Oklahoma Deemed “Cockfighting Capital of the United States.”

Even though Oklahoma outlawed cockfighting back in 2002, we are occasionally reminded that the cruel and barbaric practice still thrives in certain parts of the state, usually in spots that have lower than normal literacy rates. In fact, the practice of breeding and training fighting cocks in Oklahoma looks like it’s never been stronger.

From KFOR:

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A former Oklahoma attorney general is asking federal prosecutors to look into allegations that local farms are trafficking birds to Guam for cockfighting.

On Tuesday, former Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson announced that he was asking U.S. Attorney Brian J. Kuester to investigate the allegations of trafficking animals to Guam, illegally possessing fighting animals, and engaging in other illegal conduct.

Officials say the request comes after an investigation by Animal Wellness Action and Animal Wellness Foundation.

Wow. It’s always nice to see the Oklahoma entrepreneurial spirit in action. What can we do to get these oppressed breeders some subsidies to help their business!

Here’s more:

The organizations were able to obtain nearly 2,500 pages of avian shipping records from the Guam Department of Agriculture. The shipments indicate that the ratio of roosters to hens in the shipments was nearly 10 to 1 with some shipments being over 100 to 1.

The investigation revealed that three of the top five shippers of birds to Guam over a three-year period were in eastern Oklahoma. As a result, the organizations allege that Oklahoma “may be the cockfighting capital of the United States.”

Yep, move over oil, Oklahoma is now the “Cockfighting Capital of the United States.” This should really help Idabel’s chances of landing the World Cockfighting Hall of Fame.

Anyway, as a former longtime vegetarian and current animal lover, I still get a little squeamish on my occasional meat consumption. Breeding animals so they can have vicious death-matches is a whole other thing, and if these allegations are true, I hope the farms and traffickers are prosecuted to the fullest.

That said, there is a deep dark part of me that wants to go to some seedy rooster kumite just for the experience. You only live once, and the thought of being in a disgusting basement somewhere out in Tecumseh or Guam watching two birds with razor blades strapped to their feet trying to fuck each other up is a Lynchian nightmare that you could tell stories about for the rest of your life.

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18 Responses

  1. I used to breed chickens too, until I found out they can do that themselves.

  2. These folks really love their fighting birds, and compared to life as a broiler which are stuffed in buildings by the tens of thousands never even seeing the sun, are doing their birds proud.

  3. They’ll have to pry my fighting cock from my cold dead hand!!!

  4. more of the so called Oklahoma standard in action

  5. No wonder there are so many men’s clinics commercials on the radio. If you’re going to fight with your cock, it better be in top form.

  6. Tell it to Tyson’s. Won’t someone think of the cocks!

  7. Before cockfighting was voted out of the state by voters I attended (and got thrown out of) a bunch of cockfight arenas across the state. I was investigating them for the humane group that was trying to ban cockfighting. Unless you enjoy watching animals slice and dice each other for the demented pleasure of a bunch of lowlifes in bleachers you don’t want to go there. I didn’t care about the illegal gambling going on in plain sight between all the Baptists but it did bother me that children were among the gamblers. This is a cruel trade and needs to be shut down completely. We are going to be watching.

    1. Why just mention baptists when there were plenty of catholics, Methodists and even an occasional Episcopalian at the chicken fights? There are still plenty of African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans as well as Caucasians that go to illegal chicken fights. I’m not crazy about them either, but its just not white baptists that attend a blood sport.

  8. At least we won’t have to worry about Trump getting into this conversation. Now if it were mushroom fighting we might have an executive order on the way.

    1. Be worried.

      If DJT finds out that 99.44% of cockfighting enthusiasts are part of his base, he will make sure that his next Supreme Court nominee is pro-cockfighting and believes that it’s a constitutional right.

  9. Lucas should visit some other states , La, Ms, Cali, NM, Ariz, Tex might be a start. Some stupid folks think killing babies is worse.

    1. Are there baby fights in those states?

      1. Baby knife fights!! Sign me up!

  10. Oklahoma is Top Ten again! Imagine that!

  11. It’s a fucking chicken.

    1. No it’s a fighting chicken. The fucking chickens work in a different dept..

  12. In case you don’t know wild roosters will fight each other regardless. It comes natural to them. And like another poster pointed out, the folks that raise them love their roosters and treat them extremely well, especially when compared to your meat-eatin’ birds that get so fat that they cannot stand up. Do some, or even most of em end up getting killed, yes….but so does every other chicken out there. And I guarantee you that if the roosters could talk they’d rather go out with a fighting chance doing what they love.

    1. You left out the “natural” razor sharp metal spurs attached to the roosters legs so they can slice and dice each other more effectively. Just more of the love their owners have and the blood the spectators crave. All noble indeed

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