Pros and Cons of Trump’s Big Tulsa Rally

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Donald Trump is visiting Tulsa later this week for a big White Power Make America Great Again rally at the BOK Center, located just blocks from where one of the worst racial massacres in US history took place.

The event was originally scheduled for June 19th – a.k.a Juneteenth, the day that marks the emancipation of slaves in the United States – but Trump, a compassionate man and the best president for black Americans since (maybe) Abraham Lincoln, postponed it a day because he’s the last President who would ever want to stoke racial divisions in America… and to give out-of-state protestors, the police and Coronavirus one extra day to prepare for everything.

However, his visit is still controversial, especially to the libtards on the left who criticize everything Trump does. As a result, Patrick and I have come up with a fair and balanced list of pros and cons regarding Saturday’s rally…

Pro: National attention for Oklahoma. This will be a great showcase for our state. Business leaders, conservative elites and job creators from all over the country will learn just how far our state will go to kiss the ass of a racist conman…and see that Oklahoma is a shining national example of responsibly opening during a national pandemic, as cases across the state rise.

Con: Might start a national civil war.

With Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys and other pro-white factions of Trumplandia sure to be protecting the outside of the BOK Center with their AR-15s and other assorted testosterone-packed regalia, this could be the racist matchstick that starts the Civil War 2: Electric…well, you get it.

Pro: COVID-19 is a hoax. Don’t believe the fear perpetuated by the lamestream media. Coronavirus is a hoax created by Bill Gates, George Soros and Garfield’s Jim Davis. At worse, it’s like the flu, and even then the state has plenty of hydroxychloroquine and injectable bleach to keep us safe.

Con: Have to sign a waiver acknowledging you will probably get COVID-19. And, by signing that waiver, you’ll have no one to sue but yourself if you do get it, wimp.

Pro: Get to see Tulsa’s landmarks. 

Con: Some of Tulsa’a landmarks have been vandalized to worship a different billionaire.

Pro: A crowd where all lives matter. Everyone knows that Trump supporters believe that “All Lives Matter!” and will lovingly scream it at Black Lives Matter protestors while they reenact putting their knee on the neck of George Floyd.

Con: A crowd that will be tear-gassed. The police force hasn’t been defunded or disbanded yet, so as Americans exercise their God-given right to protest against cruel injustices in the streets, our tax-dollars, instead of going to mental health, social services and aid for the homeless, will be used against demonstrators in the form of tear-gas and rubber bullets and whatever else cops have to make their nightsticks semi-hard.


Pro: May get to shake hands with Trump. How many people can say that they shook the hand of the greatest American leader since Barack Obama Andrew Jackson?

Con: May get to shake hands with Trump. You can be sure his hands are tiny and moist, like the adorable paws of small tabby.

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41 Responses

  1. Pulitzer Prize material from this article…

    1. Agreed, Mike! Imagine that!

  2. You have to love the Bank Of Oklahoma for carrying on the SUBSTANDARD of their namesake.
    They can easily pack a couple thousand potential COVID-19 victims into their T-Town Center to hear the Orange One layer on the lies, no problem, yet they can’t get the lobbies of their local banks open to the public.

    1. The Bank bought the naming rights to the BOK Center, but the Bank has no control over what goes on in there.

      I haven’t been in a bank lobby in years, other than to get my absentee ballot notarized. Who needs a bank lobby with online deposit and ATMs available?

    2. BOK has as much power over who gets booked at BOK Center as Chesapeake Energy has over who gets booked at Chesapeake Energy Arena, not their fault – Tulsa mayor is most likely who needs blaming.

  3. TRUMP, AT RALLY: It’s an honor to be here, in Tulsi, even though the town is named after that woman Tulsi Gabbard, who is a Dem Libtard politician from Polynesia, or somewhere. Also, what an honor to be in the town where the North Tulsa Uprising of 1921 was crushed, when the revolutionaries tried to take over the various car dealerships and computer shops in a lawless way, but were defeated.

    And now, let me lead you in a chant. It comes from the German language, a beautiful language, with lots of interesting expressions and phrases. In English it means MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, but in German you say SIEG HEIL! I like the German version because it’s shorter, also I saw a film by a woman named Leni Riefenstahl—I think she was from South America—where a big crowd of Germans were saying this over and over again.

    Anyhow, SIEG HEIL! And don’t forget, you signed a waiver, so if you get an imaginary virus like COVID-19, no lawsuits!

    1. I wonder if Trump’s campaign will be playing “Triumph of the Will” on the scoreboard before the speech?

  4. Louis, you are a fantastic writer! But one small quibble if I may: the phrase “libtards on the left” is repetitively redundant. If there is a similar nickname for the “tards” on the right, I’m not aware of it. (The right is much more skilled at name-calling than the left.)

    I don’t think that the knee on George Floyd’s neck was what Colin Kaepernick had in mind when he brought “taking a knee” to the NFL.

    Fears of a riot or Civil War II breaking out because of Trump’s visit to Tulsa are overblown. Tulsans are peaceable folks, 100 years later. Trouble would most likely come from some of them Outside Agitators, like the guy in the MAGA hat and open-mouth face mask. (Mouth breather?) That guy is too stupid to be from Tulsa, or even Oklahoma. I’m guessing he’s either from Mississippi, or he’s a Lindsay Graham supporter from South Carolina.

    Isn’t that a picture of Patrick shaking hands with Mr. Trump? Ewwww…. So Patrick would know best whether Trump’s hands are actually tiny and moist.

    All lives won’t matter unless and until black lives matter. That’s what is known as a “condition precedent.” You can look it up. Sadly, black lives still seem not to matter to too many cops.

    1. I hear stitt is announcing a giant sale on the 2 MILLION dollars of donaldoquine for all the cultists to take with their Clorox.
      State is broke but we can afford 2 million dollars of donaldoquine just so stitt can score some ass kissing points?
      And if almost 25% of the humans in this state want a ticket to see a con man huckster wave his midget hands and break the 20,000 lie mark then it’s time to move.

      1. KC, go for it. You’ll be much happier in CHAZ.

        1. Who is CHAZ?

          1. Not who. It’s a glance at what our future might look like if Trump were to lose this year.

            1. You’re too stupid for words.
              Do a little research on Trickle Down Economics and get back.
              Here’s a tip. It doesn’t trickle down to you.

          2. Chaz is the son of Cher, formally known as Chastity Bono. Why ViX is bringing him up here, who knows, she’s a Trump supporter, they never make sense.

            1. An ignorant leftist who is not up-to-date on current events, but knows some washed up celeb’s relatives by heart? Imagine that!

            2. I was wrong? Fair enough, but I’m not going to stormfront to find out what you’re talking about.

            3. Ignorance is bliss, indeed.

      2. Someone should be held accountable for wasting $2 million on a quack cure. But no one will be.

  5. Leave Garfield out of this, he was the original fat and orange grump!

  6. Hot take – The BOK center is basically the incomparable Myriad with a better facade.

  7. Scream LOUD at the orange fest. We want the hoax virus to get to your leader!

    1. All the cultists can’t wait to be seen at the Covid Coral.

  8. The Trump campaign has said over one million tickets requests for the event. The 2019 Tulsa metro area population hovers around one million. I’m sure there are well over one million trump supporters in the State but it sure looks like some “outside agitators” are planning to attend.
    I know that is not really what’s probably happening and I know one million people are not showing up in Tulsa, but are they really going to honor the one million request for a 20,000 seat hall? Are they giving 50, 000 tickets first come first admitted? What about the other 30,000 in the parking lot?
    I wonder if many of our freedom loving “patriots” (boogaloo boys or other fine people) will be patrolling the area exercising their second amendment rights protecting us poor Okies from “the Anti-Fa” or will they leave that to the Secret Service?

    1. It’s all about harvesting a million names and email addresses for fundraising.

      Go ahead, send you money to the (alleged) billionaire. He wants it more than you do.

    2. It’s a million names because they will bombard the fools with emails requesting money. That’s all this is. donald is raising money and will run off with it when he gets run over in November.
      The country is a mess right now but just like after little bush a Democrat will have to come in and straighten out the disaster that is the GOP.
      Here’s a tip for any goper idiot attending the Covid Coral in Tulsa: Wear a mask and get your ass kicked. I promise. In the GOP masks are for pussies and the largest pussy of them all, bone spur don the con will be the featured idiot for the evening.
      And by the way Antifa is an organization designed to fight FASCISM. Why would don the con and his cult be against fighting Fascism? Because the cult is too stupid to know what ANTIFA is, or what it stands for, and they’re too stupid to know what Fascism is.

  9. This rally really needs an opening act. Wonder if Pat Boone is available….or even alive? It couldn’t get any whiter than that. I wouldn’t worry to much about angry counter protesters. I understand Betty Shelby has been hired to provide security.

    1. Mike Pence is going to be there too. Whiteness Overload!

    2. He’s got the blonde bimbo preacher there to ask all the cultists for their 1st months paycheck. The one that sleeps in the WH.

  10. Quick, somebody get some bronzer on Driller Man. Add a blond mullet out the back.

    And cover up that “Tesla” temporarily, maybe with some other T-something or “Mission Accomplished.”

  11. Can’t you just picture it.
    All the suckass politicians from Oklahoma on stage with the FAT ORANGE TRAITOR. You’ve got k bullstitt, jim “dementia man imhoff, jim “chester the molestor” lankford, mark “cte”mullin and whatever other morons they can find to fill the gaps. The bodily fluids from all the sucking and fucking going on it will be like a Gallagher concert…all those alt right traitors in the front row better have their poncho’s!

    1. NPR reporting this AM Lankford “not sure” if he will be wearing a mask at the event.

      1. He must not want his ass kicked by some 70 year old grandma.
        Masks are a GOPer incentive to swing or draw.

      2. Way to double down on infection, Lankieford!

  12. Everyone that enters will get samples of bleach and hydroxychloroquine ,especially since the fda revoked its emergency use of it

    1. Stitt will be passing out the donaldxychloroquine. He’s got 2,000,000$ of the shit packed in the basement at the Capitol.

  13. Trumpistas: What is the acceptable number of unnecessary deaths to stoke Putin’s Agent Orange’s ego?

  14. That’s a lot of Republicans in one building. I’m hoping for one great big group hug!!

  15. No GO BOK! It is a trap. There will absolutely be agent provocateurs, agents of chaos, and criminals infiltrating your peaceful protest so DO NOT GO to the BOK!!!

    I suggest everyone with any sense in Oklahoma to boycott the BOK and have smal, open-air counter-demonstrations with POSITIVE educational goals elsewhere like at The Gathering Place. Don’t get lumped into these people coming specifically to start trouble and put you and your loved ones, no matter how intensely you feel, unlawfully in jail, shot, or having a medical incident and having no care (due to the 100-degree heat.)

    Foreign trolls and domestic terrorists are pretending to be Americans and scientifically using demographic data to find mentally ill people and provoke them to violence. The media can’t tell you from them. They can’t tell you from anyone so when people start breaking the law or trying to incite violence, make sure they are eating each other alive, not YOU and your family.

    So you DO NOT have to put yourself at risk in this TRAP. It is a no-win situation for any person of color in Oklahoma. Just dump trump. Don’t go. Have a safe, open-air educational event with prayers, singing, and speakers to inspire anywhere but there. Langston is not far off. Myriad Gardens. The Gathering Place. Anywhere, but outside, fresh air, and PPE masking as you need and most visually showing you are NOT apart of any potential violence or looting and those that are – are not really protestors at all.

  16. NFW I’d go anywhere near Tulsa this weekend, no matter how much ANTIFA is paying.

    I do have a feeling Trump will have Mike Gundy on stage with him at some time. It’ll be OAN love fest! Orange for everyone!

  17. Maybe don the con can teach the 20K how easy it is to steal money from our Military Veterans?
    He’s been caught twice, convicted once with the 2nd conviction and prison coming after he’s kicked out of office. Trump University? don the Con was convicted on that scam.
    The cult thinks donald wants to be President to help them? don the con wants to be President because he’s going to prison the minute he’s not President and he can’t steal nearly as much if he’s not President.
    Neither can his inbred kids.

  18. Since I lived in the OKC area for about 30 years and now I’ve lived the past 20 years in Texas, I feel like I have a special attachment to both places. Given the current Covid-19 crisis, I thought I’d do a bit of rearranging of the Texas state song’s title which was previously “Texas, our Texas.” Kinda lame right? Today it should be “Covid, our Covid” in light of the Texas-sized number of such cases. But Oklahoma has a special tune that also needs some rearranging so to speak. We all know the tune to the musical which became the state song. So here goes…

    Oklacovid! Where the plague comes sweeping down the plain. Where the lack of masks are thought of last, as the gov’nor pleads to do the same. Oklacovid! Every night Trump tweets all the freaking time. And he wants lawsuits, to go away, as he kills dupes who’ll vote his way!

    We know he belongs to a gang, and the gang he belongs to is bad! And when we say
    Yeow! A-YIP-I-O-EE-AY
    Were only say-in “you’re doing fine Oklacovid,
    Oklacovid, O-K-L-A-C-O-V-ID, OK!

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