News 9 hosted a glitchy and hilarious GOP “5th District Forum”

Last night, a bemused Amanda Taylor and snoozy Kelly Ogle hosted an online Zoom-style forum on News 9 featuring all nine Trump-sniffers vying to earn the GOP nomination for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District.

From the candidates to their disturbing political views to the overall production of the forum, the whole thing was an amateur hour spectacular and unintentional comedy gold mine. Marred by technical gaffes, it seemed like Kelly and Amanda spent most of the forum simply trying to get people to mute and unmute their microphones…

The guy with the mic trouble is Charles “Tuffy” Pringle. Yeah, that’s right. Tuffy Pringle. When I first watched Ole’ Tuffy struggle with the microphone, I laughed hysterically but then felt kind of bad. The dude is 83 years old! At his age, he should be commended for even knowing how to turn on his computer!

But about 10 minutes later Kelly went back to Tuffy, and, well…

On a positive note, it looks like Tuffy finally learned how to unmute his microphone. On a negative note, it looks like Tuffy finally learned how to unmute his microphone. Could he keep that momentum through question 3…

Before we continue, I have a quick question. Is it responsible journalism for News 9 to host a forum like this and invite fringe candidates like Tuffy Pringle? On one hand, his views and candidacy should be treated as equally as the more qualified candidates that have party backing, an organized and funded campaign, and a legitimate chance to win. On the other, you’re giving some 83-year-old zealot a large platform to share his bizarre extremist views and conspiracy theories on prime time television to impressionable viewers just because he paid a filing fee.

While you ponder that, let’s get this  83-year-old hardcore conservative man’s views on race in America:

Wow. How’s that for some good old fashioned American racism? I guess the short answer to Amanda’s question is “No, Tuffy doesn’t understand why Black people and minorities are frustrated.”

Anyway, although Tuffy stole the show, there were eight other talking heads who participated in the forum. If you want to watch them all try to out-conservative each other and kiss Donald Trump’s ass, you can click here.

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19 Responses

  1. To quote my favorite political pundits:
    “What a maroon.”–Bugs Bunny
    “Stupid is as stupid does.”–Mama Gump

  2. Further proof that all of the tedious Ogle clan fell for the con from don. What a pathetic choice.

  3. Thanks for the laughs. You are awesome. I would have missed the whole thing if it wasn’t for your work. So great!

    1. Are you really a “mean, horrible person” because you laughed?

      I don’t think so. The alternative would be to weep over the state of our State.

  4. TUFFY PRINGLE: Now, y’all, looka heah! (Am I unmuted? Can ya’ll hear-ify my word ramifications?) Back in the old days, when potato chips was fake, and came in all kinda weird shapes, I invented my Pringles Brand chips, which revolutionized the snack world! For the first time, y’all could eat REAL potato chips that had a unified shape, straight outta a gol-durned CAN! Not that fake-ass shit! And back then, we had black people a-working for us. I remember one guy, whose name escapifies me right now, who was the janitor. Man, was he good with a mop! And another guy, he drove a truck for us! But anyhow, Pringles Brand potato-like snack substance: buy ’em wherever you see MAGA signs on the door! (Am I unmuted? Can you hear—-dammit, I just wasted all my breath!) BUT IF YOU-UNS CAN HEAR ME, VOTE TUFFY! EAT PRINGLES! AMEN TO JESUS!

  5. That guy Pringle doesn’t seem so far out of the Republican mainstream. We hear the same thoughts all the time from the President and his fans, although perhaps stated a little more articulately.

    And let’s not be making fun of Mr. Pringle’s age. He’s two years younger than Jim Inhofe, one of the GOP’s shining lights in the US Senate.

    What is weird thing on the wall behind Shelli Landon?

    I think I see Janet Barresi in the top right spot in that Hollywood Squares view at the top (Pringle in Paul Lynde’s spot). Could she get into the inevitable runoff?

    Trump’s “approval rating (is) below 50% among likely voters in the district” per the Oklahoman. The virus and its tanking of our economy are just getting started in Oklahoma, and we’re still only getting happy-talk about it from Washington and from Gov. Stitt. So those approval ratings aren’t likely to climb between now and November.

    So with a bunch of “Trump sniffers” 😀 running against Kendra Horn, I’d say Kendra’s chances of re-election are pretty good. Send Kendra some money – I did!

    1. That weird thing on the wall behind Ms Landon appears to be her artwork that depicts Jesus Christ crucified on the American flag … or something. I dunno. That woman is incredibly scary.

  6. In the first video of the Tuffster, hearing his frustrated “dagnabbit!” over the $100 range practice tax credit plan brought proud teasers to my eyes!

    It’s time we elect an old white man who touts change through fear and uses such cute sayings. At least he isn’t dropping Trump’s name just to get the zealot vote. This old codger means it!

    Wonder if he’s single.

  7. Looks like the Brady Bunch after a couple generations of incest. Sorta like GOPers in general.

    1. I only wish I could give you a hundred THUMBS UP for this comment.

      1. +100

  8. This needed Paul Lynde in the center square.

  9. I think we have to get past the idea that Mr. Pringle’s view are not those of the Republican Party. They believe in the same things he just says them in a manner that sounds crazier. Case in point, just before he spoke, Mr. Rahimi went on about the 2d Amendment and the perceived idea that people are trying to take that right away. (Also, see the recent city counsil meeting in Florida.) This is the same idea the Mr.Pringle talks about when he says there is a revolution, he’s just using coded messaging. If these views are not mainstream in the republic party, the first response would be to disown this type of thinking, beliefs, etc. The only time in recent memory this occurred was when John McCain ran against

  10. They’re all bloody freaks. Just freaks. And this is a freakshow even without Poor Old Tuffy and Ms Landon, the 1990s Time Warp Bedazzled Flag Lady. That lady’s not just a freak, she’s actually dangerous: Landon has got this really insane assertion that Bill Gates and whoever wants to inject everybody with some kind of sugar pill to prove they’ve had all their vaccinations … bloody batshit “Mark of the Beast” garbage. Landon is also offensively, deeply homophobic–as if we need another one of those in Congress. We can laugh our asses off at her amateurish, pathetic campaign ad, full of chyron fails (“Okahoma” for example) and whatever, but there are people who actually *believe* her (and all those other freaks, for that matter), and that should frighten people who actually want to move Oklahoma forward, people who believe in science, rationality, who want to address REAL issues–of which the conservative culture war BS is NOT a part and should never be.

    Yes even the ones who appear outwardly sane are freaks (Barresi, Neese, Bice) because they’re all about slobbering, nauseating fealty to Trump–a vote for any of them is a direct endorsement of Trump’s corruption and incompetence. But hey, if it keeps the working poor and disadvantaged Oklahomans, women, POC, LGBTQ+ underheel and ignored, that’s all that matters. Can’t let us think we’re even human or entitled to basic human respect or anything, right Janet? Terry? Steph? We’re “THOSE people,” said in a way that’s deeply condescending and snide, and I throw that right back at these conservative, “family values,” gun-stroking BS artists. “Conservative” is such a misnomer, because “THOSE people” don’t conserve ANYTHING but their power and privilege.

    Look, I live in OK-04 so I can’t vote in this race. But for the love of God, please re-elect Kendra Horn. No one is perfect, and she’s a moderate Democrat and that’s fine because she’s STILL to the left of these far-right, Trump-licking lunatics that make up the rest of the OK congressional delegation. Unlike them, Kendra seems to actually be doing the work her constituency needs. Wish we had that in OK-04, where Tom Cole — 100% conservative, pro-life (read: controlling women), pro-NRA, pro-Trump huckster–although he sometimes, in the blink of an eye, displays something resembling sanity and reason–hasn’t had a serious challenger for as long as I can remember.

    Sorry for the rant. I’m sick to death of THOSE people. Oklahoma is my state too, and they do such a great job of making me feel unwelcome [raises middle finger on both hands high in the air for all to see].

    1. I agree 1000% with all of your remarks but, may I summarize this for you? Let’s just say that their SWASTIKAS are showing!

  11. I agree with you 100% and can proudly state that during the time I resided in Tom’s district for 16 years I NEVER voted for him.

  12. Live in this district, and a registered R, voted for Kendra and will again.

    That said my initial plan was to vote for Tuffy just to put the weakest candidate. However the more I think about it there is the possibility he wold win just because of his R affiliation.

    Seriously, are any of these people anyone that should represent the state in Washington?

    Bice is probably the most moderate, which has caused I’m guessing Terry Neese to go into full attack mode to make sure she doesn’t advance to the runoff.

    Someone needs to tell Terry Neese she really needs to get those glasses back to Sally Jessie Raphiel, after she took them after she appeared on her talk show. It does appear she has removed the lenses from them so she isn’t bothered by the prescription lens.

  13. Shelli said she has a mask, and hangs it from her jacket when she’s in a large crowd of people.

    No comment, just thought that was interesting.

  14. Listening to these fools is almost like attending a lecture on evolutionary biology by Mike Pence. I moved from OKC to the Richmond area last year and although I do miss many things about Oklahoma, I do not miss their state leaders and the way they still believe in talking snakes.

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