The OKC Right-Wing Counter-Protestor Red, White and Blues

I attended the protest against the demonic Land Run Monument in Bricktown this past Saturday. Silently walking onto the city property, I was immediately greeted by a semi-circle of thick men with big guns and bigger beards, all there for…America?

Sure, these locked and loaded Trump-worshippers startled me at first, but that abject fear was soon replaced by mocking laughter, as they began a rather contentious argument with each other regarding who posted about this patriotic gathering on Facebook, like a group of schoolgirls fighting over the insides of a MASH book.

As that argument loudly continued for all to see the internal cracks of those people, I skulked around the right-wing counter-protestors and their tent-less encampment. The smell of sweaty biker leathers was strong, as the Bikers for Trump grumbled their way out of the pounding sun, their unimpressed old ladies in tow.

Making nice with a few Oklahoma City police officers, the AR-15s and other sinful weapons were dangling off the soaked backs of many a chubby fella; camouflage shorts—not Army issue, mind you—stretched as far as the gut could see, bottles of tobacco spit were usually carried in the hand that wasn’t made into a rather weak fist.

Many of the mask-less counter-protestors were very proud of the cheap novelty t-shirts, having waited for a perfect rally to squeeze into them and show them off; from catchy phrases like “I’m Offended That You’re Offended!” to the timely “Coronavirus Free Hugs!” the latest fashionable threads from the Infowars merchandise store was in full effect.

And while there weren’t any notable acts of unbridled white rage, there were a few isolated titterings of supposed adults that craved attention, from a man in black walking through the crowd with an American flag stapled to a thick two by four to an incel-esque male yelling something perversely racist when Black Lives Matter’s Sheri Dickerson was on the microphone; she refused to back down, by the way.

The men and women in Make America Great Again shirts tried desperately to make America more irritatingly white as they Devil’s advocated for the wrong side of history; they needlessly got into small side-arguments with pro-Indigenous youth that hasn’t learned yet their energy is better spent on something else, somewhere else.

Nice try, but you’re not going to change their minds.

As for my mind, after standing in the godless sun for six or seven hours, I started to trudge out of the memorial area and down to the Bass Pro parking lot. That’s what this pleasantly plump gent in full Proud Boys regalia shouted “I’ve got a blog post for ya!” and made the white power hand-signage; his statuesque breasts bounced with each triumphant guffaw.

I’ve got those OKC right-wing counter-protestor red, white and blues again, mama.


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88 Responses

  1. So now the flag is considered bad an an “ok” sign racist… While a Marxist organization such as BLM is celebrated. Imagine that!

    1. I didn’t read anything in there about the flag being bad, just that somebody had it stapled to a two by four. I admit, the “ok” sign thing threw me too, so I googled it, and the Anti Defamation League has added it to a list of white power symbols, apparently at least some white nationalist groups are using it as a racist symbol.

    2. donald has the Socialism part of Marxism down to an art form VIX. Of course since you don’t know the difference between Socialism and Capitalism or how either works in this country you just come off once again as some jr. high agitator who plays on his Mother’s computer while she’s at work.
      You have the whining part down pat, learned well from donald and your fellow whiners but you have 0 clue about anything that concerns economics or politics.
      You are entertaining though, in a sad way.

      1. You’re staying true to your name by delivering Zero useful information.

        1. A useful number. 111 the party is over then!

        2. So, you want to debate GOP politics?
          Pick your point and start anytime on any point you choose.
          Debate donald if you choose. That way I can let my 5 year old make you look like an idiot.

    3. Which one are you and to who do we mail donations of bras to?

      1. I don’t accept stolen goods (your mom’s bras), Nemo.

    4. I would like you to explain what “Marxism” is

  2. It would be way cooler to challenge the counter protesters ideas instead of their appearance. Does civil discourse even exist anymore? I suppose this is and I should consider the source.

    1. Louis probably isn’t the best person to mock someone’s weight or wardrobe.

      Yes – it would be refreshing to hear civil discourse. It doesn’t exist anymore and the charade of “inclusion and acceptance” is over.

      I have a feeling this post is satirical though. The whole thing sounds like a middle schooler’s rant but in the second paragraph he compares the counter-protesters to school girls. He mentions lack of masks but you can see many pics online of the protesters also eschewing masks and social distancing in equal or greater numbers.

      phrases like “demonic”, “those people”, “devils”, “irritatingly white” certainly don’t help bring any unity to the world either. nobody is changing anyone else’s mind on these matters and the country is irrevocably fractured until some outside threat unites us.
      Actually it is more than likely too late.

      life is too short to hate.

      1. A satirical post on TLO? Imagine that!

      2. Now imagine a white person writing in similar manner about those looters…National news headlines secured.

      3. Not highlighting the attire of these counter-protesters would have been journalistic malpractice. Their not-safe-for-work clothing and accessories (along with their guns) was their primary means of sending their message. It certainly wasn’t their “civil discourse.”

        1. seems like no one comments on the
          attire your looter heroes wear..

      4. What is sad is that we do have an outside threat (pandemic virus) and yet even that has divided the country even more. Pretty much a hard reboot is going to have to happen that affects everyone within one person of their own personal social circle. That isn’t something I would want to happen or even condone. If even were that to happen, what happens next? Ten years later we’re back with the same infighting among ourselves. Humans are terrible and self destructive.

      5. You mean like a virus that was killing and causing permanent health problems in hundreds of thousands of Americans? Surely if that happened we would all band together and do whatever it took to get rid of that threat. Could you imagine if the President actively encouraged citizens to make the virus spread faster and actually went as far as calling the whole thing a hoax? Man, that’d be crazy. I’m glad that’s not us, and if it were, surely people wouldn’t still support that President who was so blatantly unfit to be in a leadership position. They definitely wouldn’t wear a shirt with his name on it like they were in a cult or something. Definitely not.

        1. Fact-check yourself before you wreck yourself:

          Let’s see how many dislikes this gets.

          1. Here, you can watch it come straight from his puckered butthole of a mouth. It’s clear where the editing is and it’s clear that he is talking about the continued spread of coronavirus being a democratic hoax. Were you the one giving the white power symbol or are you too much of a coward to take your ignorant views into public?

            1. “Could you imagine if the President actively encouraged citizens to make the virus spread faster and actually went as far as calling the whole thing a hoax?”

              Your words, verbatim.

              “White power symbol” lmao go home, dingleberry. Coward? You don’t want any more action than some internet back-and-forth, believe me.

            2. Vix, I’m sure you could take all of your aggression out on me due to your lack of affection from your parents or your son/daughter who no longer wants anything to do with you now that they are grown up. You clearly have a lot of anger and it’s also clear that you are a petty and miserable human. I’m sorry that the potential that the world could become a more equitable place is such a terrifying thought for you. You pissbaby.

            3. Did you go back home to rip on that bong? Wtf is this?

              “I’m sorry that the potential that the world could become a more equitable place is such a terrifying thought for you. You pissbaby.”

              Where was anyone talking about equity?

              Btw, you couldn’t be more wrong with your physiological profile of me. It’s def. not your calling. Just like trying to win an online argument.

            4. No way, are you gonna believe me or your lying eyes, ears, any sensory organ. Forget ot, you just can’t win with these people.

          2. Not that many people actually enjoy getting spanked in a public forum. Interesting.
            Oh and by the way, you’ve just a few minutes before your Mom gets home for lunch.

          3. Troll

          4. Like Trump telling Chris Wallace that Biden wants to defund the police? Or Trump’s 20,000 other lies?

            Except Trump did call the virus a hoax. My ears don’t lie.

      6. “Outside threat unites us.” Interesting comment. I sort of thought COVID was considered an “outside threat” but maybe I’m wrong.
        The real problem is idiotic assholes who have been hovered over their entire lives by their Mommies and Daddies and feel the planet rotates around them and if a mask doesn’t work with their baseball hat then screw the people they expose every single day. Ie. dipstitt.
        Hit the bars all you idiots and maybe we can get some herd thinning of idiots working.
        Just because lumpy hannity said you’d be a pussy if you wore a mask doesn’t make it so. It just makes you a self centered little bitch like your con man hero donald.

        1. Re: “physiological” meant to say “psychological”, but you’re probably wrong on the former one as well.

    2. You are convinced that civil discourse is possible with people who bring guns to a peaceful protest about a statue? Commenting on the appearance of these people is appropriate because they display their hateful, ignorant, bigoted insides proudly on their exterior. A group could be protesting for the removal of a statue of me and I wouldn’t give a shit. People care way too much about symbolism and not nearly enough about treating other people with respect. America is fundamentally broken and these dumb regressive rednecks are a primary reason for it.

      1. Open carry should be illegal and has no purpose other than intimidation. Someday, they’ll be a massacre. And the cops ignore them and spend their time beating “hippies” and protesters.

    3. You can challenge both, because, like their ideas, their appearance is trash.

    4. Pretty difficult to take the a patriot seriously when the Bubba in the photo second from the bottom with the red beard is wearing a shirt that he used as a napkin to wipe the grease from his hands.

    5. Appearance goes to background and mindset. They follow a typical pattern. Thus, it’s appropriate to keep bringing this out, even when those such as you cannot understand it.

      1. I know that you know that you are inadequate on a fundamental level. Your life hasn’t turned out how you wanted it to so you waste your worthless time playing a 5th grade bully online. You objectively suck and most people dislike you.

  3. JETHRO: Got yer gun, Cletus?

    CLETUS: Shore do, Jethro!

    JETHRO: Didja ‘member to bring extry magazines, JUST IN CASE?

    CLETUS: I got twelve 20-rounders, five 30-rounders, and a drum mag plumb fulled up with 75 rounds!

    JETHRO: Yeeeeeeee-HAW!

    CLETUS: Jethro, help me carry this shit! You know I got a bad back!

    JETHRO: Sheeeeeeeeeit……

    And so the godless hippies and the Nigras didn’t get a chance to E-liminate the white race this time, no sirree, on account of Jethro and Cletus was well-armed against their speech-ifyin’! And after the rally they lumbered on off to the Golden Coral where mask-wearin’ wasn’t allowed, and they loaded up on vittles!

    This has been a Quinn Martin Production, you betcha.

  4. When the hell did the “ok” sign become hate? Jesus people are f’n idiots.

    1. Context matters.

      1. Good thing the middle finger is pretty unambiguous so far. I salute thee.

        1. Let’s not feed the troll today.

    2. From what I understand it started as a troll, on 4chan or something. They were jokingly going to try to make the “ok” sign into a hate symbol, but it evidently got embraced by some so it can often be a hate symbol.

      I’d qualify that context matters. The guy photographed in this article obviously meant it as a hate symbol. A 70 year old lady flashing it on the other hand is probably saying “A-ok!” or something of the sort. Every use of the “ok” isn’t hate, but it can be used as one. I know I have a bad habit of using it as a response signal (working on a site, someone across the way gives me the thumbs up, I flash the OK back, etc).

      1. It was also used as a signal to white supremacists in Watchmen.

    3. When white supremacists started using the hand signal for white power…where have you been?? Did ya also here about Hawaiian boogaloo shirts? How about the rebel and natzi flags??

    4. Or you don’t read.

    5. First if you notice in the picture the person in not actually doing the “OK” sign, his hand is turned to make sure your vision is drawn to his 3 upheld fingers, not the “O” part. This is rumored to be white supremacist sign indicating 3 K’s or KKK. The other sign is to place three fingers showing outside of your pants pocket, belt, etc. It is alleged around 2017 members of such groups made an effort to use it more in context of an “ok” sign versus the very obvious 3 fingers to be somewhat less obvious. Should I be wrong, I apologize, as I’ve been in any of these groups and don’t intend to.

      Just the middle finger means something pretty clear to many in the USA in other parts of the world it does not carry the same message, so I guess it’s up to your interpretation and the users intent.

      I for one am glad these guys do this in public, makes it clear where they stand and helps determine the people I want to avoid, defend myself against, and not be surprised because they’ve been hiding in a basement or a barn somewhere.

      1. *I’ve NEVER been in any of these……….

        correction to my horrid typing skills

        1. Freudian slip?

          1. Touche–and for good measure here is my middle finger-can you guess my intentions? LOL

            1. Paging graychin to confirm the context.

    6. The swastika is a Hindu sign for good luck and prosperity. In fact, that’s what the name swastika means, from the sanskrit words for “good” and “there be.” It has existed for thousands of years before the birth of Christ. In the 1900’s, the symbol was co-opted, it’s meaning changed, and it will forever be associated with abject evil because of that. It is impossible to depict a swastika outside of very, very narrow situations and have it mean anything other than what it does now. It took about 20 years to completely change the meaning of symbol that had been around for thousands of years before.

      The point being that groups can hijack benign or even positive symbols and twist them for their own purpose, regardless of how benign their origins might be.

  5. Masks and teeth optional.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong guys, but that last guy throwing up the White Power symbol looks like Steve Lackmeyer from The Oklahoman if he dressed up like a fascist for Halloween.

  7. People who bring guns to display their opposing views at a peaceful rally are assholes. Ignorant assholes.

    Who are you going to convince of your righteousness with a gun? Mao may have said that power grows out of the barrel of a gun, but righteousness does not.

    “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” – Max Planck

    In addition to scientific truths, I believe that Planck’s Principle applies just as well to emerging moral truths – such as the evil of human slavery, the wrongness of the Confederate cause, and the wrongness of the outright genocide and theft of land from aboriginal Americans.

    Boomer Sooner?

    1. I keep hoping that the racist, xenophobic attitudes of my parents’ generation would die off as new generations started being made. After a few of those generations happening and being even more racist and hateful (and armed), have to say I believe Planck’s quote only applies to science.

    2. Are these guys assholes too?

      They were actually looking to start some shit.

      1. Nope, they’re just showing the Klan what’s up these days. You are aware Stone Mountain is the birthplace of the modern KKK, aren’t you? To show a terrorist they can no longer terrorize you is heroism.

        1. Inciting a violent confrontation is not heroic, it’s idiotic. If some shit went down there, we’d be in a full-blown race war, Nemo. Is that what you want?

    3. All good points except if it doesn’t pass the lumpy hannity test it doesn’t make one bit of difference.
      If it’s not ok with Fox News it’s not ok with the brownshirts.

  8. Symbolism: the use of symbols to convey an idea.
    The flag is a symbol of freedom. Unless you happened to be Native American or a slave. Then it represents everything that was taken from your peeps and genocide. The guns are symbolic of how that was done. But maybe the guy doing the ok sign meant it’s all ok. Or maybe he’s a white supremacist. I’m not that smart, but I think I get his drift.

    1. This is an exceptionally insightful post. The symbol that some of us worship may be a symbol that others find to be abhorrent.

      All flags are symbols and nothing more; symbols of liberty and justice, or of genocide and conquest; symbols of racism and oppression; symbols of out-of-control brutality or of “law and order.” It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

      God help anyone who perceives your favorite symbol differently than you do. We all have freedom of expression, but must be prepared to suffer the consequences of expressing unpopular thoughts – like loss of employment or even death threats.

      Today I saw a pickup truck with a flagpole mounted vertically in its bed flying a huge Dixie flag. Perhaps it is a symbol of the driver’s proud Southern heritage. Or maybe he’s a racist redneck. Who can say? I have my own guess.

      1. It’s not “your symbol”, it’s our country’s flag right now. Which version of it do you propose we should switch to so nobody has to be triggered by it, oh wise one? A large majority of people have no issues with it, btw. People don’t realize what kind of privileges they have here, where they can degrade national symbols, protest, sometimes violently, and post all kinds of shit online without much care in the world. Look no further than Russian and China to get an idea of how good we all have it here. Then turn around and tell me you know what true oppression feels like.

        1. Tell that to the whinny anti mask people that wail & pound their chests at the thought of wearing a mask to protect the people around them takes away their freedom. One would think they are in China or Russia.

  9. This whole event sounds like a bunch of people on both sides that need a hobby. Everyone bitchin about stuff that happened before any of us even existed.

    1. “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” – Faulkner

      1. “Graychins a dud.” – Jason

    2. Except it’s happening now and will continue to happen as long as there are half wits named Jason, who will bury their heads up their butts and ignore what’s going on around them, because then they don’t have do deal with it.

      1. Good one “Nate”

  10. The dialog of the comments to this post are prime examples of the divide in this country.

    1. It is irrevocably broken!

      1. Not irrevocably. I refuse to accept that.

  11. I have a friend who is with SPIRIT and participated in the demonstration. I also have an in-law who strutted about protecting giant pieces of cast metal. After the demonstration my friend went home and got a good night’s sleep. My in-law wandered around in the dark while it stormed protecting giant pieces of cast metal.

  12. Vix=Isn’t that an ointment one rubs on their chest to make something bad go away?

    1. Sorry, Petey. That’s not my area of expertise. Good luck with your chest issues, tho.

      1. Having a lack of expertise hasn’t prevented you from commenting elsewhere.

        1. I don’t need to be an expert to put you in your place. Give me more material to work with here, fish. Next!

          1. You spent all day showing your Ignorance, ViX. Maybe you should get a job, instead? Walmart is hiring.

            1. Email notification, then 5 seconds spent typing a message. Do the math, diddley bow.

    2. Let’s not feed the troll today.

  13. Since none of these gun toters seem to have any idea who organized the rally, I think it would be fun to create a 4Chan thread implying that the rallies are actually set up by the FBI/CIA/DHS in order to identify and photograph potential threats to the government. We can call it Operation FotoMat.

  14. See you can have a peaceful protest and counter-protest. Just hand everyone a gun.

    And oddly, no one gets shot because everyone knows everyone there is quite prepared to go there.

    LITERALLY, this is the only reason why guns work in Oklahoma.

    Only the really crazy people are ready to commit to the fact that if they have a 50/50 chance the other person will have one ready to go.

  15. I swear I thought that was Steve Lackmeyer. Steve, we don’t always agree but I’m glad you are still on our team.

  16. I hope EMSA was standing by with lots of insulin for that group.

    Fat, stupid, lonely and angry: the average Trumper.

  17. Keep trying to tell myself maybe these folks are a small minority, but I can’t discount the 3 homes in my own block that fly spot-lit trump flags. Wonder what it’s going to be like when people really start feeling the wallet pain after months of this virus spike ferris wheel.

  18. Sixth photo down: someone REALLY loves Krispy Kreme.

  19. Mansierre vs. The Bro

  20. White people is bad, straight white people are really, really bad. BAD that’s right they is bad. The USA is bad, bad. Arson is good, looting is good. Free thought and free speech bery, bery bad,

    1. I’m guessing you didn’t actually attend school at the University of Oklahoma.

    2. Must take a long time to build all these straw men all the time.

  21. These are the same guys I taught history to, had to wake them up first. You know Oklahoma wasn’t in the Confederacy, because Oklahoma wasn’t a state., blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I know, some Native nations fought for the South, but these guys don’t look too Native. And hey, guns are necessary, because of all the assaults the bearers of semi automatic weapons have to endure. Bill Hicks was right, we’re doomed.

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