Steven Adams is owning the NBA bubble already

Allegedly, we’re going to get NBA basketball back. The league is restarting in Orlando, FL which is currently the COVID-19 hotspot of America. They are trying to have a ‘bubble’ at Disney World to finish out the season, but that’s no guarantee that players won’t get infected by staff, or from James Harden sneaking out to a strip club and catching it.

All of the players have been arriving over the last week and doing their media appearances. There’s already been a few shenanigans, but of course Steven Adams has been being his weird self and making waves on NBA Twitter. For starters, this is how he arrived:

Everyone else has designer brand luggage. Steven Adams has… takeout bags from Good Egg and a guitar case. I have no idea what is in his backpack, but it’s probably an Xbox and some hunting knives and survival gear. There’s one thing we can confirm he brought with him:

Yes, even though he is staying at an all-inclusive fancy resort at Disney World with meals catered every day, he brought a bag full of lasagna. I love that even as a kiwi that’s his comfort food. He goes into it a big in this clip, and also his minimal guitar skills:

Participating in this NBA bubble sounds hard. Yes, they’re all rich guys who play ball for a living, but being away from your family for months like this seems like it must be tough. Steven Adams seems like the kinda guy who’s built for the situation, though. When he’s not working out, it seems like all he does is woodshed with his guitar and play Fortnite, so he can rough it out.

In other Thunder news, the only story more unlikely to me than the league getting sidetracked by a virus, Andre Roberson is BACK!

I honestly did not expect him to return this season, so the extra time off gave Roberson enough of a window to heal up and come back. There’s no telling if he’s still got those elite defender chops like before, but it damn sure won’t hurt to have him on the squad.

It’s impossible to know how this experiment of the NBA relaunching is going to turn out, but I feel like the Thunder still have a shot to make a deep play-off run. They started the season off with everyone thinking they would tank, and are currently the 5 seed. It’s probably not gonna be the year they get their first title, but as long as this bubble experiment works, it’ll be exciting to see some more basketball this summer.