David Payne isn’t scared of some silly virus…

As a media publisher who loves pageviews, controversy, and pestering politicians and celebrities on the Internet, I’m obviously all for shaming public figures who don’t wear facemasks while venturing out in public. Not only do you get clicks, outrage and engagement from the pro-facemask crowd, but you also get all the clicks, outrage and engagement […]

Paper Mill: Louis Fowler’s time in the Oklahoman’s “Newsroom 101” program

By my sophomore semester at the Classen School of Advanced Studies, I had begun to make a name for myself locally with the publication of my self-produced magazine – Damaged. It had raised such a ruckus that my videography teacher, the late Kathianne Osburn, thought I’d be a great candidate for the Newsroom 101 program. […]

Lone Grove man is a Facebook Marketplace ad genius…

Move over Rit Mathis. There’s a new Oklahoma ad hero in town. The guy pictured above is David Moore of Lone Grove, America. For the past few months, if not longer, his ads on the Facebook Marketplace have entertained Oklahomans of all ages with their wit, humor and gentle reminder why a lot of us […]

OKC’s Busking Cop Goes On A Reunion Tour

Every once in a while, a story pops up that reminds us all cops aren’t all violent control freak predators who bullied you in high school and now get to throw you in jail, or shoot at you, for whatever reason they decide. The most recent example is the cop who has gotten back with […]