David Payne isn’t scared of some silly virus…

As a media publisher who loves pageviews, controversy, and pestering politicians and celebrities on the Internet, I’m obviously all for shaming public figures who don’t wear facemasks while venturing out in public. Not only do you get clicks, outrage and engagement from the pro-facemask crowd, but you also get all the clicks, outrage and engagement from the anti-facemask crowd that’s mad at the pro-facemask crowd. It’s an internet publisher’s dream! It’s shame we’re not making more money on it.

Anyway, I bring this up because an Ogle Mole spotted News 9 Chief Meteorologist David Payne going sans-facemask at The Edmond Railyard over the weekend:

Yep, the guy who warns you not to drive on icy roads, begs that you “turn around, don’t drown” if you see high water, and suggests you hide in a closet when a weak little tornado skips by, doesn’t wear a facemask while out in public during a pandemic that’s killed 80,000 people across the US. Expect Governor Stitt to name him the new Director of the State Health Department tomorrow afternoon.

In all seriousness, before we commence with the public shaming, and then the reactionary shaming of the public shaming, I’m willing to cut David Payne some slack here.

First of all, this is THE David Payne. The dude has literally driven inside tornados for Mike Morgan. If he’s not scared to come within a few feet of a maxi-wedge super grinder, he’s obviously not going to worry about getting a few feet away from a buddy’s face as he tells the story about chasing the May 3rd, 1999 tornado for the thousandth time.

Second, he’s at a restaurant. Ever try to eat or chug a brew while wearing a facemask? Ask a surgeon – it’s not easy. I’m team Wear Facemask In Public, but even I’m willing to make an exception and take a risk when it comes to eating food or drinking beer. If and when I ever get out to do that again.

Third, although wearing a facemask is the kind, optically-responsible, courteous thing to do for the people around you, if you’re a tough guy, contrarian or conspiracy theorist, and don’t give a fuck about spreading or catching a virus that’s killed more Oklahomans in three months than all Oklahoma tornados, floods, lighting strikes, wildfires and downed powerlines over the past 30 years combined, that’s your right. I just reserve the right to make fun of you the next time schools shut down for no reason following another one of your apocalyptic weather forecasts.

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20 Responses

  1. Aw, c’mon guys! You can do better than this. Tell us you found him in a tornado shelter with a live boy or a dead girl! Get them clicks up!

  2. I’d cut him some slack. David Payne’s kind of a big deal. He can tell weather with one hand and tell whether his balls feel warm with the other

  3. When Peanuthead Payne does get frightened, I wonder, does that one hair stand up on his head?

  4. He can issues his own Tornado Warnings he can do what ever the hell he wants.

  5. In my book, it’s OK for the guy who tells us to hide in the bathtub during a tornado watch to rush outside into the same storm. It’s his life. Kinda like wearing a seatbelt in the car.

    But what some of these morons don’t understand is that most simple masks don’t protect the wearer much if at all from the virus. Masks protect OTHER PEOPLE from YOU!

    But who gives a rip about other people? No mask is the Oklahoma Standard.

    Your choice. Right?

  6. Wait, who’s David Payne? I thought was Gary England after one of his many botched face lift attempts.

  7. I have not seen a mask, other than my own in over a week.
    All I wonder about now is: What is this place going to look like in the middle of July? When every moron knows someone who has either died from this shit…or is permanently damaged after surviving it?
    It’s a real puzzle.

    1. Rex it’s no puzzle. Put that puzzle together and there’s a big picture of trump and stitt in the middle surrounded by tens of thousands of Oklahomans who are desperate to get back to work to support their families or whatever they need to support.
      I’d be willing to bet that Oklahoma is most likely in the Top 10 of states with citizens who don’t have 400$ cash laying around for emergencies. National average is 43%.
      We’re seeing the end results of 40 years of Reaganism with a huge dose of Trickle Down Economics and the primitive results of a string ofTea Party Candidates.
      Bottom line, we’re on our own.

  8. Until the Goobernor or Trump wears one there is no hope for the mouth breathers to follow suit…

    1. Apparently Trump is the only person who works in the White House not wearing a mask.

      1. Apparently Adderall works something like clorox or the malaria drug. When combined with orange paint COVID just bounces right off.

      2. He’s afraid his skin will turn the mask orange.

  9. David Payne is ratings based Joke, Worst TV person in the history of digital TV.

    1. David Payne is not the meteorologist who put lives in danger when he told them people to DRIVE south which is the exact direction the tornado took. Any moron who has lived in Oklahoma during tornado season knows you never, ever get in a vehicle and try to out run a tornado. How that meteorologist kept his job is beyond reason. I appreciate everything David Payne does even if it some of it seems over the top. At least he cares.

      1. But I’m sure happy it’s not the old days in the country when all we had was 4,5, and 9.
        We have Honey BOO BOO, the 1965 Super Bowl, and such instead of 6 hours of weather every single time a damned dark cloud pops up in the sky.
        If they’re in trouble in SW Oklahoma why bother us in N Central and vice versa? In this day and age I have a real problem seeing how that cannot be accomplished?
        Just “flip the switch” if the weather problem isn’t in your region you just don’t see it.

  10. Nobody wore a frickin’ mask in March or the 1st part of April for the most part. This was the worst part of the pandemic! I’ve watched every press briefing with Trump during this time. The press never wore masks until just recently (just after they made a big deal about Pence not wearing one). Then all of the sudden, every journalist asking questions has this ridiculous face feature that they have to pull down to ask a question. It’s nonsense. It’s feel good garbage. These masks do more harm than good because they make you touch your face more often and your hands get more contaminated than they would otherwise. The pandemic isn’t that bad. Over 1/3 of the deaths nationwide happened in rest homes. That shows you how much of a non-issue this is to the general public. How long is it going to be PC to have to wear these things? There will always be viruses germs and risks going out in public.
    There always has been. Stop shaming people for not wearing masks and quit your rampant virtue signaling.

    1. And to think this pandemic was put on this earth to rid itself of idiots. Missed one.

  11. What has become of The Ogle?
    Used to be a good place to occasionally view pics of local hot celebrities, who got wasted last weekend, and what about the March Madness countdown of local celebrity “talent?” And, occasionally included some humor, albeit small.

  12. Here is some “virtue signaling” for you.
    Soon to be dead idiot.

    1. Nope. I’m still alive.

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