Stitt seems to think Oklahomans can choose whether or not they get COVID-19…

Ya know, if you don’t take reproductive rights into consideration, we actually have a lot of freedoms in Oklahoma. We have the freedom to carry semi-automatic weapons in many public places. We have the freedom to secure a medical marijuana card. And we have the freedom to order a side of gravy at approximately 83% of our fast food chains. But what’s even more amazing is that according to our esteemed governor, we apparently even have the freedom to not get COVID-19!


Gov. Kevin Stitt said people are free to stay home and not attend President Donald Trump’s rally this weekend in Tulsa if they still have concerns about the health risks of attending a large, public gathering.

“We’re a free society, and you’re free to stay home,” Stitt said during a news conference Wednesday. “I want people to protect their family. If they don’t want to go to the rally, they shouldn’t.”

The governor continued by saying more than 1 million people have requested to attend Trump’s rally, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. Saturday at the BOK Center. Stitt called the number of people who want to attend the campaign event “unprecedented.”

“There’s a lot of folks that want to be there, that want to support the president but, of course, you need to make the best decision for your family,” he said.

By how many liberals I’ve seen online requesting tickets to “fill” the arena with empty seats (which ironically just seems to boost the numbers because there doesn’t seem to be a cap on ticket requests), I don’t think that there’s actually going to be a million attendees. But what’s worse than the potential of a million Trump supporters making the pilgrimage to Tulsa is that Stitt doesn’t seem to understand how you can still become infected with COVID-19 if you stay home Saturday.

By hosting such a large IN-DOOR event without mandating masks and social distancing, thousands are not only going to be at risk for infection, but also infecting others who may not have chosen to attend. Stitt likely knows that Trump seems to think wearing masks makes you look weak. But does he understand how weak Oklahoma will be if COVID-19 spikes again? So yeah, people can choose not to go to the rally. But whether it’s due to work or other essential service needs, few can choose to not go out in public for two weeks after it. But Stitt does not seem sympathetic towards that…

“We have COVID in Oklahoma, and we have to learn how we’re going to deal with that,” Stitt said. “So, that’s washing our hands, being very safe if you’re immune compromised, like I’ve said from the very beginning.”

Oklahoma GOP officials said earlier this week that health precautions will be in place for Trump’s rally. They said face masks will be handed out and temperatures will be checked at the doors.

State Republican Party officials, however, have not said if people will be required to wear those face masks.

“Oklahomans, we’re going to have to learn how to deal with this and learn how to readjust how we live, but we’re excited to host the president on Saturday,” Stitt said.

Whether it is through his current response to COVID or past support of lax gun laws and anti-vax attitude, sacrificing the freedom and safety of many for the perceived liberties of the individual seems to be the theme of the Stitt governorship. It’s wild that the warning that Oklahomans are, “going to have to learn how to deal with this and learn how to readjust how we live,” was uttered by a man who refuses to follow CDC recommendations to wear a mask. I guess it’s hard to kiss Trumps ass when your lips are hidden behind novelty fabric.

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38 Responses

  1. In Trump Culture, wearing a mask is often considered an uncool sign of weakness, even though masks protect other people much more than they protect the wearer. Strong Man Trump himself famously refuses to wear one. Like our Governor, he believes it’s a matter of “personal choice,” not of personal responsibility. (Responsibility? Seriously?)

    But masked or not, everyone packed inside the petri dish of the BOK Center on Saturday evening will be at elevated risk of being infected by the virus. Personal distancing will be impossible, and sweaty attendees, whether masked or unmasked, will be shouting and cheering enthusiastically, broadcasting blizzards of aerosolized potential virus missiles into the atmosphere. That’s the same atmosphere that the President, the Vice-President, the Governor, and numerous other notables will be breathing.

    God forbid that it should happen, but consider the possibility that both Trump and Pence might become infected and temporarily disabled as a result of breathing aerosolized virus at the Tulsa event, leaving #3 in charge…

    1. President Pelosi. That has a nice ring to it. Moscow Mitch’s eyes would pop out of his head.

      1. ^ What she said!!!


    2. What’s to say Trump and Pence don’t already have it and are lying to the public because “projecting strength” or whatever other concept. I mean, isn’t half the West Wing already infected?

  2. I hope and pray that we see no violence in connection with this rally, whether instigated by Boogaloo Bois, antifa, TPD, or anyone else. Tulsa’s mayor has put a 36-block area of Downtown Tulsa surrounding the site of the Trump rally under “curfew” from this afternoon through 6:00 AM Sunday.

    From a prudent abundance of caution, QuikTrip is temporarily closing and boarding up all of its stores within several miles of the rally. Many other local businesses are wisely doing the same. These are scary times. It’s going to be a long campaign season.

    1. Please stop spreading the notion that “antifa” is an actual, organized thing. It’s not.

      1. I did not capitalize “antifa” for a reason. Too subtle perhaps, but for a reason.

        You are right. There is little or no evidence that “antifa” actually exists. It certainly doesn’t exist as an organization. But it makes a great boogeyman for tRump and his cult.

        1. Antifa’s not a group. It’s an attitude. My father was antifa, especially when he was in Europe during 1944 and 1945.

          1. Mine, too.

          2. By that definition, all of us who are horrified by Trumpism are “antifa.” Fair enough.

    2. Damn ANTIFA. I can’t believe an organized group wants to stop fascism. No wonder don the con hates them so much.
      They sound far worse than the Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, anyone over 60, or pretty much anyone who’s not White.
      Be scared GOPers, be very scared. I hear ANTIFA hates fascists.

  3. The only thing that virus wants to do is infect and reproduce. Please reconsider if you’re planning to go on either side. Don’t be a host.

  4. No wonder his hero is the Orangeman. They both share the same IQ’s and lack of soul. BULLSTITT!!

  5. STITT: So, that’s washing our hands….

    Interesting choice of words. As in, “Washing my hands of any responsible action designed to combat the spread of this virus.”

    Well, you know: viruses like to float through the air and land on people. With 20,000 mouth breathers exhaling all at once, the results might be very interesting for the attendees and the Stable Genius, post-rally.

  6. Just say “NO!” to COVID-19!

  7. Bullstitt doesn’t understand that science doesn’t care what he or trumpers believe. Science will be science.

    1. I have a sad feeling that Stitt’s religious beliefs have a lot to do with his disdain for medical science.

      The thing about science is that you don’t need to believe in it for it to be true. – Paraphrasing Neil DeGrasse Tyson

      1. I believe you are correct about Stitt’s religious beliefs. I hear it over & over again from my religious family & friends. They have the blood of Jesus & that trumps science.

      2. Science is so inconvenient and inflexible.

  8. What an irony huh? Tens of thousands of whites in Tulsa are now willing to self-flagellate for the Tulsa Race Massacre and being led by their Orange Idol.

  9. Stitt: “There’s a lot of folks that want to be there, that want to support the president but, of course, you need to make the best decision for your family,”

    I’d like to be there to protest the traitor and his stupid holy-roller lapdog, but a. I don’t want to get sick; and b. I think I would be unintentionally amplifying those losers. I just find it amusing that Stitt is so presumptuous as to think EVERY Oklahoman supports Trump/Pence. Yeah, yeah, Trump won in 2016 by a wide margin and OK is a red state (whether we like it or not), but surely minds have changed in the last four years among voters who have taken off the party blinders and recognize Trump’s corruption for what it is (actual corruption and the crippling of normal small-d democratic norms that persisted under *other* GOP Presidents, even the last GOP POTUS we considered “worst ever,” Bush 43.

    But try and find a poll that even illustrates the nuances and opinions of Oklahoma voters that aren’t rural/small town, aren’t 65+, aren’t churchgoers, aren’t WHITE. IMHO this seems to be the sample usually taken by that Shepard guy, who I blocked ages ago on Twitter because from his personal account he was RTing a bunch of right-wing looneytunes BS). It’s like his polls are a form of gerrymandering that promotes GOP voters over Independent and Democratic voters. And because nobody ever hears anything other than the GOP point of view, voters who are newly registering seem to be registering GOP because it’s the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” thing.

    It just disgusts me.

    1. “Surely minds have changed in the last four years among voters who have taken off the party blinders and recognize Trump’s corruption for what it is.” Timekiller_S, June 19, 2020.

      Actually, enough minds changed two years ago, at least in the OKC metro area, to elect Kendra Horn to office. I think that enough people will still be digusted enough (if they are still alive and not dead from Covid) in November to keep Horn in office and narrow Dear Leaders victory in Oklahoma. I predict that Oklahoma and Tulsa Counties will go Blue in November, and I’ll be pleasantly suprised if Cleveland and Comanche counties go blue as well. Let’s see how well this comment ages.

      1. “Let’s see how well this comment ages.”

        On a scale of 1 being milk left out in Ok’s scorching heat for several days, and 10 being the finest Italian wine in the world, Allen Glover said this comment ranks in a bad place.

  10. Lock the doors to the bok for 14 days with all the forth reich followers inside! Maybe we’ll send in some clorox and lysol so the idiots can treat the virus like the FAT ORANGE TRAITOR does!!
    This is going to be a disaster for our state and bullstitt and his cronies don’t give a shit!

  11. I expect no less from anti-vax Stitt.

  12. Stitt has never, and will never take the virus seriously. He is only concerned about following his orders from his master. He is nothing but a pathetic puppet.

  13. Trump made a call to mayor Bynum, & now curfew is lifted. Trump says “enjoy yourselves”. There’s the ballgame.

    1. Apparently Trump has overruled the Secret Service’s recommendation for a curfew. Why? Does Trump WANT a shitshow? So he can yell for LAW AND ORDER to gin up his base?

      Shame on the mayor for cancelling the curfew. Trump won’t even be in town for most of that curfew time, and how the city is run is none of his fracking business.

      1. Those “hired guns” that are coming into the state probably tonight, will be armed to the teeth, now they can roam the streets just looking to start shit!
        Coward mayor munchkin is gonna need a whole lot more than the TPD and Nat Guard to fix this FAT ORANGE TRAITORS HATE PARADE!!
        Wonder what job in this admenstruation COWARDLY mayor munchkin was offered…don’t make a damn ,frump don’t pay his debts anyway!!

        1. “Admenstruation.” [Insert thumbs-up emoji].

        2. Scott Pruitt’s driver.

  14. Much like the self serving people he has heading up our state agencies.

  15. Chill. Darwin’s got this.

  16. The numbers: stitt says 1,000,000 want a chance to see con the don. Here’s another. Almost 1,200,000 people in Oklahoma are immune compromised with many having virtually no immune system whatsoever, ie. cancer patients and they’re just the start.
    So yes, stitt, you idiot, you’re going against the guidelines of our own Federal Government just so a habitual liar can stand in front of 19000 cultists and lie his grifting ass off for 4 hours then express mail those freaks back all over Oklahoma and the Midwest. Everyone knows these are no more than Grateful Dead concerts except deadheads have been replaced by hillbillies.
    Religion? stitt, don the con, or any of these people responsible for this disaster? There is no such thing.

  17. Watching don the con’s crowd tonight. This definitely looks like a crowd that’s heading for the exit at halftime.
    People looking around thinking, please don’t let the camera pan on me. Well stitt you’re short on that million people.
    Take out the children there isn’t 7000 people there.

  18. I betcha Trump gave Stitt a real ass chewing for not delivering a packed crowd. Stitt looks like a real tool. stooge, lackey, etc…. after telling Trump on Thursday Oklahoma couldn’t wait to see him.

    1. And as usual the people of the State of Oklahoma are left with the debris.

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