TLO Restaurant Review: Old School Bagel Café

This past Saturday, before heading to the Indigenous protest of the Land Run Monument in Bricktown, I decided to stop for breakfast at the recently renovated and newly reopened Old School Bagel Café, 10946 N. May Ave., mostly because they’re the best joint around town to get good bagels with plenty of lox and cream cheese on them.

You see, when I was a small child, my father was a cop in Houston, Texas. When he was off-duty, he’d sometimes act as security for a local synagogue that had been getting threats from random anti-Semitic types. They’d usually let my dad bring home leftover bagels with lox, cream cheese and so on; I would hope and pray he’d grab me a full one with onions, tomatoes and capers.

Since then, lox and cream cheese has been my preferred styling of choice and Old School, established sometime in the mid-aughts, always has them in stock, with each bagel having a perfectly chewy consistency that you’d normally have to go to New York to find; it might be that the restaurant uses the truly old-school method of curing bagels overnight and then boiling them  in hot water before baking.

It seems to be working.

That morning, right alongside a cup of top-notch Nicaraguan coffee, I was judiciously serenaded by the coveted Lox and Cream Cheese Bagel ($9.99). A plain bagel coated with a schmear of brined salmon, thick cream cheese, onions and tomatoes and those capers as a well-earned coda, it was well worth the wait; with flavorful lox and plenty of cream cheese, it’s still my one and only.

But I had also heard good things about their Breakfast Bagel ($4.69), so I went ahead and ordered one as well; it primarily consisted of piquant sausage, a typical egg and a whole stringy mess of cheese. In-between a delectable everything bagel, it was a great boost of breakfast energy that, if I lived closer, I’d probably pick one of these up every week.

At least that’s what I thought, until I had the muy caliente surprise of a Firecracker Bagel ($4.69). Served on a choice jalapeno bagel, there’s of course the useful-enough eggs and so much habanero jack cheese, as well as a fat slice of red-emblazoned chorizo sausage that’s enough to send anyone hungry right over the edge, man.

Looking at my watch, the protest was going to begin soon. I packed about three of my bagel halves into a paper sack and stuck them in the trunk of a car; after about six or so hours, they were still as edibly hot as they were that morning and twice as delicious. Cómpralo ya!


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12 Responses

  1. Mmm, trunk bagels.

    1. That can make you sick real quick…

  2. I’ll say OSBC has the closest to real bagels one can find in OK. They still are closer to a roll in the overall bread product spectrum, though. Only in San Francisco and Fayetteville, NC was it harder to find good bagels. If only OSBC would add bialys to their menu…

  3. A bagel with sausage and cheese????? OY!!!

    1. Had a coworker, Ellie, mostly observant. She would take leave time for Jewish holidays to stay with another family in a nearby city with a synagogue to stay on the track.

      Anyway, we’re having our usual 3-person cribbage match over lunch and she opens the take-out container revealing a cheeseburger! I mention that mixing dairy and meat is supposed to be a no-no.
      Ellie (with a big smile): “I like cheeseburgers.” And that was that. I still chuckle from the memory.

      1. I attended an event with an observant Jewish friend. There were pizza-like hors d’oeuvres there. He was hitting the sausage ones hard. I asked him “Do you know what’s on that?” He said “I don’t remember asking.”

        OK then…

        1. Not gonna find many cheeseburgers or sausage hors d’oeuvres in my folks deli.

  4. The Bricktown bagel is where it’s at!

  5. The first time I had bagel and lox was with a Jewish family on Long Island. I loved them from first bite and still have a supply.

  6. OSBC, The follow-up to New York Bagels (which they never should have sold) is the best bagel in OKC, if not Oklahoma. Closest thing to a real NYC bagel I’ve found in the state.

  7. I used to live in that neighborhood and stopped in there one a.m. on my way out of town. Got the breakfast bagel. Pretty tasty and a heckuva lot better than a McMuffin. As I recall, many years ago, that location was a movie theater.

    1. Quail Twin, saw a midnight or late night double feature of Rainbow Bridge and The Song Remains The Same (in quad, I think) way back. Too long ago to remember completely, great films, you could hear the music out on the sidewalk. Also saw Midway in Sensurround there, among many others, huge auditoriums and screens.

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