Monumental Monstrosity: The Oklahoma Land Run Monument

In my many years of writing for various publications across Oklahoma City, I have received almost every kind of death threat one possibly can. While they usually elicit laughter more than anything else, it can always get a bit hairy anytime I tempt fate and write about Indigenous issues; then again, intimidation into silence is […]

Life Church only received $5 – $10 million in taxpayer PPP funding

Earlier today, the federal government threw journalists, activists and propagandists a little bone and released the names of every entity that received an SBA Paycheck Protection Program “loan” in excess of $150,000. Like any hardworking person looking for social media likes and attention, I quickly scrolled through the list to see what interesting / outrageous […]

7 ways to NOT get COVID-19 at metro restaurants!

COVID-19 has put our restaurant industry in a pickle. Many local eating establishments are having to choose between keeping their doors open and keeping their staff safe from the pandemic, which is a really sucky situation to be in. Thankfully, we average Oklahomans have a lot of power when it comes to keeping the local […]

Peacocks Terrorize Newcastle Neighborhood

Over my long, lonely quarantine months, I’ve spent a lot of time birdwatching. There’s a bunch of trees surrounding my apartment balcony, and they attract all sorts of critters. It’s peaceful to sit outside with my cat and watch the assorted woodpeckers and cardinals and other ones that I don’t know the name of because […]