Postmates de Plume: What is The Grilled Cheese Society?

Like many mostly decent and somewhat hungry citizens, during the pandemic I ordered a few meals off of an online delivery service, most notably from Postmates. And while they offer eats from many local favorites such as The Mule, Grand House, and Ingrid’s Kitchen, I came to notice there’s a plateful of restaurants on there that I’ve never even heard of.

With erotically-charged names like The Hot Italian, Firebelly Wings and Mothership Pizza, curiosity got the best of me and I looked up their listed addresses for, perhaps, a future review; my pseudo-investigation found that many of these sandwiches, wings and salads were coming from the same restaurants under different names, most notably either Pizza House or Henry Hudson’s.

I was going to initially write them off, but one eatery that caught my eye was a joint called The Grilled Cheese Society. Located at the home of a Henry Hudson’s on Google Maps—it mostly intrigued me because, I’m ashamed to say, a grilled cheese sandwich is the one thing that I can’t make and here was a secret club that holds them in high esteem.

While I’m sure this may garner a few insults, I think that making a grilled cheese is something that might be a bit of problem for many of us—I mean, I just recently learned that you’re supposed to butter the bread on both sides. So, really, a restaurant such as The Grilled Cheese Society is an ingenious idea. But how is it in practice?

I ordered a couple of signature sandwiches—as well as some good lookin’ fries—from Postmates and, in about an hour, they were delivered in a clear sealed bag, a novel enough approach to safe food handling, especially in this day and age.

I started off with the Classic Roosevelt ($7.00), which is your basic grilled cheese sandwich. It’s literally just a few slices of half-melted American on two toasted pieces of white bread, nothing more, nothing less. While it was a merely okay meal for me, I know my 8-year-old nephew would’ve liked it, at least until he got bored, left half of it on his plate and went back to playing video games.

There’s something strange in my neighborhood, and they’re these Ghost Fries ($5.00). They’re supposed to be French fries with ghost pepper spices—the hottest seasoning around, see—but mine must have been lost and forgotten, because these were just damp bar fries; to be fair, the condensed steam always makes fries from Postmates a scary proposition.

But, perhaps the most redeeming dish to be offered at the Grilled Cheese Society is the Del Rio Caliente ($10.00), a big sandwich I kept calling the Los Del Rio all night, in tribute to the Macarena. On two pressed pieces of wheat bread, inside is a fuego mixture of chorizo, queso blanco, pepper jack cheese, roasted jalapenos, bell peppers, and poblanos, along with some “Society” sauce.

Like a dated Looney Tunes character, my scorching mouth shot flamboyant flames across the living room, the well-placed heat making this sandwich something to internally extinguish as I downed a few bottles of cold water. It was a unique Latin sensation that made this delivery very worthwhile; does Hudson’s regularly carry this?

Along with other grilled cheese sammies like the hamburger-esque Patty Andrews, the eggs and bacon besmirched Bambino and the avocado-heavy Shirley Temple, as well as wings, soups and hot potato salad, the Grilled Cheese Society is worth an order or two.


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7 Responses

  1. Ah, yes. Another fire-eater. I’ve been eating a pretty good while, but I’ve never really figured out exactly what “hot” tastes like. This gets me to thinking about those who brag about eating super-hot peppers, reveling in detailing the pain and discomfort. I’m not sure how this is supposed to be impressive. I cook with so many spices that most restaurant food tastes dull by comparison. I just don’t get the supposed bragging rights of deliberate discomfort.

  2. Bruh, this is how to make a grilled cheese. Medium heat for 5 minutes. You have to play NIN Happiness in Slavery in wait for a nonstick pan to heat up. In the meantime, butter your sourdough bread (both sides). When the song is done, you take a handful of shredded cheddar cheese and gently pile it in the center of the pan. THEN you throw the buttered bread on top and swirl it around to consume it. Then handful of cheddar on top of bread. Put other buttered bread on top in wait. Place lid on top of pan to retain even heat. Now the trick here is check it after about a minute or two and flip it depending on your desired level of bread crispiness…if you got this far, figure out the rest…

  3. “I mean, I just recently learned that you’re supposed to butter the bread on both sides.”

    Sorry, butter was replaced by mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip, Okies) as the grilled cheese grilling lubricant of choice a while back. Just try it!

    1. Throw some garlic salt on that buttered bread and grill on!!! DELICIOUS!!!

  4. $7 for a couple slices of American cheese on toast?
    And people pay that?
    Who says the economy is in bad shape??

    1. I heard a rumor that people order alcoholic beverages in bars and restaurants, in good times and bad, even though it would cost much less to drink at home.

      Sometimes they even pay $4.00 or so for a freaking cup of coffee!

      1. I paid $2.80 for a Cup of coffee and threaten my wife to eat the cup to get my monies worth

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