Jim Gardner is sorry he shared his biases on television…

As we told you yesterday, KWTV Sky News Ranger Chopper 9 pilot Jim Gardner caused quite a controversy over the weekend when he used his aerial platform in the sky to go full Fox News on individuals protesting police violence and the death of George Floyd.

It resulted in scores and scores of online complaints, angry phone calls and people calling for his job. As a result, Jim Gardner issued the following apology:

As far as forced non-apology apologies go that people issue so they can remain employed, that one isn’t bad. I believe him when he said he never intended for his blissfully unaware conservative, pro-police state biases to hurt and offend so many people, and I double believe him when he says he wishes he would have said things differently. In hindsight, I bet he wishes he would have said something like this:

“Kelly, you’re cutting out here. What was that? Kelly? Hello??? We’re getting interference from the police scanners. You guys can take things over from here.”

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this controversy affects Jim. Ever since he was suspended in 2014 for performing stunts with the chopper at a small airport, he’s been on excellent behavior. Knowing that, I bet he does an excellent job from here on out and keeps his biased thoughts and feelings to himself.

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21 Responses

  1. He still flies that chopper like a jackass in and out of the station.

  2. He didn’t apologize for admitting he was coordinating with cops to watch people. That goes against journalistic integrity. But News 9 lost that years ago.

    When is old man Kelly retiring? I’m tired of listening to him chew his dentures when he talks.

    1. That was the most damning comment! He should be fired for that alone.

  3. Typical corporate non-apology apology.

  4. I noticed on Saturday night, he continually made the point that the peaceful protesters were not not the ones doing most of the vandalizing and throwing of objects. I do wish the media would report on things they actually know and witness in an unbiased fashion. Now, Sunday, Mr Gardner’s narration (and the studio comments) were way too specific, pointing out that people dressed a certain way were Antifa or rabble rousers. We finally changed the channel.

  5. Pretty lame Patrick, putting a link to something behind your own paywall in the story.

  6. OMG TLO, you’re so dramatic. Jim issued a generic apology….he’s not necessarily apologizing for what you implied in that stellar article you wrote a few days ago. Stop trying to act like you unveiled some den of journalistic dishonesty.

    And for the record, I have no problem if he gives updates to the police. Why is that a problem? If I see something wrong, I tell the police too. Like I did a few weeks ago when a dude was about to beat the crap out of his wife at 2am. I dialed 911 and informed them about the situation. I guess if I was employed by a news station then I should’ve just let the guy beat the crap out of his wife.

    1. The problem is that it’s an inappropriate relationship between police and a supposed journalist. Journalists are not supposed to take sides. Would you be okay with it if he used News 9’s helicopter to tell criminal suspects where to hide and how to avoid police? If that’s not okay (and it isn’t) then neither is siding with the cops.

  7. Well, at least you have a minor trumpian-faux-news goober flying around making noises out of his pie hole as an irritant. We’ve got real guvment goobers hotdogging around the border with choppers and airboats intimidating the locals. Some are DHS and some are Texas DPS. We’ve been in a manufactured crisis/war zone for years.

  8. As non-apologies go, that one is better than most. He regrets his actions and didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

    I don’t hold it against him for having “blissfully unaware conservative, pro-police state biases,” because he has that in common with probably a majority of my fellow citizens of Oklahoma. But it was definitely wrong for him to let his biases show while on the job as a journalist. Channel 9 ain’t Fox News… yet.

    Does your Sinclair outlet over there in OKC need a helicopter pilot?

    1. Not just wrong, but dangerous. He was not specific in why his actions were harmful and specific about what he said that caused harm. In a highly charged atmosphere after previously violent protests, fear mongering is the kind of thing that leads to people driving their cards through crowds (which happened) and people bringing their homemade bombs and guns to protests (people threatened this in the comments section all night). This behavior is inexcusable and half cooked apology is further insult to his lack of judgment and unethical behavior.

  9. He and Kelly Ogle were certainly toeing the old racist white guy line… What happened to reporting the facts of what you see, rather than editorializing – adding your thoughts and opinions.

    Can you imagine editorializing the weather? “We’ve got a tornado on the ground that I’ve been watching for miles now. I’m coordinating with Police Air One and I believe it intends grave harm to elite white neighborhoods!”

    “It’s just really too bad that this very young tornado (with a backpack) is out to spoil our peaceful thunderstorm…”

  10. When shit is all there is to eat, the people will eat shit.

    And when I say “shit,” I mean of course “local TV ‘news.'”

  11. News9’s Apology Letter Lawyers need a new refresher course.

  12. I travel often, and watch the local news in the areas I am at for reference,updates local knowledge, weather, etc., I have yet to find anywhere the Local news is anything relatable to the crap here in OKC. I don’t know if it’s the influence/monopoly of the Ogles for years combined with the obvious conflict of interest due to local advertisers and pandering to local politicians, but whatever it is, it has created a unique shit show unlike any other.
    I rarely watch out local news and I’m much happier and pretty sure I’m just as informed via the web and other sources for newsworthy events.

  13. Just to rant, one of the worst things Channel 9 has done was to five Kelly Ogle his Two Cent’s segment. I’m not sure why that station thinks that anyone gives a dame what a news caster personally thinks about anything. … (and I’m an old white guy that grew up in Oklahoma, BTW)

    1. At two cents, Kelly’s opinion is consistently overpriced.

  14. It appears that the channel 9 journalists have also stopped taking Covid-19 preautions. For example, a few of the reporters (e.g. Storm?) was not wearing a mask or practicing social distancing while covering the riots Sunday night in OKC. One of the rioters came up to Storm and even gave him a coronavirus hug!! Do they think the virus has just magically dissapeared? Until we have a vaccine, it is still a threat and the riots may cause another outbreak. I really only watch channel 9 for the weather.

  15. You nailed it TLO.

  16. Yeah, he owed nobody an apology! He just PROVED how controlled the media is, AND News 9!

  17. “Sorry” he said the quiet part out loud.

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