OKC’s Busking Cop Goes On A Reunion Tour

Every once in a while, a story pops up that reminds us all cops aren’t all violent control freak predators who bullied you in high school and now get to throw you in jail, or shoot at you, for whatever reason they decide.

The most recent example is the cop who has gotten back with his old jam band that busks on busy sidewalks and intersections.

From KOCO:

OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma City police officer and a local band held an impromptu, street-side reunion concert almost a year after he played with them while responding to a report of a noise disturbance.

In April 2019, Officer Nate Ross responded to a noise disturbance near Southwest 29th Street and May Avenue, where police officials said he found a band “playing their hearts out near the side of the road.” Ross used to play the drums, told the band why he was there and then sat down and jammed with them.

Someone captured the special guest performance on camera, and the video went viral.

Fast forward one year to May 9, 2020.

“Guess who happened to run into each other again??” Oklahoma City Police Department officials posted on social media.

Ross saw the band playing on the side of the road again, this time near Northwest Third Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. The officer couldn’t pass up the chance to play with is friends again, so he picked up the sticks and rejoined the band.

I’ll hand it to the cop for being a competent drummer. He could’ve throw in some bass drum triplets, or switched to a trad grip to impress the jazz fans, but he can hold it down. Dude seems like the type to practice paradiddles by tapping on the steering wheel of his squad car, and his rhythm shows it.

It’s shocking that cop didn’t arrest the band for panhandling in an intersection, but their biggest offense is Dave Navarro Jr making everyone listen to his jam session. From the audio on the video on KOCO, it sounds like a an alt-rock band stuck in time. I’m sure they’ll be very successful down the road. They can call themselves Cop Rock, or The Narcs.