What your Braum’s combo order says about your personality

I think I can speak for most of us in saying that there’s nothing more that I miss right now than sitting inside a restaurant. Right now, I would do unspeakable acts to safely walk inside a Braum’s, stand in line for 20 minutes even though there are only 2 people ahead of me, order a meal, sit at a ketchup-encrusted plastic table and wait even longer for it, then eat something I didn’t order while alone except for the blaring Magic 104.1 soundtrack.

The drive-thru is still open though, so hopefully our favorite hamburger chain to rag on is alive and well. I don’t believe in astrology, but I do believe that I can determine somebody’s personality by their fast food orders. Here’s what they say about you:

Quarter Lb. Cheeseburger Combo #1

You are a basic, no-frills, Average Joe. You like network TV sitcoms, get excited when KATT does a ‘Two For Tuesday’ run of Rush, and a generally chill, laid-back person.

Chicken Club Sandwich Combo #8

Exercise is part of your lifestyle, or at least on Instagram. You post about clean living and videos of your kettle bell workouts, and this is considered a ‘cheat meal.’ Deep inside, you are very sad.

Chili w/ Beans, Cheese Combo #11

In Dungeons & Dragons terms, you are considered chaotic evil. There is no purpose to life other than ruining things for other people at your own self-gain. You probably own a local oil company. If you order chili with a rocky road milkshake and a side of Greek yogurt, you are twice the monster.

Chicken Strip Dinner Combo #10

If you order the combo that has fried chicken tenders, gravy, fries, a dinner roll, and a pudding cup, you are a retired senior. This is an old person meal. I am also apparently spiritually an old person, because it is my favorite thing to order from Braum’s.


Jalapeño Pepper Jack Cheeseburger Combo #6

You envision yourself a Spicy Boi. But the burger is never really that spicy. You are a dreamer who looks beyond, to the horizon, thinking about what could be, but constantly disappointed with everything but your waxy little take out cup of Dr. Pepper.

Triple 1/4 Lb. Cheeseburger Combo #3

To order this, you pulled up in a MASSIVE pick-up truck that is way too big for any practical use you have for it. When the drive-thru speaker inevitably went out, you got upset at the person taking your order, huffed and puffed because there were two cars in front of you, and then called and complained to corporate that your food was cold when you got home 20 minutes later.

There are many other combos, so let us know which one’s we missed in the comments.