Louis Fowler’s Pandemic Journal: Bread Lines

Over the past couple of weeks, I have stood patiently in line, roughly six feet apart from other customers, to get into stores such as Target and Trader Joe’s. And as mildly annoying as I’m sure it was for most people, no one in the lines I waited in were truly vocal about their oppressive hatred for it until this week at, of course, an area Walmart.

He was a somewhat jacked dude complete with a collegiate golf-shirt and neon shades; even though we were in line for really only five or so minutes, he tried his damndest to rally the afternoon shoppers into some sort of low-rent consumer mutiny, one that included angry buzzwords such as “China,” “communist,” and “fucking bread lines.”

When I noticed him later in the store, he was purchasing Reese’s Pieces cereal and specially marked Trolls: World Tour Oreos, both symbols of our new American freedom.

After viewing that recent spate of anger, one that has inspired states to return to a pre-virus continuity—cemented here in Oklahoma by Governor Stitt’s proclamation yesterday that this thing is basically over—I’ve come to give up and give in that we live in a state that pisses tainted blood on medicine, science and health in general; we would rather have cheap oil and cheaper haircuts, apparently.

As much as I hate to say it, I guess the only way people are going to see that this pandemic is actually a terrifying ordeal is to have either a loved one or, more pointedly, they themselves become sickly with Covid-19, especially when it heads back around in a brutal second wave, gasping into a respirator for dear life.

But hey, at least we got our borders closed, collected about $1200 bucks and defeated those socialists and their satanic bread Oreo lines. Maybe soon I’ll be able to return to reviewing restaurants or, at the very least, die trying.

Meanwhile, yesterday Godhead Trump suggested that people inject themselves with cleaning supplies.

Speaking of those $1200 checks, have you received your stimulus funds yet?

As I predicted here a few weeks ago, I still haven’t and many people I’ve spoken to haven’t gotten them either. While they could have definitely used it—especially the people in my neighborhood that are barely making it, including the disabled, the undocumented and the elderly—it doesn’t seem like it’s coming anytime soon.

One single mother that I usually see on my walks told me that she’s given up hope on that cash. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I never had any.


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45 Responses

  1. From what I understand, folks that usually have to pay the IRS yearly, including last year, will get a paper check mailed to them because the IRS would not have their bank info. And from what the news states, they won’t be mailed out to around May 1

    1. Nope. Got mine in the mail Wed.

      1. Good! Then they’re ahead of schedule. LOL

    2. Here is a Stimulus Check schedule that I found, 4 days ago-

  2. Louis, are you saying that inhaling Lysol Spray or injecting isopropyl alcohol into my butt won’t cure me, or even protect me? Are you a communist or something? Why do you hate America?

    A while ago I stole my friend’s bottle of lupus medicine (the same stuff I took in Vietnam for malaria) that I can’t spell, took it all, and I still haven’t caught the virus (although it did give me the dribbling shits, like in VN.) Doesn’t that prove something? So why won’t the Deep State let us take solid medical advice and give life-saving medicine it to everyone?

    All this perfectly good advice played on national TV from a famous and esteemed epidemiologist, who recently pointed out: “I really get it. People are surprised that I understand it. Every one of these doctors said, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability.”

    So there!

    1. Please calm down. Pres. Trump never suggested that we inject, inhale any of that stuff. He did say what if “something like that” could be looked into.

      1. Yeah, nobody other than Trump ever thought of something like a vaccine, an antibiotic, or a medicine to thwart the virus. Off course Trump’s ahead of the game based upon the input he got from the Pillow Guy CEO and A Rod (who he sought advice on how to approach the pandemic).

        How fucking bad does he have to be for people to not defend him when he says/does buffoon like shit? Your defense of him of “he said what if something like that could be looked into” My fucking God he’s the President of the United States and he sounds at times like he wakes up in a different world every 30 minutes. Imagine how private citizen Trump would have reacted had any prior president, and by any I mean any and all, had said/done the things he’s done.

        It’s mind boggling how far people go to defend him when he blunders, Yes there are people who will never give him credit for anything good he’s done but that doesn’t make defending his buffoonery any less wrong.

        1. yo, cap, why don’t you take your TDS-ridden ass back to this thread and get back to me on my call-out: https://www.thelostogle.com/2020/04/23/official-tlo-report-card-how-are-oklahoma-leaders-handling-covid-19

        2. It makes complete sense if you acknowledge that it’s a cult. There is nothing that he could do or say at this point that would cause his supporters to abandon him. They have sacrificed too much by now to admit that they were wrong. Cult members literally kill themselves rather than admit to their friends and families they abandoned that they had been led astray. It’s a cult.

      2. I think medical science has already looked into the idea of “something like” that wacky shit, and found it to be ineffective.

        1. ineffective = will kill you.

      3. Yeah, he actually did, fascist bootlicker

        1. “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?” Trump said. “Because you see it gets in the lungs, and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it would be interesting to check that. So you’re going to have to use medical doctors with — but it sounds interesting to me.”

          Here’s the full quote for Woody’s diddley bow string. Where is he saying to go ahead and start injecting? Yes, it didn’t sound like something our last Teleprompter-reading president would say, I’ll give you that.

          1. trump is the one is deranged. What kind of dumbfuck would even wonder aloud about injecting lysol and what kind of idiot would be defending dangerous comments like that. People are fucking calling gov hotlines asking about ingesting bleach. He loves the poorly educated and they love him. He’s a dangerous wicked moron. He needs to keep the daft crazy piehole shut and let the scientists speak, oh that’s right the thin skinned fragile weak man got rid of most of them.

            1. Edgar I have a list for you: ivanka, donald jr. II, eric, the entire donald administration if he told them to. 2/3 of them would drink bleach till they farted white smoke if donald told them to.

          2. To even make a suggestion that you’re attempting to compare donald to President Obama in a way proves you’re a card carrying member of the cult of lumpy hannity.
            Hell, anyone could see one of them is black and the other is orange.
            How does one hold any self respect when they vote for and stand behind a grifter that was convicted by a jury for defrauding money from our own Veterans?
            The guys not even white for Christ’s sake. He’s orange!
            Backing the guy who’s crashed the entire country and running down the guy that took on the little bush shitstorm, doubled the Dow and provided 8 years of relative stability that one could wake up in the morning with your legs not cut out from under you by some whining, texting, worthless con artist and his crew.
            Only in a Red state will people vote to cut their own throats.

            1. We’ll see how bigly Trump’s 2021-2024 economy gets, sweetheart 😉

      4. How he said it seemed reckless to me.

      5. Here is trumps quote
        “And then I see the disinfectant where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning?

        “So it’d be interesting to check that.”

        So yes he did suggest injecting it.

      6. You need to leave the cult.

      7. E did you see his head spin around about 280 degrees so as to speak to reporters? Because donald said he was speaking to reporters. Have you tried shining an intense light through one ear to see if it comes out the other?
        That light has to penetrate the body you know. Maybe a laser might cut or someway magically just shoot right through?
        Why are they yanking the fool off the stage?
        A part of growing up is the ability to admit one really screwed up badly and voted for a grifter who brought his entire crew with him and proceeded to golf and hillbilly hoedown till he took the entire nation the way of trump tower and casino.

  3. Got mine the first day they direct deposited, along with most of the people I know. If you have to pay the IRS at the end of the year, wouldn’t they have your bank info too, though, since presumably you can do direct payment from your bank instead of mailing a check. (Who mails paper checks anymore? Why?) Filing taxes immediately this year paid off I guess.

    The real BS is that American citizens married to documented immigrants and residents who do not have social security numbers are not getting stimulus money at all. Even if the legal resident has a TIN and files US taxes yearly but doesn’t have a SSN. If they filed married taxes jointly with only one SSN, no one gets the money. Not even the American citizen. It’s not just a matter of waiting for a check in the mail. That’s some serious fuckery and anti-immigrant hatred, which really isn’t surprising at all.

    1. The 8 million or so unbanked people are the ones that need paper checks. There will probably never be a time when everybody in the USA has a bank account, so paper checks will always be around.

      1. Some legislators want to bring back Postal Banking, but Congress abolished it in 1966.

        On the one hand, Postal Banking availability might greatly reduce the number of unbanked Americans. On the other hand, that would be Socialism, in competition with Free Enterprise! :-O

  4. Louis, are you sure that the IRS has either your bank account number or your current address? If they don’t, your check may get lost in the mail. 🙁

    I always owe taxes, so the IRS doesn’t know my bank account number. But I get my Social Security by direct deposit. I supposedly will get my $1200 eventually when IRS accesses my SS information. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m not whining. Lots of people need the money much worse than I do.

    I visited a Walmart Supercenter the other day in the late afternoon with no line, no waiting, and relatively few customers inside. But they were disappointingly out of a number of food items that we wanted. That’s life. Not whining about that either.

    1. Can you not pay the taxes you owe yearly by direct payment from your bank account? Does the IRS really require you to mail a check if you owe? If so, that should not surprise me, but I figured if they can do direct deposit they can do direct withdrawal. That seems logical to me but what even is logic?

      1. I could pay my small amount of tax due by bank draft, but I haven’t ever done it that way. No particular reason. I pay all my monthly bills by bank draft.

        You’re right, that would have given the IRS my bank account number. But I had already sent in my 2019 return (and check) before the $1200 payments were on the table.

      2. I have paid taxes using online banking and paper checks. I used paper for this year’s return because I had to send 2: 1 for 1st quarter estimate for 2020 and 1 for last year’s underpayment. I did this using their coupons to make sure they knew which was which. I’ve checked the irs.gov website a couple of times and I get a message that tells me they haven’t finished processing my 2019 return, therefore my money is delayed. Incidentally, you know how all the gurus and government types warn you not to put your SS# on your checks? Well, I don’t but the U.S. Treasury’s endorsement on the back contains it.

        1. Off topic, but since the IRS claims that they will never call you, why do they ask for your phone number on Form 1040?

          1. They do not say they will not call you. Rather, they won’t call you asking for certain info that spoofers would call you for. In general, they won’t call you until after they’ve mailed you a notice. Say, to remind you that you are need to make an appointment for an audit.

      3. They definitely have a way to do one-time payments online using your bank account. I’ve done it before. I don’t believe they save your information though.

  5. louis , even if your life is one of one sad tale after another, perhaps you could start writing POSITIVE essays !! something good something to look forward to after this is over! i really enjoy your work,and i too have got older and have health problems as well, but dude, we got to stay on top of things and keep ourselves POSITIVE!!cant wait for more reveiws!

    1. Louis, stay true to yourself. Your honesty is what makes you you.

    2. Why should he have to be positive if he doesn’t see anything positive? It’s not his job to write cheerful propaganda.

      1. attitude is a choice

        1. Truth and accuracy are better choices. Unless you are still a child, it’s not his job to tell lies to make you feel better.

          1. Truth and accuracy are two of the ingredients Louis avoids using when concocting his missives.

  6. “One single mother that I usually see on my walks told me that she’s given up hope on that cash. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I never had any.”

    give me a fucking break. this is peak TDS here. most w-2 people who had a direct-deposit for 2018/2019, already got theirs on 4/15. even the sock used his critical thinking in this post:

    “Louis, are you sure that the IRS has either your bank account number or your current address? If they don’t, your check may get lost in the mail. ”

    directly from tds patient’s earlier post 4 days ago:

    “I’ve been walking up to the various pawn-shops in my area, my sanitizer-dry fingers eagerly flipping the debit cards in my wallet like an itchy trigger finger, always on the verge of almost buying a used piece; some of these places even do layaway!”


    appears this guy has multiple bank accounts, unless he doesn’t understand debit from credit. he might also not understand that you actually had to file to get this stimulus check.

    and going back to the poor ol’ single mom. if she’s not working, she gets +$600/wk of extra on top of any unemployment she already has and retains the various other benefits that she’s already collecting (housing, food, utilities, etc., etc.). the level of virtue signaling and victim-playing is fucking preposterous. i can see why so many on this blog don’t want to get back to work…

    1. Life is good right VIX? The entire country is just like you, right? “Fucking” idiotic these lumpy hannity fools who think they are superior in someway simply because their full of shitedness matches that of a laura ingraham, donald, donald jr. II, or any other of the grifters in the crew.
      Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine while these people have any part of their mind that’s not melted.
      I’m shocked Vix didn’t whine that donald was just joking about drinking bleach. They’re yanking him for what VIX? More golf time? More hillbilly hootenanny time? Less moronic exposure for the worried people of the Nation is my guess.

      1. Are you drunk or high? that was some stream of consciousness right there. I’ll need to start charging you guys for this therapy I’m providing. It’s also “they’re”.

  7. I appreciate the retailers that are limiting the number of shoppers in their store at one time. I went to Trader’s Joe a couple of weeks ago, and only waited maybe 10 minutes, but the quality of shopping was much better than the average visit to Crest, where most shoppers do not practice social distancing.
    We need to say thank you to the stockers and cashiers that have and continue to work throughout this crisis.

  8. Has it occurred to any of the members of Dear Leader Trump’s cult that the makers of Lysol think those cult members are so fucking stupid and suggestible that they felt it necessary to issue a warning against injecting it?

  9. People must be getting rude as hell towards cashiers and fast food employees (more than usual, I mean). Twice now, when pulling up to the drive through window on my way home from work, I’ve had employees apologize for “having to wait” for my food. Both times, I have waited *maybe* 30 seconds, tops.

    When I went to the grocery store, the cashier apologized for my waiting a few feet behind the customer in front of me for a brief period of time (under 5 minutes). It’s like people forgot how to be civil just because they haven’t seen a hairdresser in weeks out here. Who needs to worry about the Walking Dead when we can’t even hold it together in this shit?

    1. I’ve seen just the opposite – people being extremely nice to cashiers and other employees out of appreciation for their service.
      perhaps the employees were responding with kindness and sympathy also?

      however – my sister-in-law is an emergency room nurse and has been yelled at and cursed for talking a short walk around the block during a break by people driving by. she was in her scrubs and so was actively and purposefully spreading the virus of course. so that’s special…

  10. As soon as the virus response became political, I knew we were going to shoot ourselves. We’d been doing really well as a society and the time allowed us to learn more about the disease we were fighting. But I always figured that willingness to abide by recommended measures would last about 2 weeks before people acted like they won the war and the threat was over forever.

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