White Edmond Man Confronts Black Delivery Driver For Being In Gated Community

Earlier today, multiple Ogle Moles sent us a Facebook video showing a white Edmond man by the name of David Stewart going full-Karen on a black appliance delivery man named Travis Miller in a gated Edmond neighborhood. It’s since been picked up by most local news outlets. From all appearances, Travis committed the “crime” of […]

Shiver Me Timbers! Oklahoma to crack down on Porch Pirates.

There are a lot of huge problems going on in the country right now, as we are constantly reminded by every commercial and promotional email that is essentially ‘Times are hard, that’s why we at State Farm would like to remind you your payment is due, and we care.’ Thankfully, our state legislature is tackling […]

Kevin Stitt wants Elon Musk to move Tesla to Oklahoma…

Sometimes, I worry that the isolation of quarantine is making me lose my grip on sanity. Then, I go online and see that everybody else in the world is losing their goddamn minds, and it’s been the only warm solace I’ve found in the last few months other than that Michael Jordan documentary and whiskey. […]

Lost Ogle celebrates 13 years of miraculous existence…

On the night of May 13th, 2007, after my wife-at-the-time and I had our families over for a joint Mother’s Day cookout, I was in the spare bedroom of my house listening to music, and putting the finishing touches on a snarky little blog post I had written about the Fox 25 weathermen for a […]