News 9 Airs Top Notch Law Enforcement Propaganda

As you, a consumer of Internet news and social media, are probably aware, there’s a growing movement in this country that’s reexamining the role and responsibilities of police and law enforcement in our society.

Last Thursday, KWTV News 9 – the Fox News of the Heartland – reminded us why.

On the nightly news, they aired a report about some testosterone-fueled DEA meth crackdown called “Operation Crystal Shield.” From the beginning to the end, it’s hard to tell if you’re watching a local news report, police propaganda or simply a DEA recruitment video. Considering the cozy relationship between cops and local TV news, I guess you could say it’s a mix of all three.

Just check out the first 30-seconds or so:

Wow. That was intense! The scary background music was a really nice touch. It felt like I was watching a real-life version of Narcos, apparently filmed in suburban Oklahoma City.

News 9 won’t allow other sites to embed their video, so you’ll need to grab a tub of popcorn and watch the whole thing over there. In between shots of our militarized police enforcing laws, they include a bunch of interview soundbites from government attorneys and DEA agents who exploit and profit from the War on Drugs.

For some reason, though, the five-minute news segment didn’t include one interview or soundbite from one expert outside the field of law enforcement. You know, someone who could maybe provide insight on whether an expensive, militarized police response to a drug crisis is the appropriate way to not only combat the issue, but use our government resources. Then again, doing something like that would have provided more depth to the piece, and not make it feel as much like the propaganda it was supposed to be.

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34 Responses

  1. I can tell you from experience, there is definitely a symbiotic relationship between the media and the police. People want to talk about how the media vilifies police officers, but they tend to have good working relationships the vast majority of the time.

    1. If I was a TV reporter operating under the motto “If it bleeds it leads,” I would surely want to cultivate police sources so I could be the first one “on the scene, on the story” standing in front of carnage and crime scene tape. Pieces like this return the favors to the cops.

      They took “Cops” off the air recently after a run of 30+ years. Bad boys bad boys, what else can you do with all that cool action footage? Local TV “news,” that’s what – AKA “Crime, weather, and what little is left of sports.”

      1. I mean, crime is always a source of hard news, even on slow days.

        Police use the media to spread awareness of things they see, to cast a larger net when searching for things, etc.

        It’s mutually beneficial for all parties, and generally it’s a really good relationship. No one likes having to report on cops doing wrong things.

        1. Mostly, the same old crime happens every day. A QT got held up. A drunk driver went off the road and into a building.

          Going wherever the police scanner calls you. Is that “hard” news, or lazy news?

          1. In journalism, hard news is time sensitive news that is considered to have some urgency, soft news is non-time sensitive news dealing more with human interest or entertainment stories. It has nothing to do with difficulty.

            For crime, what gets reported on depends on a few different factors, namely where it happens and how busy a day it is. There are some events that are always considered newsworthy, like a plane crash or a fatal car crash, and those will always warrant something, even if it’s just a blurb, but a lot of it just depends on circumstances. A small town local paper in Elk City where crimes don’t happen a lot are likely very interested in a held up quick trip, whereas in Oklahoma City a robbery really only becomes an issue if it’s a bank or if police are looking for a suspect and want the media’s help (hence why it’s a more symbiotic relationship). The other factor is just what else is going on that day. If it’s an election day, for example, then the threshold for other news goes way way up.

            As for what goes over a scanner, the vast majority of it tends to get ignored, even on a slow news day. Fires, stalled vehicles, welfare checks, traffic stops, etc. are the most common things. Cars going into buildings happens on occasion, but not nearly an every week thing, and that does tend to be of public interest because, well, people who work in those buildings are going to winder why there’s a Volvo where there used to be a front display.

            Most of the important crime reporting doesn’t come from just listening to a scanner. A scanner might tell you when something happened, and you tend to get initial details on a scene, but the rest of it comes from finding witnesses or going through records. Major crime stories, like the Jerome Ersland case, involve multiple reporters and several days worth of coverage.

          2. I’m not sure but it’s still better than 3 hours of watching a nothing thunderstorm in Boise City.

      2. If you listen to podcasts you should check out “Running From Cops”. It’s a behind the scenes look at how the show cops worked and the effects it had on the communities it filmed in. It’s really interesting.

  2. Like Jethro junior, Kelly Ogle has his nose so far up the Bone Spur Cadet’s ass he hasn’t seen daylight since Don the Con took office. All this Law & Order hype can be traced back to another GOP crook, Tricky Dickie. Hope Barr gets John Mitchell’s old cell.

    1. +100

  3. I like Storme Jones (mostly because I remember him from his student work at KGOU), but I quit KWTV-9 altogether after that BS with Jim Gardner and Kelly Ogle and their conspiracy garbage BS during that Sunday afternoon BLM march.

    People need to get it through their thick skulls that “antifa” is not a group. It’s an attitude. If you are anti-antifa, you are pro-fascist. All “antifa” is is a contraction of “anti-fascist.” Am I making myself fairly clear? It doesn’t help that OKC’s intrepid DA has chosen to charge a bunch of vandals with “terrorism.” Not only is this offensive pandering to the pro-Trump RW nutjob base, OKC-ians already know what *real terrorism* is–windows can be replaced, graffiti can be cleaned off. You cannot restore a human life. And I don’t need to remind anyone that our *real terrorists,* Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols, were from the far-right end of the spectrum — not the far left.

    Oklahomans need to get brains. And fast. I don’t want to be dragged down with the Trumpies and the RW culture warrior freaks (and they ARE freaks). I was born here too, this is my home, and god damn them if they are going to keep me from being welcome in my own home.

    1. yeah, you go show ’em, timekiller! you keyboard warrior, you!

      terrorism – the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

      antifa – “These violent counter-protesters are often part of “antifa” (short for “antifascist”), a loose collection of groups, networks and individuals who believe in active, aggressive opposition to far right-wing movements. ”

      1. VIX are you wanting the readers to be afraid of people who oppose fascism? I’m just assuming you do understand the definition of ANTI?
        In case the other part has you lost, Hitler was a Fascist. Some of us in this very room lost parents fighting what you must be in love with because lumpy hannity told you donald was a Fascist and being a Fascist like donald has to be cool.
        God help us all, “brownshirts” in this very room.

    2. You are right you can’t replace a life. Ask the dozen of kids killed in the wake of these demonstrations about replacing their lives. Thank god our DA is charging these people and calling out Seattle where multiple unarmed black kids have been shot by these peaceful anti fascist. What about the 15 shootings in 15 hours in NYC leaving a 1 year old dead? Or the toddler killed in Atlanta. You can be anti fascist and be anti-antifa for their violence.

      1. I don’t claim to speak for anyone who claims to be anti-fascist. I am anti-fascist. I do assert they are not a true organised group in the same way that, say, the KKK is, or al-Qaeda, or those kind of genuine terrorist organisations.

        None ot this changes the fact that the majority of “terrorism” happening in the US is happening because of far-right agitators. Left-wing violent agitators are still a minority.

        I have no more to say on this topic. You and I, and ViX and I, will have to agree to disagree. I am pretty far out on the left (although not quite a Democratic Socialist, although I don’t have too many issues with them), and I know that’s an anomaly in deep-red Oklahoma. But I also know I am not alone. And yes, I still think Prater has overdone it with charging these people with “terrorism.”

        1. Clarified: Not an organised group with an actual organisational structure, officers appointed or elected, dues paying, etc. … KKK (for example) does have a clear organisational structure, officers appointed or elected by various chapters or klaverns, etc.

      2. You can have a heartbeat, finger, and eyesight in at least one eye and shoot to kill. To think that the term Fascist is involved with the shootings that take place by the thousands every single year is totally absurd.

    3. Just lose the mask and you’ll be welcome anywhere in the State.

  4. Looks like the TV channel put together a well-tuned marketing piece for the police department.
    No shots were fired into the backs of fleeing methheads……so that was good.

  5. The Mexican flag in the piece was a nice touch, eh?

    1. they were talking about Mexican cartels, weren’t they? what flag did you expect them to show?

    2. You’re just trying to stir up shit. You seem to be part of the problem and never part of the solution.

  6. Cop wannabe and Channel 9 helicopter pilot Jim Gardener said there was antifa in the Floyd protests. Total lie. I called the station and ALL they would say was to look at his Facebook page which contained No correction or apology. DO NOT WATCH CHANNEL 9 EVER.

    1. Oddly, Channel 9’s sister station in Tulsa (Channel 6), seems to me to be the most sensible one in that market. Is 9 bad because of the Ogle Factor?

      Sinclair’s Channel 8 in Tulsa (“Standing up for what’s right,” whatever that means) sucks badly. Channel 2 “works for you” is much better than 8, but much worse than 6.


  7. Notice, too, that Kelly and Amanda are sitting within arm’s reach other because social distancing restricts their freedom to infect and would obviously show disloyalty to the Covidiot-in-Chief who is still calling the pandemic a hoax after the death of more than 135,000 Americans, which represents more than 20 percent of the deaths worldwide.

    1. Covidiots,, Derplahomans, Trumplodytes; they’re all the same.

    2. None of that matters. You’re now more free to drink mercury, and breath it too. If you don’t establish priorities nothing ever gets done.

  8. Yeah, but there’s Cassie Heiter. The most gorgeous weather girl to ever grace a TV weather map.
    Everyone can flame me now but I’m standing my ground on this one!

    1. After the “improvements”?

  9. Newly hired weekend weather girl on KOCO 5…..Sabrina Bates…… is plum purtyer’ n’ that Heiter gal and all the rest of em’ !!!

    1. Ah….No.

    2. -1

  10. Now Janet… know full well that flag was displayed on orders from grump…..who’d recently received an “around the world” grumprump kissin’ from none other than the Mexican Prez himself. “He was nice to me. He kissed my beautiful ass” !!

  11. Who says crimes doesn’t pay?

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