Kong’s Tavern threw a Covid de Mayo party…

Last night, the Ogle Mole Network lit up with dispatches reporting that Kong’s Tavern – an Axe Body Spray infused meat market located in the heart of Midtown – was packed with Brosephs, Beckys and other douchebags celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and / or their own perceived invincibility to the Coronavirus.

Here are some photos and videos that were sent our way:

FYI – I looked through the photos and videos multiple times and couldn’t spot Governor Kevin Stitt anywhere. He was probably inside doing body shots on the bar. Also, kudos to the woman who filmed that last video. The zoom coincided perfectly with her scolding “BAAAR.” She’ll make a great Karen someday.

Naturally, the social media pandemic shame police were quick to jump on the irresponsible behavior of both the venue and patrons, proclaiming they’ll now never visit a place they would never likely visit. I can see why. At last check, there’s still a highly-contagious virus out there spreading around and killing people. No matter how many cheap tequila shots everyone consumes, it only takes one asymptomatic infected person in that crowd to infect dozens, and cause a deadly outbreak. Considering these people are at Kong’s, that actually seems like a fair punishment.

Then again, I’m not going to blame 21-year-olds too much for wanting to irresponsibly get out, enjoy life and try to get laid. Let’s be honest – that sounds like a great way to kill time right now, and is probably worth the risk of seeing their parents on FaceTime gasp for air while hooked to a ventilator here in a few weeks! If the pandemic hit in 2001, you bet I’d be one of the first people in line to social distance at Bricktown 54, or some other cologne-drenched bar, to get my drink on. As they say, youth is wasted on the dumb.

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  1. Thanks for the pics of our local mouth breathers. They must be the offspring of the unmasked at the local big box retailers. The Oklahoma Standard in action!

  2. The age of irony. Check out the photo’s on the Daily Oklahoman web site “David Dishman’s post quarantine haircut”. Dishman apparently works for the paper and wants to have it all out there that he got a haircut with no face mask on himself or his barber. Note in the series of photo’s a guy sitting a couple of chairs over with what appears to be a gas mask. This is the propaganda plan – mask or no mask and who’s the real American – At least I have some grey hair so maybe I’ll get a pass for wearing one cause I’m considered old.

  3. Anyone who still believes that the virus is going to go away soon, “like magic,” is in deep denial. This event demonstrates why the virus is going to be around until every last one of us catches it, or until a good vaccine is developed – whichever happens first. Hope it won’t mutate like the flu virus.

    When we are young, we are sure that we are bulletproof. I was. In reality, most of the bullets miss through sheer luck.

    I wore my mask at the grocery store last night. So did all of the employees. Less than a quarter of the customers wore masks.

    Oklahoma has at least its share of stupid, irresponsible, self-centered people. But every other state has plenty as well. America, for some odd reason, leads the world in the spread of this virus. Why?

    1. Oops. Too late. Mutation already commenced. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-05-05/mutant-coronavirus-has-emerged-more-contagious-than-original

      1. Oh shit.

    2. hate to break it to you but no amount of closures or forced social distancing is going to make the virus “go away,” either.

      I don’t endorse getting out and partying like that Kongs crowd, but the truth is the people who are walking into NYC hospitals with COVID-19 today are NOT the people who have been out working in stores and such, but people who have been holed-up inside their NYC apartments thinking they’d be OK indoors — source: Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

      So if we’re not going to be rid of it by staying home and herd immunity is not going to happen for another year via a vaccine, need to get out of the house and interact SAFELY. Don’t be an ass, wear a mask.

    3. Fox News viewers.

  4. This is a perfect example of why this virus won’t go away if we leave it up to the general population to act appropriately.

  5. From what I could see in the video, most of the soon to be dying customers looked a lot older than 21. Of course, this should not surprise us either. Long before Covid-19, most Oklahomans were infected with the fuckyou virus. This is one of the symptoms.

  6. Perhaps this virus is nature’s way of eliminating the stupid.

    1. We couldn’t be that lucky. The idiots will be asymptomatic and pass to more vulnerable, conscientious, people and still claim it’s a hoax, democratic plot, mainstream media hype or George Soros’ wet dream or whatever is the plot du jour.

  7. Please Darwinism do your thing…

    1. Please don’t wish for the death of other humans.

      1. I trust that you don’t favor capital punishment.

      2. Is donald human?

  8. Anyone else notice the guy in purple shirt in the last video? The one with the severe coughing……..

  9. How not surprising. When this is all over I’m pulling a John Prine. Blowing up the tv, throwing out the paper, moving to the country, building a home, planting a little garden and eating a lot of peaches. It may be a Spanish pipedream but beats the hell out of watching this constant parade of stupidity. Damn ne’er do wells.

    1. Damn. You had to go and remind us that it was COVID-19 that took John Prine away from us.
      But thanks for the reminder of his brilliance and prescience.

      1. Yeah that one hurt.

        1. Last song on last album – “When I Get to Heaven.” Thanks for making my life better JP.

  10. False…as someone who unfortunately knows many of these people who frequent Kong’s I can guarantee you many of them are actually on average 25-33 years old. Other than that…good article lol

    1. Most people are kinda stupid and self-centered when they are young, as I surely was. Then most of us grow out of it a bit as we age.

      Most of us. Some of the rest hang out at Kong’s during a pandemic.

  11. Does Holt know? Pull their business licence to operate. Prosecute the owner if cases are traced to attendance.

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