Oklahoma School Board Member Chugs Beer During Drab Board Meeting

Over the weekend, this video of Western Heights School Board Member Linda Farley chugging back a Corona during a school board meeting made the rounds on social media:

That’s funny. If I was insane enough to serve on a school board, you can bet I’d do the same damn thing. The only difference is that I, like the other people in the video above, would hide it better.

Back in earlier days of the Internet, Linda probably would have become an overnight Internet sensation, received shame, praise and tongue-in-cheek adulation by the blogosphere, and went on Tosh.0 for a Web Redemption where she’d grade a high school Spelling Bee while shotgunning beers and doing keg stands.

Now, in today’s puritanical age of outrage, people are calling for her job. As a result, Linda had to issue an apology and come up with a medical excuse:

To Whom It May Concern:

I first want to apologize to my fellow Board Members and the residents of the Western Heights School District. I made a mistake, and I am sorry if it has caused any embarrassment to our district. I was extremely sick at last night’s board meeting and continue to be sick today. I have been suffering from a severe kidney infection and have been bedbound the last few days. Even though I was in my own home during the meeting, I should have used better judgement. I was only present because we were not sure we had a quorum to conduct business. Nevertheless, I should not have drunk a beer during the meeting in order to flush out my kidneys. In hindsight, I should have remained in bed and skipped the meeting. Again, I am sorry and I can only ask for forgiveness and assure you it will not happen again.

Really? She claimed she was drinking a beer for her kidney infection? Uhm, isn’t that a bit like smoking a cigarette to clear mucus from your lungs? Just wait until high school kids hear about this. It will soar past “I was just keeping it for my friends” as the excuse to give when caught with booze.

“Son, we found beer and liquor in your closet! Explain this?!”

“I need it for my kidneys!”


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12 Responses

  1. When Oklahoma was populated almost entirely by Dry Baptists, this might have been worthy of a scandal. Today? Not so much. And who can blame her for enjoying a cold beer at home during a Zoom school board meeting?

    But her excuse is lame. What doctor would recommend an alcoholic beverage for a kidney infection?

    She’s on a school board, so she must be smart. Does she know where the webcam on her computer is? Cover it while you take a swig! Simple!

  2. “…today’s puritanical age of outrage…”

    Nailed it with this one. As usual, it’s in fashion to be offended, which takes away from actual wrongs.

    Back during the thick of the quarantine, I participated in a Zoom meeting, a purely social one. I dipped a beer throughout, which garnered a couple of comments from one of the more prude participants.

  3. I hope she’s not on the health curriculum committee. Some people should have to pass a breathalyzer test before turning on their computer. A White Russian pairs better with your typical Oklahoma School Board meeting, anyway.

    1. Or a Long Island Iced Tea. No one would be the wiser.

  4. This is, of course, the same district that tried to find a way to not provide pickup meals for kids until threatened by the State Department of Education.

  5. SSDD. Western Heights never ceases to amaze and entertain. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Not one leader in this district deserves a pass after the way they have treated students and teachers.

  6. The only thing I saw that was problematic was her choice of beer. Corona? Really? That’s the worst Mexican beer there is. Tecate, Dos Equis, Modelo, Bohemia, Pacifico, Victoria, etc., are ALL far superior! Geez, get a grip, lady!

  7. +10 for drinking on a zoom call
    +10 for being on a school board and as you noted that should give automatic drinking privileges.

    -100 for a lame-ass excuse.

  8. Western Heights?? Surprised it wasn’t a Keystone Light!

    1. Look at the other members of that board and their decision making thus far. We should probably be purchasing her a case for that “kidney infection flush”.

  9. She’s not wrong, in that beer is a diuretic, and can be useful in flushing the kidneys or small kidney stones. However, you can get the same benefit from cranberry juice.

    Or do what I did and poor that beer into orange juice. No one can tell if you’re drinking a brass monkey.

  10. “puritanical age of outrage” – Tearing down Washington statues, deleting episodes of the Golden Girls with mud masks, re-themeing Splash Mountain as the cource material is now deemed racist…

    These are not puritan issues being lauded here.

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