State Sen. Paul Scott tried to weasel way out of 2019 speeding ticket…

Out of all the nutjob Oklahoma lawmakers who have given us material to write about over the past three or four years, nobody has done a better job than State Senator Paul Scott.

Whether he was playing juvenile pranks on newly-elected Senators, making fun of a constituent’s family members on Facebook, sharing hysterical sexual assault memes, targeting low-income pregnant women with draconian legislation, or simply complaining about our “stupid” articles that made fun of his stupid thoughts, he’s a Derplahoman content-well that keeps on giving.

As a result of his embarrassing behavior and antics, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that Sen. Scott is now facing a couple of primary challengers in the upcoming election. We also shouldn’t be surprised that multiple Ogle Moles have reached out to us this week, providing a 2019 Newcastle Police report that documents a traffic stop where Sen. Scott pulled a Ron Burgandy-inspired “Do You Know Who I Am?” to try to get out of a speeding ticket.

Check it out:

As I documented above, there are lots of reasons not to vote for or support a guy like Paul Scott, but can we really blame him for trying to use his power and privilege to get out of a speeding ticket? Outside of enriching your own business, I always thought getting special treatment from law enforcement was a perk of the job.

Although his attempt at “I’m kind of a big deal” didn’t work on the officer, Sen. Scott – a man of high character and values and a proud supporter of law enforcement – was obviously kind and courteous to the officer, and thanked him for his service to the city of Newcastle… right???

Wow. Can you believe a guy who allegedly supports the police would be a dick to the police when they’re simply doing their job? Since Paul Scott appears to be a massive hypocrite, the answer is, “Yes.”

Although Scott was issued a ticket, I can’t find it in OSCN like all his other speeding violations – it’s almost like it mysteriously disappeared – but you can view the full report here. Maybe Gene helped him get out of it, or perhaps the judge was impressed with his State Senator badge and dismissed it. If anyone knows what happened, send us an email.

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23 Responses

  1. I’m your Oklahoma senator, Douchy McDouchface

  2. It appears that Newcastle has their
    own city court where this would have been adjudicated, so you wouldn’t find the case on OSCN. Might want to have a mole check with the city.

  3. If the ticket was municipal instead of issued by OHP or the county sheriff it probably won’t be on OSCN.

  4. Citations issued by a city officer are not listed on OSCN unless it is filed as a state charge. A state charge, like a DUI would be on there along with the other charged offenses at the time.

  5. According to Ballotpedia, this jerk has two opponents in the June 30 Republican primary, and a Democratic opponent to run against in November if he (sadly) gets past the primary. Only his voting constituents can retire him before term limits force him into another State job, following so many of his former colleagues.

    Whether or not you live in Scott’s district, be sure to vote in this election. If your state senator or state rep is an entitled a-hole like this, vote them out!

    You can vote at your county election board office today, tomorrow, and Saturday. And of course you can vote at your precinct on Tuesday.

    Yes on 802!

  6. Wow this is big, big, big a bombshell for sure, check his garage for a noose.

    1. Bubba Smollett approves this message.

  7. What a rat bastard. Wonder how Gene’s gonna feel about the BFF name drop.

    1. This is straight up word for word what his opponent stated to two neighbors of ours and hand wrote on a card to vote for her. Also, “Attempt to be kind of a big deal” – He is the Senator over Newcastle. I am missing the part that the Ogle Moles indicate he was saying he was a big deal. That Ogle Mole looks very familiar as she is featured in the opponent check box.

      1. It isn’t slander if it’s true.

  8. Biden says 120 million Americans have died of Wuhan virus, nothing to see move on.

    1. Gaffes =/= graft

    2. Trump said the virus would be gone by summer… like magic. And that was no gaffe. He knew what he was saying.

      Nothing to see here here. Move on.

  9. This is how the “Oklahoma Standard” is supposed to work. You run for office so you get special perks, privilege and if you play your cards right a job the rest of your life after you are term limited out on a board, agency, or at a business you helped out while in office.

    I also think that when you run you don’t realize how screwed up the system is, but if you can shuffle things so it all doesn’t go down during your terms/watch all is good. I’m not sure if Kevin Stitt is a bumbling Jethro who can’t do anything right, or is just another political kingpen wannabe, or was duped like former OU President James Gallogly didn’t really know the full story when he took the job to right the ship.

    In the past few months Stitt has alienated the tribes of Oklahoma, and possibly entered into an agreement with some tribes with authority that he might not have. He had some magical plan to eliminate the need for the State Question on Medicare expansion which passed, and for some reason he vetoed the funding for what was supposed to be his pet program. Now a week before SQ 802 he is warning us that the state has been mismanaging the Medicare program for years and not verifying income for participants.

    Not sure if this is a signal to defeat the question because the state government is not capable of managing the program, but this is a very odd message. Meanwhile the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission can’t seem to process unemployment claims from March for people unemployed by the pandemic. Stitt had all sorts of confidence in his appointee who head the agency for a few months until she resigned on a Friday afternoon, and replaced also by Stitt with one of Mary Fallin’s PR person and copywriter. The last few days that office has been inundated by people lining up outside the building trying to get their unemployment. They have started only taking 150 at a time, and sending the rest home. Now people are camping out to get spots to talk to someone at the agency about getting paid for their claim. The new head of the agency is really concerned about all of this of course, but either can’t or won’t fix the problem.

    I’m not trying to single this one agency out, it is just one of the really, really bad problems in the broken government that is Oklahoma. Perhaps the citizens need to stage a protest at the capital, as it worked for the teachers, and too early if there will be police reform from the recent protests.

    There is a 1975 movie, “Network” where one of the anchors had a melt down and announced “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it any more” Perhaps it is time for the population at large to do this, and rather than going out in the streets, simply go to the polls and make the point there. The state is broken, still in the denial stage, but heading toward anger.

    Oklahoma is either hiring the most corrupt and self centered individuals as leaders, or the ones with absolutely no leadership skills, but know how to sell and market themselves. It also could be a combination of both of those groups, but the answer is they need to be replaced.

    The Republican candidates for US Congress District 5 pretty much show you just how far right they all are in the political spectrum. The funnier and even sadder part is there will be a runoff as there really is no consensus yet as to which wacko defines the party that is very much the majority in the state.

    I guess really good people don’t run for office, as those people don’t need immunity from speeding tickets, DUI arrests, as they don’t tend to need immunity from acts they don’t commit. If you offer “get out of jail free” cards to all elected officials then only those who need such protection are going to run for office.

    Imagine that!

    1. Well, the State Senator is a bloated, hypocritical boor. Of course he’s going to play the “Do you know who I am?” game to some small-town cop who’s not doing anything but what he’s paid to do.

      I’d like to think I’m a good person, but I also know my limits. If I had money and a wardrobe and my body wasn’t thisclose to breaking on me, I would be tempted to run for office if it meant there was one less egotistical, corrupt, moralistic scold in the Oklahoma State Legislature. Problem is, I know I don’t have a bloody prayer of winning such office–even from a district in Norman (painful reminder that our bright and shining HD 44 Rep, and House minority leader, Emily Virgin, is close to hitting her term limit. Who comes after her when she can’t run again?)

      I also fully know the state’s *establishment media* kinda helps things along with their own conservative biases–don’t get me started on KWTV-9.

    2. The only R I ever voted for is Bynum, Mayor of Tulsa, and it’s looking like I got rooked. Fool me once…

      Repub’s sole intention is to dismantle government, piece by piece, privatize, and profit. It’s right there in front of our faces everyday, and has been for years. This is a beautiful state with so much potential. It’s full of many dear people. It’s a crying shame the politics are burning it to the ground.

      1. “Repub’s sole intention is to dismantle government…”

        Meanwhile Democratic bastions are literally burning down and having some of its territories annexed by Anarcho-communists. Clown world, indeed.

      2. Just wait till our fearless leaders sell our state assets off to the highest bidder. Imagine that!

  10. Where is Sen. Scott’s loyal apologist to tell us what a find Christian fella he is as she did on many of those former occasions?

    1. Maybe it’s the “slander” person who commented above.

  11. KARL FROM “SLING BLADE”: Mmmmmmmm. Y’all know why I pulled ya over, mmmmm-hmmmm?

    PAUL SCOTT: Evening, officer! Would you like some French-fried taters? They’re DEEEEE-licious!

    KARL: Mmmmmm. I reckon you’s a-tryin’ to bribe me, ummmmmmm hmmm. No, thanky.

    SCOTT: Aw, c’mon, Karl. Don’t write me a citation for this! I represent this dist—-hey, what are you doin’ with that lawn mower blade, Karl?!

    KARL: Mmmmmmmm-hmmmm. I reckon you’s one-a them fellers who thinks he’s too big fur his britches, mmmm-hmmmm.

    SCOTT: Hey, Karl, put that blade down!!!!

    And so Officer Karl performed a much needed act of public service, and then helped himself to the French-fried taters, mmmmm-hmmm, and drove off into the night, ready to continue protecting and serving his community. The end. I reckon this has been a Quinn Martin Production, mmmmmm-hmmm.

  12. We’re thinning out folks ,150 million dead because of gun violence plus 120 million dead from Chinese virus. Dementia Joe says there’s only 50 million Americans left, farting cattle will soon take over, chill out dudes.

  13. If this guy hadn’t brought up who he thought he was, he might have gotten a warning. Police officers don’t like people throwing up who they are in an effort to get out of a ticket.

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