on Monday sought to squash any notion of a fissure between himself and President Trump, saying at the opening of a coronavirus task force briefing that the president repeatedly and immediately backed social distancing recommendations from Fauci and other public health officials despite the economic pain.”

            You also had Pelosi inviting folks to go and hang out in Chinatown, while praising Fauci:


            “I’m here today, particularly, to say thank you to the community for the sense of family values and sense of community that they provide.

            But also to say to everyone: we should come to Chinatown. Precautions have been taken by our city. We know that there is concern surrounding tourism, traveling all throughout the world, but we think it’s very safe to be in Chinatown and hope that others will come.

            It’s lovely here. The food is delicious, the shops are prospering, the parade was great. Walking tours continue. Please come and visit and enjoy Chinatown.

            Q: Madam Speaker, is the federal government doing enough to control this virus and to get out this kind of message?

            Speaker Pelosi. I certainly hope so. I have confidence in Dr. Fauci at the National Institutes of Health, who has even further confidence in what we’re doing. I do have concern that the President’s budget cut nineteen percent of the Center for Disease Control. I don’t – and that’s the agency of prevention, so I’m [not] happy about that. We’ll fight that cut. ”

            The you had de Blasio telling people to stay home, while he was hitting the gym:

            If anything, Trump was definitely not alone in his skepticism. I know, I’m just wasting my breath here, but let’s set this record a bit straighter.

            Now brang those dislikes on!

            1. Facts don’t matter here – you know this.

            2. ViX stays away until someone says something mean about Trump.

            3. You’ve cracked the code.

            4. Drink your Lysol and be a good boy Vix.

            5. You can do a little bit better than that. Try again.

            6. Bbbbbuuuuttttt Stitt went out to eat with his kids!!!!!

              Stick with the freaking narrative while you’re here in the echo chamber!!

              Good work, though, you’ve predictably brought out Patrick’s sock.

            7. One of the most depressing things about those shit show briefings/rallies, is watching Fauci and other health care professionals try to tap dance around Trump’s fragile ego. I was so happy early on when Trump placed Pence in charge of the Covid response, at least Pence is a career public servant, and not some reality show host that craves attention and praise as though it were oxygen. Then Trump’s rallies were canceled, and now here we are, with someone with the title of President of the United States, asking health professionals, on national television, if people can inject themselves with Lysol to kill the virus! I mean, really, this is our reality right now!

        4. May never come? You think a vaccine will never be produced? Game over for you pal. Participate until you are face down on a ventilator !

  2. Hayley, I wish you had been one of my college profs. You are a ridiculously easy grader.

    If Stitt deserves an A+ for snark production, then the Tiger King deserves A++. Did you read that a tiger in the Bronx Zoo tested positive? Imagine that!

    Jimmy Mitchell deserves his A. No points deducted for what he was tasked with signing.

    Breea Clark deserves an A+, which may be what you meant to put in her headline.

    Gundy is stupid. Green is greedy. Both richly deserve F.

    I can’t comment on Ogle or Lackmeyer since I’m not in the OKC media market and not in a position to judge.

    The virus is badass, but it belongs in a different category.

  3. outta give Dr Phil and Dr OZ grades of F
    Those to characters outta quarantine their mouths

  4. I hate it that we slighted Mayor McSelfie. A solid D- might be right.

  5. No Vix – the fucking President of the United States is promoting the possibility of drinking disinfectant to kill covid-19. I CANNOT top that, except to point out that there are plenty of dumb fucks who will still vote for him. Drink away lemming!! PLEASE!!

    1. “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?” Trump said. “Because you see it gets in the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it would be interesting to check that. So you’re going to have to use medical doctors with — but it sounds interesting to me.”

      I don’t see where he’s promoting drinking it, but being a terminal TDS patient suck as yourself, I can see how you could infer that. Perhaps you can test it and see if it helps relieve some of your TDS symptoms and report back?

      1. I stand corrected. Try injecting Lysol instead Vix. If that doesn’t work for you you can always try gobbling hydroxochloroquine like Stormy Daniel’s whipping boy has recommended over and over again. And please all of you MAGA maggots, ignore the doctors’ advice against it.

  6. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!! it is as true today as it was in patrick henrys day! is this the pretext big gov has been waiting on to reduce our liberties?We need to realize all this stimulus money is going to be paid for by our children AND grandchildren! what a gift! all the sheltering we do,eventualy we will have to get out,and in time were all going to get exposed,some will have no problems some will get sick to different degrees ,some will die, and a herd immunity will develop…..its nature and that is a fact. shelter in place, stay home,shut down the economy the goverment will take care of you!!!! give you free foodstamps ,unemployment you can make more then working and even 1200 checks!!oh but we get to tell you where and when you may leave your house , we can track you and your families movements in the interest of public health of course! at any rate i think we are all afraid but the human race has got to go on !! Not sure on the timing maybe may 15 june 1ST we will know more by then if the numbers keep dropping ….greychin,what say you? sam?

  7. Gundy was correct, a modern day prophet.

  8. Since the mayor of Norman wants to keep the city’s businesses shut down I’m taking my money and going to do my shopping on 19th Street in Moore. Norman is going to lose sales taxes over this and they were already having a shortfall in the revenues before this quarantine started. Might as well shop year round in Moore, it’s got everything I need within a mile.

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