Report: State Rep. Kevin McDugle Still a Moron

After Trump made his announcement that he would be holding a MAGA rally in Tulsa, the following “advertisement” calling for “MINORITY actors” to “hold signs at event in Tulsa” briefly appeared on Craigslist.

It was eventually deleted, but not before making the rounds on social media, and getting its own Snopes entry:

I have a pretty solid BS meter, and I’d guesstimate there’s a 95% chance the ad was a hoax or prank created by some angry copy, a Trump campaign staffer, or just some other mischievous white nationalist looking to either sow doubt, or reinforce the beliefs, of easy-to-dupe tools that Black Lives Matter is a legitimate movement. The dead giveaway is the “this may be applied towards community service if necessary,” implying that the MINORITY actors have probably been convicted of a committed a crime, and therefore need to perform community service. Hardee-har.

Despite the fact that the ad defies common sense and is probably a hoax and / or plant created by people who likely have bad intentions, some rubes who drink the red MAGA Kool-Aid bought it hook, line and sinker.

Naturally, one of those rubes is notorious Oklahoma State Rep. Kevin McDugle. He went to social media and used the fake Craigslist ad as an excuse to, I think, imply that Black Live Matter isn’t an authentic protest movement driven by masses who are sick of systemic racism and police brutality against blacks and other people of color.

Here’s his tweet:

Yep, *Remember that perception is reality!* Also, remember that reality is reality, and that Kevin McDugle is a former marine who posts videos like this on YouTube:

Also, remember that Kevin McDugle once introduced legislation that would make it harder to sue Oklahoma cops for using “excessive force.”

A bill filed last week would seem to make it harder to sue law enforcement officers for using excessive force, making “excessive force” a term not subject to the policies of an individual agency.

House Bill 2328, authored by Rep. Kevin McDugle, R-Broken Arrow, and Josh West, R-Grove, would amend Oklahoma’s current statute defining excessive force and removes a portion that holds peace officers subject to state law “to the same degree as any other citizen.”

Also, remember that McDugle once scolded teachers for having the audacity to fight for better pay and teaching conditions in Oklahoma:

Considering McDougle thinks people only protest when they’re “paid to show and do so,” it’s no wonder he didn’t like those wealthy teachers fighting for even more money!

While we’re at it, I guess you should remember that Kevin McDugle was accused by his ex-wife of anger management issues and adultery, and was technically married to two women at once. Also, remember that McDugle, along with some of his buddies in the House, were accused of sexual harassment by a female House colleague.

Rep. Chris Kannady and Rep. Kevin McDugle are the two lawmakers at the heart of the allegations. Gerhart told News 4 that the victim is still not ready to come forward but he shared recordings of the phone conversations he had with the female legislator.

“Kevin McDugle whipped out his phone, started showing me some porn videos. Kannady inappropriately touched my leg under the table,” the alleged victim is heard saying.

Anyway, I guess my point is this: Although perception can become reality, the truth is that reality is reality, and Kevin McDugle is a shitty, irresponsible person who A) uses conspiratorial, obviously fake shit to make a stupid point and B) shouldn’t be an Oklahoma state representative.

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33 Responses

  1. Perception is reality? Really? What a doofus!

    1. What if you perceived he was an idiot?

  2. You can spread a lot of nonsense by telling people lies that they wish were true.

    A Trumpish friend sent me a much-forwarded email alleging that George Soros was paying folks $25 per hour to be bused from town to town to appear in BLM protests. Source: friend of a friend of a friend of…

    It’s telling that so many right-wingers and racists can’t conceive of anyone caring about anything unless there’s money involved.

    1. $25 an hour? I’d stand in a crowd, wear a mask, and hold a sign for a few hour for hat. I’ve worked jobs that have paid less than that.

  3. Guess he was too big a coward to be deployed so he went to DS school so he could mistreat recruits instead of getting his coward ass shot at overseas!! Typical big mouthed VAG rerpubtard!!

  4. To quote Kevin McDugle,

    “So who is behind the unrest? Follow the money”

    If his followers/supporters would actually “follow the money” and looked into him, they probably wouldn’t have voted for him. Sadly he will go far in Oklahoma politics, probably assisted in writing the “Oklahoma Standard.”

    It’s almost as if the “Oklahoma Standard” is a pyramid scheme, like Mary Kay, or the countless others that Edmond mom’s advertise on the back of their new SVU. As long as you get in first, things are pretty good, not so much for the non early innovators.

  5. “I have a pretty solid BS meter, and I’d guesstimate there’s a 95% chance the ad was a hoax or prank created by some angry copy, a Trump campaign staffer, or just some other mischievous white nationalist looking to either sow doubt, or reinforce the beliefs, of easy-to-dupe tools that Black Lives Matter is a legitimate movement.”

    Are you calling the blm protesters “easy-to-dupe” tools? Who’s an angry copy, btw?

    P.s. What was your “solid” bs meter reading on Russian collusion? Sure hope you got it recalibrated since.

    1. Can you show me what where I’ve provided or published any commentary on “Russian collusion?” I’d honestly love to re-read it if I did!

      1. I was asking a question, knowing the potential answer. What are those things called again?

        1. A stoopid comment?

          1. Ehhhnnnt that would be a wrong answer. Any other takers?
            Hobo, where can I send your participation trophy to?

    2. I hate to keep feeding the troll, but the “easy to dupe” tools are folks who are obsessed with “antifa” and “chaz.” Those who believe that protestors won’t protest unless you pay them. Those who believe that protesting is always about the money, and never about righting something that’s wrong.

      THOSE easy-to-dupe tools.

    3. Probably don’t want to climb up on too many boxes shouting no collusion there Tex.
      Once again, just because lumpy hannity tells you something doesn’t make it true. lumpy is just telling you his opinion. It’s his opinion. Opinion does not = fact. It’s why statistically you know less than a 6th grader just using common sense when it comes to political reality and fact. Look it up.
      Just like con the don and stitt screaming about a million people fighting for tickets. Total 100% lie.
      Remember vix when you see the OAN pictures tomorrow with a stacked BOK Center that doesn’t mean it was a sellout so don’t come screaming in here Tulsa just couldn’t hold anymore people to
      witness a professional habitual liar.

  6. We need fewer former service members in our local and national government. It is pretty easy to see examples like McDugle and Kannady are more about serving themselves than their constituents.

    On another note, wouldn’t a white, average body weight person under 50 be considered a Republican minority?

    1. I disagree. Serving your country is an admirable act. However what Kanaday and McDugle are doing isn’t Pimping the uniform of the United States Marine Corp to advance a bigoted agenda and a mediocre political career is a shameful, respectful act towards all the millions of American men and women who have selflessly served our country.

      1. Excuse me, DISreptful act.

  7. I’ve written a lot on Reddit about this craigslist post which only a moron would EVER consider real. Headshots? IS that to make sure people look cultural enough? If anyone with sense wanted actors you go-to contractors and cover your tracks.

    So someone just posted this on our community FB there is a “nationwide Luciferian march on June 21” to summon Satan. I’ll probably get banned because I reported it as fake news and commented on the sudden arrival of a series of ugly – keylogging cookies as soon as I checked it out.

    Apparently Satanists are summoning Satan and we all need to get together in large crowds to pry him away. And that is the word from the alt-right. Google – /nationwide-luciferian-march-rollout-on-june-21-during-solar-eclipse-ring-of-fire because I’m not going to post the link.

    THIS is what people are reading is it is both horrifying in how fake the 3corps site is, but also how it suddenly starts the process of stealing your online info as soon as it loads.

    And Paypal is one of their prime advertisers so I’m about to go give them a heads-up.

  8. ViX, you’re such a tool. You come on a local satirical blog to comment on the typos and throw out your anger projections, without commenting on the article. Maybe you and Mcdugle can go start your own little right-wing-nut job blog. Are you some kind of paid commentor?Just reading your comments let’s me know all I need to know about your views. But I am glad that you add to the traffic of this blog and I look forward to reading more of your diarhea.

    1. First, I’ll need to know who to address. Is this Joe or Angie typing? Or is this the best the two of you could come up with?

      1. What difference would it make? Perhaps it would change the nature of your intended personal attack.

        1. Why do you always feel the need to interject yourself in every one of my interactions with somebody else? Joe was a good sport about it and actually had a good comeback. Maybe he can teach you a thing or two on those. I believe you can still defy that old saying about teaching an old dog new tricks. You can do it!

          1. Vix, are you actually Terry Neese?

            1. Kayleigh McEnany

      2. *whom

        1. What is your contact info so I can run my masterpieces by you next time? Perhaps Patrick could benefit from this service as well.

      3. For vix it could be a 6th grader that simply watched some actual news.
        It’s not even a challenge to make the vix look stupid. Anyone who worships lumpy hannity as a source of information would believe anything donald says.

  9. It’s jo mama an jo….. never mind, but you did make me laugh. And for that I thank you!

  10. Ah, but how well does he represent his constituents?

    1. That’s really the bottom line, isn’t it?


  11. He’ll probably get a shout out by Trump on Saturday, along with a lifetime supply of hydroxychloroquine and bleach enemas

    1. Governor Stitt has $2 million worth of recently-purchased hydroxychloroquine that he probably would like to get rid of. That’s many lifetimes’ supply, especially if the stuff helps to kill people without malaria.

  12. It’s amazing how people are too stupid to realize that anyone can create a craigslist ad that says anything.

  13. It could have been an ad from trmp’s campaign to get p.o.c. to dress his stage, except for the community service bit, which means it is probably pure racist b.s.

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