Tulsa Cops Continue To Remind Us What’s Wrong With Cops

The last two weeks have been sobering for Oklahomans. As we passed the 99th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre a little over a week ago, many Oklahomans took to the streets to reflect on our state’s past as it advocated for its future. There is still so much work to be done to end police brutality and systematic racism in law enforcement, and no agency has made that more abundantly clear lately than the Tulsa Police Department.

Via Public Radio Tulsa…

Discussing nationwide protests over the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, a white Tulsa Police Department major said Monday systemic racism in policing “just doesn’t exist.”

Speaking to talk radio host Pat Campbell on his podcast, TPD Maj. Travis Yates also suggested that, according to his interpretation of crime data, police should actually be shooting black Americans more frequently.

“You get this meme of, ‘Blacks are shot two times, two and a half times more,’ and everybody just goes, ‘Oh, yeah,'” Yates said. “They’re not making sense here. You have to come into contact with law enforcement for that to occur…”

“And, by the way, all the research says — including Roland Fryer, an African American Harvard professor, Heather MacDonald, and the National Academy of Sciences, all of their research says we’re shooting African Americans about 24% less than we probably ought to be based on the crimes being committed.”

That is atrocious and sickening. Unfortunately, this seems to be more of the culture of Tulsa PD than their PR team wants you to believe. The shooting of Terence Crutcher by then-Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby amplifies this message. In the video taken in the helicopter circling the scene of the shooting in 2016, you can hear one officer clearly refer to Crutcher as a “bad dude.” But surely, some say, this can’t be a race issue! I mean, Sgt. Shane Tuell with Tulsa PD was quoted by Oklahoma Watch last week saying he doesn’t see racial profiling as a problem in his agency. I wonder if he’s familiar with this story reported by KOB4 yesterday…

Authorities in Oklahoma are investigating the arrest of two black teenagers who were accused by white police officers of jaywalking in a Tulsa neighborhood where some areas had patchy sidewalks or no visible footpaths…

The other video shows both officers forcing the teen to the ground as he physically struggles with them. The other teen tells the teen who’s on the ground lying on his stomach to “chill out.” An officer handcuffed the teen on the ground as the other teen asked the officers why the teen was getting arrested…

The nearly 20-minute videos show an officer remaining on top of the teenager who lied on his stomach even after he was handcuffed.

“Get off me! I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!” the teen shouted.

“You can breathe just fine,” the officer replied. “You’re fine.”

“Sir, he has handcuffs on. What is he gonna do?” said the other teenager, who later got handcuffed but was sitting on the curb.

The officers repeated to the teenagers that they broke the law because they jaywalked. Body camera videos show that the area had patchy or no visible sidewalks.

No reason to believe racial profiling is a problem, eh? Bull shit. What’s worse is that even if the teens and their families were to choose to file a complaint against the officer for racial profiling, the investigation would be conducted by the officer’s employer, Tulsa PD itself, and historically similar claims have been dismissed without prosecution. And come on, it’s “jay walking.” It’s not like they were doing something sinister like wearing a firearm in Tulsa’s own Gathering Place (where it’s prohibited). But even when that situation arose, the Tulsa PD didn’t seem to think it was necessary to restrain the (white) perpetrator. Call me crazy, but Tulsa PD may have a racial profiling problem, after all.

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15 Responses

  1. Now we know why Trump picked Tulsa for his first tent revival. I guess Der Major Yates will greet Duh Furor on bended knee with roses when he lands on Air Force One.

    1. Do you get the virus when you put your lips and press them to the perfectly rounded part of the backside of a person’s body, like a certain Perfect Leader’s??? Asking for a friend…

  2. Tulsa mayor G.T. Bynum was on national TV on Sunday, making things worse while being interviewed about Tulsa’s 1921 Race Massacre.

    From today’s Tulsa World:
    The question posed to Bynum was: “A lot of people saw what happened to Terence Crutcher, and they said, ‘This wouldn’t have happened if he was white.’ Do you think that’s true?”

    “No, I don’t,” Bynum replied, later indicating that he thought the drugs found in Crutcher’s system made him less able to follow police orders.

    Bynum said, “It is more about the really insidious nature of drug utilization than it is about race, in my opinion.”
    Oh really?

    Bynum has since apologized profusely for his “dumb and overly-simplistic” comments.

    Both Maj. Yates’ clueless remarks typifying cop culture, and the handcuffing by (unnamed) officers of the (black) teenage jaywalkers on an empty street, are being investigated by TPD “internally.” It is unlikely that we will ever know what, if anything, results from those investigations.

    To his credit, Mayor Bynum has been pressing hard for some time for independent oversight of TPD internal investigations. That oversight is bitterly opposed by Tulsa’s cop union.

  3. What’s the over/under on the number of Tulsa cops who will be attending the Trump rally on the 19th? Even if they’re wearing MAGA hats and shirts instead of uniforms they’ll be easy to identify because, like almost everyone else in attendance, they won’t be wearing protective masks.

    1. Just unfuckingbelievable that shitbird’s rally is on, literally, the anniversary of when the Emancipation Proclamation was read to Texas (the last state to have heard it), located about a mile or less from where the Tulsa Race Massacre happened, and 99 years and 2 weeks after the Massacre happened. What could go wrong? How absolutely uncaring, evil, and racist does someone have to be to hold a rally then and there? What could go wrong?

      Congressman Al Green – “Trump rally with rebel flags (a symbol of slavery and racism) in Tulsa, OK (the place of #TulsaMassacre) on Juneteenth (a day of emancipation recognition) is more than a slap in the face to African Americans; it is overt racism from the highest office in the land. #RejectRacism.”

      1. I can’t decide if TrumpWorld is too stupid to realize the symbolism of coming to Race Massacre Central on Juneteenth, or if that symbolism is exactly what they want.

        The planned date for Trump’s acceptance speech in Jacksonville FL is August 27, known there as “Ax Handle Saturday.” The date of Trump’s speech will be exactly sixty years since white patriots used ax handles and baseball bats to chase and club black terrorists sitting peacefully at a whites-only lunch counter.

        I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

  4. Just another fucking idiot cop from okiehoma, the land of god,guns and pastey white people. I bet his dumbass was in a all white baptist church last Sunday reading the Bible not realizing that not one fucking person in that phony book was white.

  5. All lives matter if and only if black lives matter.

    1. Please look up the meaning of “all”

      1. When used as a modifier for “lives,” it includes black lives.

        Is that your point?

  6. For the time being, the official policy is that all armbands must be worn BENEATH the shirt so they are not visible to the public, but it is OK to whisper “SIEG HEIL!” to each other in quiet tones while kneeling on a suspect’s neck for twenty minutes while the suspect “resists arrest.”

    Schnapps will be served at the post-death celebration afterwards.

  7. The majority of Americans support Trump 2020? Latest polls have his approval at around 38-41% and that’s from multiple polling sources. He’s about 14 points behind Biden in the polls. Where does the data backing the “majority of Americans” statement come from? Support for police is low too and laws reforming, defunding, and restricting police actions are being passed all over the country at all levels of government. Breonna’s Law, which greatly restricts no-knock warrants, passed in Louisville unanimously by their city council today. That’s just one example of many. Majority of Americans? What?

  8. Strictly a dog whistle for Trump’s racist followers.

    1. The thing about dog whistles is that the dogs can hear them, but humans can’t. Supposedly, racist “dog whistles” are heard by racists but go past the consciousness of non-racists.

      Trump’s “dog whistles” are a lot like those of George Wallace, circa 1968. Anyone can hear them loud and clear. There is no attempt at subtlety. MAGA! LAW AND ORDER!

  9. MAJORITY of Americans?? Your just another trumptard overdosing on faux news!! The IGNORANCE of you creatures (not human) is just unfuckingbelievable!!
    You might try using that douche your so proud of between your ears, it damn sure couldn’t hurt whats not there…BRAINS!!!

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