What we’d see if Netflix’s “Queer Eye” took place in Oklahoma

The older I get, the more I  am starting to enjoy TV shows that make me happy cry. And none has made me tear up more than Netflix’s Queer Eye! The series follows the Fab 5, a team of folk who travel around the country to swoop into the lives of average people and teach them how to cook for, care for, and, most of all, love themselves. While binging the latest season this weekend (and bawling my goddang eyes out), I began to wonder if the Fab 5 would ever think about making a pit stop in our state. Here’s what would happen if Queer Eye season 6 took place in Oklahoma!


Karamo Brown: Culture and Lifestyle

As the Culture and Lifestyle expert on Queer Eye, former social worker Karamo Brown works to bridge communication gaps between family members and help participants realize that self-care and personal development are vital for a whole, happy life. In Queer Eye: OK edition, Karamo will help average Oklahomans realize that talking about your feelings doesn’t make you weak and being a Trump supporter is not a personality trait.

Jonathan Van Ness: Grooming

Jonathan Van Ness is a hair and skin care expert who carefully curates cuts and curls to spruce up even the drabbest of do’s. Jonathan will be happy to instruct Queer Eye: OK edition participants on proper skin care for recovering from a lake day and how to maintain your mullet without putting a new hole in the ozone layer.

Tan France: Fashion

Tan France is a fashion extraordinaire who has a knack for updating participants’ wardrobe to be more fashionable without sacrificing the essence of their personal style. Tan will take his guests shopping at Bass Pro shop to teach them the merits of pairing durable flannel with non-cargo shorts for casual wear and how to French-tuck FRs so they can be stylin’ on or off the clock.


Antoni Porowski: Food

Antoni Porowski may be a food and wine specialist who takes pride in teaching participants how easy and joyful it can be to cook. But half way through the season he is going to meet some participant’s grandma who will end up schooling him on how to properly clean and fry a chicken.


Bobby Berk: Design

Bobby Berk is an expert on home design and interior decorating. He will spend half of the show arguing with some bubba about how it’s impossible for the decor to revolve around the dusty, grimy “University of Oklahoma 2000 National Champions” novelty plaque proudly displayed above the mantel in his living room

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8 Responses

  1. The Oklahoma bashing never gets old…

    BTW…I don’t have a single problem with folks that are gay…I just seem to feel better when they aren’t around.

    1. That sounds like a problem…..

    2. That is a problem……

      Do you feel the same way about Black people too?

      1. It is a problem that I feel better when not hanging around homosexuals?

        I feel better when I am not being pulled over by a policeman…

        I feel better when I am getting along with my wife, in lieu of an argument of some sort…

        I feel better after I get a haircut…

        Being around flamboyant males that like to have sex with each other is foreign to me…I can not relate to it nor do I care to relate to it.

        it is OK that I feel better, isn’t it?

        1. That depends entirely on what it is that makes you feel better.

        2. This isn’t the site for tolerance, acceptance or respectful discussion of differing opinions.
          Obvious by the replies you’ve already received.

          1. Are you uncomfortable around gay people too?

  2. Why them smarty-pants lifestyle gurus can have my Okie lifestyle when they pry my cold, greasy, unwashed dead hands from my half-eaten chicken fried steak still stuck in my semi-toothless mouth!

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