Lawsuit: Continental Resources Alleges Insider Scheme Swindled Company out of Millions

Back on April 20th, when you were hopefully stoned out of your mind, Continental Resources quietly filed a lawsuit against one of their former attorneys – Blaine Dyer; a former landman for the company – Justin Biggs; and about 48 other people, LLCs, local musicians, etc., from Oklahoma and Texas alleging they all worked together to cheat the company out of $5 million via what one Ogle Mole called one of “the oldest / dirtiest tricks in the oil and gas or title attorney book.”

Here are the allegations that Continental outlined in a revised petition filed on May 22nd in Oklahoma County District Court. I don’t believe the lawsuit has been reported by any media outlet.

Wow. I’ve stolen from plenty of my former employers over the years, especially when I was poor and waited tables at Applebee’s, but if true, that’s quite a bold scheme. When you work for an oil company, you’re supposed to be blindly loyal to that company and help them exploit and profit from all the valuable resources found deep inside the earth. Screwing your employer and working a flawed system to your financial advantage is unethical and wrong!

That being said, let’s give these people the benefit of the doubt. Continental Resources is a ruthless company, and we can’t just take their word for granted. Who knows? Maybe Blaine Dyer is innocent of all charges, or better yet, is some Robin Hood of the oil and gas world, stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor – a kind, compassionate, selfless man who only wants to help those in need!

Well, he’s not. I stopped by Blaine’s Facebook page to take a look and, well, he probably has more in common with Harold Hamm than he’d like to admit. Here’s more of what Continental calls “The Dyer Scheme:”

Hey, look at that! Adam Aguilar made the lawsuit! He’s the crooning frontman of Weekend Allstars, and I think 3am, and probably a bunch of other local cover bands that have been getting people across the metro laid for the past decade. I guess we know how they afforded all their nice equipment!

Here’s more:

Anyway, you can read more about the lawsuit and all the fun stuff over at I would post a response from one of the scores of people that were sued, but no one has filed one yet.

This post has been edited to keep it and the comments section in focus. 

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26 Responses

  1. Imagine, oilies cheating oilies. I’m not sure what made Harold Hamm madder, that trusted employees cheated him or they beat him to the punch by cheating naive landowners before he could. Either way Hamm gave his ex-wife a billion dollars to go away so what’s five million to him?

  2. I’m not going to say something very similar was rumored to have happened at CHK back in the day but then again you probably could have guessed that on your own…..

    1. At CHK, the purported “middleman” scheme was done by the founder and CEO so it was tacitly approved by CHK management, but clearly undermined the interests of stockholders.

    2. Buuuut… some of those folks running the CHK scheme were VERY politically connected in Oklahoma.

  3. Wait, which Applebee’s?

  4. Another scoop for TLO!

    The oil bidness is littered with thieves and scoundrels. It has always been so, and has a lot to do with how we became the great State that we are today.

    I love that photo of Harold Hamm that TLO uses. If you were going to design an ideal image of the troll under the bridge, you couldn’t do any better than that.

    1. Yeah, he looks like a very fat version of Homer Simpson’s boss, Mr. Burns. Hamm-oil, Burns-nuclear. Eerie similarity.

  5. “How dare you get slightly more than the paultry amount I was going to give you? It’s my place to swindle, not yours!” – Harold Hamm probably

  6. Let them all sue each other into oblivion. Serves them right.

  7. I can summarize this article to three things:

    1) Law school is easy
    2) Finding an ethical lawyer is like finding a needle in a haystack
    3) No one is allowed to f*** Harold Hamm, he feels that he’s the only one that should be doing the f***ing.
    (Although with diabetes it’s probably hard for him to raise the flag up the pole.)

  8. Didn’t Tom Ward do the same thing to SandRidge back in the day? I specifically remember shareholders getting hacked off over Ward front-running SandRidge’s leasing agents.

  9. He has a very impressive set of socks showing cartoon images of the president.

  10. Well, isn’t this karma in action considering the long-rumored and somewhat documented way Harold got his start in the oil business. Harold says he hauled oil which is correct, but the problem is that it wasn’t always Harold’s oil to haul and he visited tank batteries mostly very late at night then sold the bounty as his own. Having worked at most of the major oil & gas entities in OKC, I can say with absolute conviction that Continental was the most unethical of them all. I left them because of a couple of things they asked me to do that violated ethics and current law.

    1. Very interesting. Would you be so kind as to give us your opinion of his ex, Sue Ann? I get the impression she might have been the brains behind that partnership. And was she as ethical as she seems to be now?

      1. If Harold’s beginnings are less than ethical, it seems a stretch to me to blame his corruption on Mrs. Hamm.

        I know nothing about the former Mrs. Hamm except that her divorce settlement was a mere $1 billion – much, much less than half of the marital net worth at the time.

        Since the collapse in oil prices, her net worth may now exceed Harold’s. Her settlement was in cash, and he kept the company’s stock – which isn’t looking good now with the collapse of oil prices.

        1. I am not in any way blaming Harold’s corruption on the former Ms. Hamm. My impression is that she was always the more ethical one. And, quite possibly, the smarter one. The Arnall Family Foundation (Sue Ann’s Foundation) is currently funding many projects that most TLO readers would view as worthy causes. I’m just curious to know if, in the opinion of an insider (Pissed off Ann), that impression is correct. Was Sue Ann the brains and ethics behind the partnership?

          1. Harold= High School Education
            Sue Ann= Lawyer

    2. Sorta. It wasn’t quite backing up to a tank and pulling a load of oil in the middle of the night. Well, that probably happened from time-to-time, but it wasn’t awfully common.

      He owned a tank truck business that did a lot of various services, mostly hauling water. Their favorite method for stealing oil was by ‘pulling a tank bottom’.

      Now stock tanks accumulate a bunch of nasty sediment & water at the bottoms of the tanks (BS&W is the term). If the level of BS&W gets high enough, the oil purchaser will not pick up the oil–they can only haul oil with BS&W below a small threshold. When that happens, it’s time to ‘pull a bottom’ off the tank. Usually, that would be 10-20 bbls. Bobtail tank trucks usually haul around 80 bbls of fluid. Hamm & Phillips drivers were generally encouraged to fill their entire tanks up when pulling a tank bottom, so they would get 10-20 bbls of crap and 60-70 bbls of good oil. There always would be a good excuse used if the operator asked why oil was missing from the tank–‘oh, there was 70 bbls of water in it’. What made it easy was that they owned the water disposal wells and facilities. A disposal well operator is allowed to sell ‘skim oil’ off of the disposals. What made it even better than just straight up stealing oil in the middle of the night is that Double H got to send the oil companies a bill for stealing their oil!

  11. There’s just a lot more fun and money wheeling and dealing in leases than actually poking holes in the ground and filling that with pipe and mud.

  12. Good Christian oilmen.

  13. I can tell you that money can make you happy for only so long. But revenge, revenge is priceless.

  14. HA HA look at all the rich oilies stabbing each other in the back. As long as they’re all going to bleed to death anyway, steal all the money involved and put it in the State General Revenue fund so we can actually put it toward funding the core services their conservative Republican #okleg lapdogs have been starving for years. And while we’re at it, let’s do away with the capital gains tax exemption. And invest more in sustainable and/or green energy.

  15. Dyer’s Facebook page looks much different now than it did when I looked at it earlier today.

  16. Is there no honor among thieves?

    1. Not if we’re talking about oil business thieves. They’re in a class by themselves.

  17. I respect everyone involved and for your noteworthy contribution to our “out for themselves culture”, thanks for the entertainment

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