Right Wing Cowboy Sheriff Is Forming A Posse

Howdy partners!

Are you a law and order tough guy? Have you ever wanted to pretend to be a cop? Do you want to help preserve and reinforce racist institutions that target people of color?

Then we have some good news for you!

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West – the right-wing cop who dresses like a cowboy so we’ll all know he’s authentic and tough – is looking for volunteers to join his personal secret police force that we’re going to be cute and call a “Posse.”

Here are details via a Kayla Branch article with The Oklahoman:

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West announced Tuesday his office is accepting applications for a group of local volunteer residents to assist deputies in “safeguarding lives and property.”

Dubbed the “Sheriff’s Posse,” West said in a news release that the group would “serve as a rapid response force of citizens who could be called upon ‘in a minute’s notice’ to answer the call to aid in safeguarding lives and property, as well as the constitutional rights of innocent law abiding citizens of Canadian County.”

The goal is to recruit a diverse set of individuals with varying skills, from prior law enforcement officers to doctors or veterinarians, West said.

That’s nice. When I observe all that is happening in the world today, the first thing that pops in my head is “Hey, what if we had an unregulated volunteer band of ex-cops, doctors and veterinarians ready to “safeguard” lives and property with only a minute’s notice.” Seriously, I’m sure these people have the best of intentions and will always show good judgment when they… uhm… what exactly is this posse supposed to do?

The group would assist with local crises or states of emergency, which would include responding to tornadoes, missing-person cases and other situations local residents might classify as a crisis.

Yeah, “other situations” that people in Canadian County may “classify as a crisis.” Hmmm. I wonder what that could be? Knowing that Canadian County is only home to the world’s highest percentage of Cross-Wall Karens and men who race lawnmowers, I’m going to assume it has something to do with the George Floyd protests. That’s a logical conclusion, right?

“I don’t want to paint this as any type of response as to what has been happening,” West said.

“I am just wanting to form it, and individuals may all have their own different reasons for wanting to be part of it. I’m just trying to be the catalyst for getting a good, benevolent-type posse set up to help people … . If I do (get push back), I think it’s very unfortunate.”

At this point, what training and oversight of the group looks like is still to be determined. Limited background checking will occur.

Yes, this isn’t the type of posse that gathers to hunt down those they think committed a crime. This is a good, benevolent-type of posse set up to help people, likely by hunting down those they think committed a crime and then bring them to justice.

Anyway, I guess if you want to join the Sheriff’s posse, you can apply here. I would never encourage you to leave prank entries, or to join the group just to see what it’s like and provide feedback, but it would be funny if you did.

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56 Responses

  1. Gosh….what could possibly go wrong with this idea?

    1. That is exactly what I was going to say.

      The method that we use for hiring Oklahoma’s county sheriffs is partisan elections – party primaries, then it’s a Republican vs. sometimes a Democrat, sometimes against no one. This hasn’t been producing very good results, has it?

    2. I live close to Canadian County. I shall avoid venturing into its confines at all costs. Nothing like a bunch of armed Bubba’s running around “helping” law enforcement.

  2. SHERIFF WEST: Now, looka heah! We’s real happy with the response to our Sheriff’s Posse, but we got just one big problem: 90% of y’all is named Bubba, and that’s gonna be real confusifyin’!

    So, tell y’all what: if’n yer name is Bubba, we’s gonna assign y’all a number! [points] So you is Bubba 1. An’ you is Bubba 2! An’ you is Bubba….uh. Shit, what comes after 2? Huh? Three? OK! You is Bubba 3!

    And so it went, and soon the Posse was formed and all was well in Cleveland County, and everyone slept better at night knowing all the various Bubbas were on patrol, doing the Lord’s work. The end.

    This has been a Quinn Martin Production.

    1. *Canadian County 🙂

      1. Right. That’s why the people in Cleveland County sleep so well at night: the Bubba Posse got confusified and are doing their Holy Work in the wrong county. D’OH!

        Or, I was too drunk when I made my post to get the counties right. Probably that.

  3. Foreman Scotty would be so proud!

  4. I’d like to see his reaction if a large group of African-Americans and Hispanics try to join. I have a feeling he won’t be too pleased.

    1. I would imagine it would go something like this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJqfNroFp8U.
      But it’s good to see the fine folks in Canadian County have finally come around to being solid upstanding COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS.

      1. Don’t miss watching that video! You will either love it or be frightened out of your mind.

    2. The workaround would be, they could change their names to either Bubba or Jethro first.

      The rules clearly state they would HAVE to let them join the posse.

  5. What an embarrassment. Absolute moron.

  6. Quick, there’s a person of color delivering furniture in a gated neighborhood! Tell Bo and Luke to fire up the General Lee and do a citizens arrest!
    What could go wrong!

  7. Probably trying to get out front of any effort to defund law enforcement in Canadian County.

    1. Sounds like exactly the sort of law enforcement body that needs to be de-funded, and then rebuilt from bottom to top.

    2. They’re a fiscally responsible bunch. The MRAP* they got was only $2500.00 military surplus. Gotta have some folks to ride around in it.


      *Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected armored vehicle.

  8. If this weren’t so terrifying, it would be funny.

  9. Sounds like a lynching party

  10. Most counties have emergency management agencies designed to move into action when needed.

    Sounds like the good sheriff just admitted his inept leadership and the failure of his department to do its job. He says there is no problem, but is so desperate for help that ONLY “Limited background checking will occur.

  11. The way he’s dressed, I’d bet he considers himself a posse magnet.

    1. OH NO you didn’t!!!!!!

      1. It sure looks like he did!

    2. He grabbed Trump’s posse

  12. Sounds like the group that killed the guy jogging in Georgia a few weeks ago. This has catastrophe written all over it. I would think the legal department for the county would find this a bad situation.

  13. Dog whistle for the boogaloo boys.

  14. I was hoping he wasn’t good at spelling and was looking for p***y. With that Colonel Sanders tie and goofy hat covering his bald skull he’s not going to find much.

    1. Was that Chris West down voting me? Aww, go cry in your clip-on Colonel Sanders tie. We need four family buckets in the drive thru, stat!

  15. AUTHENTIC and TOUGH!! What a joke…that little midget spent more time with his head in a toilet than a urinal cake when he was in high school!! Give a natural born COWARD a badge and a gun and this is the kind of shit you end up with! It ain’t nothing that a weekend in their own shitty run jails wouldn’t fix!!

  16. Anyone remember Robert Bates in Tulsa? Killed Eric Harris by grabbing his gun instead of his taser then fatally shooting him in the back? Ol’ Robert was a reserve officer for the Tulsa sheriff department. Posse man, if you will. Bates was providing backup at an undercover illegal gun sale.

    He was convicted of 2nd degree manslaughter and given 4 years. He got out after 18 months.

    With access to all criminal behavior in the , George Zimmerman’s local fans will be erect and ready for action! I guess the only risk for the posse boys would be tiny sentences in prison for all the black men you can kill.

    Imagine that.

    1. I can imagine an episode of “The Lone Ranger and Tonto”. Here goes. LR&T head off crooked Chris and his zealot band of pissant posse yay’-hoos at the old Route 66 expansion bridge. LR&T disarm the lot of em’ by shootin’ the glocks out tweenst’ their tiny greasy KFC-eatin’ fingers. Tonto ties em’ up while The Lone Ranger lectures the whiny little bullies about fairness when enforcing the law. Finally, they’re sentenced to 2 (two) weeks in the Yukon pecker pillory for for good measure!

  17. The Karenest Karen I’ve known is named Karen, has a cross wall, lives in Canadian county, has the Karen haircut, and would probably encourage her husband to join this posse. I hadn’t connected all those dots before. Thanks for “Cross-Wall Karen.”

    1. I cannot begin to tell you how many Karen’s on Yukon and Mustang happenings ask daily if any stylist out there knows how to cut, can give them the Karen cut ( A-line graduated bob, I use to do hair, I hate this hairstyle).

  18. I live here. By the way it’s Canadian County, not sure if anyone has corrected that yet. It’s bad, plus his deputy, under sheriff whatever, is a proud xenophobic racist who likes to flaunt his hatred of Muslims and conspiracy theories daily on his FB page.

    1. That would get a deppity officially reprimanded, or at least counseled, in some law enforcement agencies. But not in Canadian County, apparently.

  19. Calling all lawyers!!! I smell a retirement case coming!!!! When it happens, I advise the residents of Canadian Co. not to read their property tax bill. You’re paying for it!!!!

    1. The lawyers have heard the bell, and are already salivating.

  20. If you’d like to dress up like a character from the 1880’s and get to carry a six-gun on your hip, maybe you should fill out an application to work at Silver Dollar City.

    1. Frontier City. Shop local.

      1. Good point.

  21. This numb nutted nitwit reminds me of another numb nutted nitwit, former OK Co DA Bob Macey. What a couple of wanna be cowboy hero worshipers. This ain’t the old west, put your guns away dickhead!

  22. All the new recruit Festus guys will probably be making a field trip to Tulsa on June 19. Tulsa World just headlined Trump coming here for a “rally” that day. Sonovabitch

  23. Nothing like an article written by angry leftist frlm his mom’s basement

    1. Self ID recorded.

  24. What a relief that “limited background checking will occur”. We certainly wouldn’t want any extensive background checking!!

    1. Background check is a COVID test. Two birds, one stone.

  25. Defund the Sheriff’s Departments!

    1. All-volunteer police dept

  26. “limited background checking”. On the Canadian county Dem FB page, as well as several other left leaning pages it appears West is going to be flooded with volunteers. Members of the LGBTQ community, including a transgender person, old pot smoking hippies, several POC, and senior citizens have all stated they’ve signed up for his posse.

    1. That’s some great trolling there! Something tells me that Cowboy Chris West is going to back away from this idea pretty soon.

      I would volunteer for a posse like that if I lived in that county. I definitely fit some of those descriptors given by PaininBrain.

      I’m at least as qualified to be a vigilante as volunteer deppity Robert Bates was when he tried to taze a pinned-down suspect in Tulsa and shot him dead instead.

  27. First…..this is a stupid idea. But it’s totally expected when there is a growing cry to defund the police and abolish the police. In my opinion, the police forces need to undergo a culture change with extensive systemic transformation. This won’t be easy and it won’t happen very quickly, but we’re on the right path to finally getting to the goal that Dr. King envisioned.

    So get ready for more posses. As long as there are “geniuses” that call for the abolishment of a police force, or reducing a police force to a toothless entity, then there will be people that are equally “brilliant” that want to from citizen posses. A civilized society MUST have a police force….it’s quite stupid to propose an abolishment of law enforcement…but there MUST be changes to prevent innocent people from being murdered by uniformed cops.

    We certainly have some challenges as a society, but it’s a terrible idea to form posses and it’s equally terrible to abolish the police. I’m confident our country will make the necessary societal changes and we’ll be better and stronger…but it will take years to fully transform.

    1. I wonder how long that Capitol Hill Venezuela lasts for before people that actually live there revolt? I give them a couple of weeks tops.

  28. Canadian County is the asshole of Central Oklahoma. It was my great misfortune to be a resident of that vile place. What a f**king joke it is. It is run by cowboy clowns, like Chris West.

  29. They have enough amateur police in Canadian Co. No need to ask for vigilante volunteers.

    1. Look on the bright side. One or more of these volunteer coppers are bound to figure out they are smarter and more competent than their leader Barney Fife II and then run against him. I mean it could happen couldn’t it? No? Why Not? Oh that’s right. No one, I mean no one with any common sense would want to follow Sheriff Wild Wild West anywhere and that’s the tragedy. He’ll have plenty of volunteers to play cops and robbers with him with only one guaranteed outcome. More tragedies.

  30. I’ll pass on one serious reply. The state Health Dept already has a volunteer program to deal with natural disasters and other health emergencies. It’s called the Okla Medical Reserve Corp. It’s actually a part of a national program as a response to 9/11. They’ve had several volunteer calls to respond to COVID.

    I don’t know if the sheriff plans to shoot a tornado but I think a trained corps of medical workers and lay support staff might make a little more sense. My guess the ‘ol lawman is blowing a dog whistle just in case the Antifa forces invade the last bastion in Calumet.

  31. You never see him unless he’s showing off at civic functions, driving his fancy white Tahoe, or bragging about how great HE’S doing getting the Porn Monsters off the streets. His philosophy is, “I used to be a narcissist, now look at me.” You’ll get hired if you’re a former Marine, or related to a state trooper. If you ask him, he’ll even give you a challenge coin about himself. And, we get him for another four years. Look forward to seeing him on the news channels, as he loves the spotlight so he can brag about, “My deputies, my investigators.” You gotta love him!

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