Norman nail salons would like to speak to the manager

This last weekend saw the first phase of “opening up” the state, with many businesses getting the OK to get back to work. People are still getting infected and dying, but industry says ‘life must go on,’ at least, until life ceases to go on and more people die.

Norman let some businesses re-open, but apparently the nail salons are pissed that they didn’t get the same go-ahead.

From The Oklahoman:

NORMAN — The owners of three salons are accusing Norman Mayor Breea Clark of violating their constitutional rights by not including them in a first wave of businesses that could re-open Friday.

Lion Salon owner Ashley Russell, LeVisage Day Spa owner Kathryn Morris and Polished Beauty Bar & Salon owners Susan Babb and Dana Bradey allege Clark unfairly targeted salons in the proclamation to open some non-essential businesses and delay others.

Clark and the City of Norman are defendants in a 127-page petition filed Thursday in Cleveland County District Court. The plaintiffs are asking a judge to prevent the mayor from enforcing the proclamation — which prevents salons from opening until May 15 — by issuing a temporary restraining order.

A hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Monday in District Judge Lori Walkley’s courtroom.

“The Mayor’s April 28, 2020 Proclamation directly infringes on Plaintiffs’ constitutional right to the enjoyment of the gains through their own industry,” the petition states. “In particular, the Mayor’s April 28, 2020 Proclamation prevents Plaintiffs from operating their businesses, yet many other businesses in the City of Norman and businesses around the State are allowed to operate.”

[…]The plaintiffs are not seeking restitution.

There is some serious Big Karen Energy going on here. First of all, it’s ridiculous that non-essential businesses are allowed to reopen at a time when we’re all still very uncertain how this will play out. Penn Square Mall decided to let everybody in this weekend to go Build-A-Bear, and the mall zombies were out in full force, not a mask in sight:

The other big point is that nail salons are in no way essential right now. I get that it’s nice to look good for yourself, but nobody should being seeing your nails right now other than the people you live with. And there is absolutely no way to keep a safe 6-foot distance while you’re sitting in that chair, unless your nail tech is clipping those things with tree shears and painting them with a paint roller.

The kicker is that the plaintiffs aren’t even seeking any economic compensation, and by the time this lawsuit actually hits the courts, their shops will probably be open, meaning that they’ll have to take time away from work so they can argue about something that happened two months ago.

But when Karen wants to speak to the manager, by golly she’s gonna do it.