Twister is getting the Hollywood reboot treatment

Although this will probably get me uninvited to Emily Sutton’s annual Summertime Sunshine Jubilee, I have a confession to make – I hated the movie Twister.

When it was released in 1996, during the heart of that decade’s drab summer blockbuster disaster film boom, I thought it was an absurdly unrealistic, poorly written flick that reinforced the folksy, churchy, country lovin’ stereotype of the Oklahoma people that still exists today. But…I did think it was cool that it was filmed in Oklahoma, and that some girl I barely knew from high school got to play the role of Drive-In Girl.

Nearly 25 years later, my feelings about the movie have warmed a little bit. It’s not going to win any awards, but as the pic of Mike and Marla at the premiere attests, I do appreciate it as a relic of 1990s pop culture, and helping launch the craft of stormchasing into the jetstream. I’m also totally fine with this report from Deadline that the movie is getting a reboot:

Universal Pictures is looking to reboot the classic tentpole “Twister,” and looks to have found a director to weather the storm.

Sources tell Variety that Universal Pictures is developing a reboot of the 1996 blockbuster and is in negotiations with “Top Gun: Maverick” helmer Joseph Kosinski to direct.

Frank Marshall will produce the pic and the studio is currently meeting with writers to pen the script.

Plot details are vague on this latest version, but the original film starred Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, who play storm chasers and a couple on the brink of divorce. They team up to chase tornadoes in order to deliver their advance weather alert system that has to be placed in the path of the Twister.

So, they need help writing a movie script about people chasing tornadoes in Oklahoma? Hmmn. I wonder who they are going to find to do that? If only there was a handsome, talented writer out there with strong local roots who has spent over a decade providing original, popular, lawsuit-inspiring content about the Oklahoma weather culture and stormchasing scene. Seriously, does that person even exist? Maybe I should take another pilgrimage to Gary England’s home town of Seiling. That will provide the answer.

While the producers are looking for writers to produce a script that, say, could be about Emily Harding – daughter of Bill and Jo – partnering with a young buckaroo stormchaser from Japan named Hirsoshi to track down Gary England’s missing gold hailstones during a PDS weather event before they fall into the hands of an evil, muscular, spray-tanned weather troll who needs them to operate a mystical weather controlling flute, people like old OKC meteorologist Rick Mitchell – who made a cameo in the original Twister – are throwing their hats into the ring:

If you see Rick in the Twister reboot, remember – Rick Said It Would.

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to follow this news. If you’re with Universal and need to reach out to us for consulting, you can contact us here.


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22 Responses

  1. Jesus, Hollywood has really started scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Remakes are bullshit. Let me repeat that for the hearing impaired: REMAKES ARE BULLSHIT.

    Once a movie has been made, it doesn’t need to be re-made. Instead, new movies need to be made.

    Imitation, or repetition, is the sincerest form of mediocrity.

    Consider the case of TOP GUN 2, or whatever the fuck it’s called. We are to believe that there’s actually such a thing as a 60-YEAR-OLD FIGHTER PILOT (!), who has been on active duty more than 35 years (!), when it is mandatory to retire from the military after 30 years max, unless you are a general or admiral. Before the movie even starts it’s based on a bullshit premise that strains credulity. Not to mention that any fighter pilot who does the shit Tom Cruise did/does as Maverick would have his wings clipped immediately. What’s next, a scene in which Maverick puts his F-18 on autopilot after smuggling his girlfriend aboard, and makes love to her while pulling 9 Gs in the turns, until blood gushes out of their ears and they have to eject while still hooked together, like dogs who need to be sprayed off with the garden hose? (Actually I might pay to see that. But only a dollar, not $10)

    Don’t get me started on remakes, especially turds that should never have been made in the first place.

    I have spoken.

    1. The original “Top Gun” testosterone fest was stupid. A sequel 35 years later with aging actors is beyond stupid.

      Tom Cruise refuses to age gracefully, but he can keep this up as long as it’s his money financing his pictures.

      1. He needs to make more dough so he can give it to Scientology.

  2. I think it’s worth mentioning that Mike Morgan started out as second or third banana under Wayne “Shack-Up” Shattuck at KOCO Channel 5 weather before moving on to stardom with what’s now known as ( Um, We’re Looking Out 4 You) KFOR Channel 4.
    Rick Mitchell please come home, all is forgiven!

  3. If you’re an actor or a screenwriter in today’s huge offering of low-budget films and tv series
    and you’re out of work,
    you’ve got to be pretty lousy at what you do.

  4. It’s one thing to try to remake a good movie, but the remake can still be terrible. Ever see the remake of “Psycho”? It’s almost word for word to the Hitchcock classic and it still sucks.

    The original “Twister” was awful. Maybe 25 years of advancement in special effects could improve it, but someone would still need to come up with a new plot, one better this time than the average Godzilla movie, for the remake to work.

    Forget actors and writers. I’d rather see two hours of actual tornado video than a “Twister” remake. With video cameras in everyone’s pocket today, there’s some great footage out there.

  5. Do the remake of the original Twister, but do everything exactly the opposite of what the original script called for. Then you might have somethin’.

  6. “We have cow!”….please, please no more. It’s almost so bad it’s good…except it’s just really terrible. I guess there’s some good actors in it, but I’ll bet they’re a tad bit embarrassed. They should just name it “Dumpster Fire- part 2”.

  7. Wha if you remake a movie that was really, really bad, say like “Thunderstruck”

    Would it actually be better? Or it could be worse, as many thought Oklahoma couldn’t get a worse Governor than Mary Fallin, and it is looking like it is best never to tempt fate by saying things can’t get any worse, as usually it does.

  8. I have Cox Cable…and HBO and Cinemax …..and Showtime…..and The Movie Channel…..and Netflix…. and Amazon Prime …..and Disney Plus ……and Apple+
    ……and there are six different plots starring 30 odd different actors. I read most of the day.

  9. The remake will add sharks, sharks with lasers!

    “Steve, that’s already been done.”

    Me: “What? Why was I not informed.”

    Seriously, this idea; kill it with fire.

  10. I was 15 when Twister premiered. Even then I felt many of the cast members were reading from the script. They kept throwing around weather lingo in head scratching spots. Ex: Describing the glancing blow by the Drive-in Tornado as “Downdrafts & Microbursts” huh?! Instead of saying it was a “RFD or Rear Flank Downdraft”. The fact these chasers catch tornadoes on each and every chase was obsurd as well. Many storm chasers are lucky to see a EF1 during a single season. Pro Stormchaser Tim Marshall said it best “The tornado is not the goal. If the tornado were the goal, you wouldn’t see a tornado and you’d get bored”.
    I still love Twister for the soundscore and the red Dodge Ram. Basically the entire movie was Dodge Ram commercial.

  11. TLO deleting comments promoting diversity in film? Bigots!

    1. Steady, Janet. Back to your Laughing Gas.

      1. I wouldn’t call your scent a laughing matter.

  12. Geeze people – it’s a movie.

  13. Richer mixture necessary, Janet. Adjust control knobs accordingly.

  14. Why would you make a movie about a stupid parlor game?

    1. You mean, like “Battleship”?

  15. Please don’t do it.

  16. Replace Bill Paxton with Bill Pullman. Half of the core audience wouldn’t realize the difference.

  17. Why must Mike Morgan continually show pictures of his wife? I know he’s proud, but shesh, give us a break!!!

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