Kanye West Qualifies for Oklahoma Presidential Ballot

In case you missed it, Kanye West has found his way onto the Oklahoma presidential ballot.

Even though we were the first state to say people can vote for him, and despite the fact he still can’t decide if he’s actually running or not, he held his first campaign rally yesterday in South Carolina:

From the Associated Press:

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Rapper Kanye West, in his first event since declaring himself a presidential candidate, ranted against historical figure Harriet Tubman on Sunday, saying the Underground Railroad conductor “never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people,” comments that drew shouts of opposition from some in the crowd.

West delivered a lengthy monologue, touching on topics from abortion and religion to international trade and licensing deals, before a crowd in North Charleston, South Carolina. Whether he is actually seeking the nation’s highest office remains a question.

This whole thing has me conflicted. I consider Yeezy the greatest music producer of our era. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” is my favorite album of the last decade. He’s a brilliant person who is often misunderstood, and he suffers from bi-polar disorder, which he has been open about. But, like in his speech this weekend he (like our current president) goes on diabolical rants, like disrespecting Harriet Tubman for some reason.

That being said, at least he has offered to make struggling mom’s millionaires.

On abortion, West said that while he believes it should be legal, financial incentives to help struggling mothers could be a way to discourage the practice.

“Everybody that has a baby gets a million dollars,” he said as an example.

Wearing a protective vest and with “2020” shaved into his head, the entertainer appeared on a livestream of the event. Several hundred people gathered in a venue, where gospel music played before West’s appearance.

Kanye is just as unstable as our current president, and similarly has no political background. America cannot continue to elect people to the biggest job in the world who have zero experience. We need someone who truly understands policy and has a clear vision, not someone who is good at mustering up media-generated controversy based on stupid statements. Kanye can’t even get his albums out by their release dates because he keeps reworking them, so I don’t trust him with reforming health care.

Ye has family roots in Oklahoma, which might help his chances here. And even though we’re watching the monster that is Donald Trump deteriorate and become more useless by the day, he’s still probably going to win in Oklahoma, because there’s enough MAGA shitheads out here to push him to the brink. Even if he would lose the popular vote, our conservative electoral college is still going to give that rat bastard the vote he needs.

So on election day, whether you mail your ballot in from quarantine or brave it out and go to your polling place wearing a mask, I won’t judge you if you check the box for Kanye West. After all, Joe Biden could never have written a banger like ‘Through the Wire.’

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29 Responses

  1. So…if he’s elected, I guess they’d have one more reason to refer to the West Wing.

  2. If the choice came down to Kanye or Trump….

    I don’t know. Would Kanye be any worse of a miserable, self-centered, ignorant, incurious, failing scofflaw? COULD he be?

    I’ll be voting for someone else. Neither of those two.

  3. Kanye West is the poster child for delusions of grandeur

  4. Consider this: First Lady Kim Kardashian West.

    1. I thought about that too. She’d want to redecorate the white house to look California mod. Do you think they know the president has to pay for his and his family’s food? She’s never paid for anything in her life.

    2. I don’t think Kim ever did soft porn? Far more class than the current bed warmer.

      1. She has a hard porn sex tape out there, though, so your argument doesn’t hold water.

  5. The only goofball with an ego as big as the unstable one.

  6. Kanye’s entire portfolio has gone to $#!+ ever since his Mother died.

    Every album that he has dropped from Yeezus onwards is completely @$$.

    His shoe line from Adidas looks like something that homeless hobos would wear, and idiotic Hypebeats will pay upwards of $350+ for them.

    Anyone that votes for this clown is just as mentally deranged as he is, and needs psychiatric help.

    1. Well then how about Kanye for VP? I’m seeing donald’s new lineup for 2020: Kanye for VP and Scott Pruitt will become the new Secy of State replacing whatever bobblehead is currently there.
      Now that’s reality tv excitement the voters need.
      Kanye’s first assignment will be to spend time in N. Korea with Lil Kim to get things back on track in the Far East as Jerod’s fix the “East” has become slightly bogged down in fiasco.
      Just another leg of Oklahoma’s economy destroyed by donald: The China grain trade.

      1. Or I could vote for Joe Biden and get the orange jackass out of the White House.

        It’s not like I voted for him the first time anyways. I voted for Hillary, even with all the bellyaching about fraudulent conspiracy theories about Pizzagate and the crying about Benghazi (nevermind that she testified for 14 hours about it and wasn’t found guilty of anything anyways).

  7. Where the hell is dennis rodman?? He might as well join this clusterfuck…he must have figured out that the stupidest in this country will vote for the man in the moon if they’re dumb enough to believe his ignorance!!

  8. Maybe he’d get trump to pardon Joe Exotic and he’d select him for his VP.

  9. He isn’t a real candidate so having his name on there will just throw votes away. They have 105 days to make sure it’s not printed !

    1. Your joking right? Half the workers in the state are still waiting for their 1st unemployment check.
      Come to find out there’s this new device called a computer. Rumor has it the State has ordered at least 3.

  10. In order to be president of the USA, a person must be 1) at least 35 years of age, and 2) be a natural born citizen.

    That’s it.

    No mention of education level, past criminal activity, mental stability, or whether a candidate could even obtain a CLASSIFIED security clearance, much less a SECRET or TOP SECRET clearance.

    Try to wrap your mind around that. Completely unqualified people like Trump or West, who would NEVER IN A BILLION YEARS be allowed to even GUARD a nuclear weapon as a lowly soldier in the military, much less COMMAND the goddamned military and possibly order nukes launched, can run for president. And in Trump’s case, actually become president.

    It’s over, folks. Game over. Any country that will allow such candidates, a country that does not say HELL, NO, you can’t run—you’re a fucking ignoramus!, a country that cannot demand that candidates possess even the minimum amount of intelligence, stability, and character required of an 18-year-old dumbass fresh out of high school who wants to join the military and work as a cook on the chow line—a country that allows such candidates to even RUN is FINISHED. What, you gotta be 35 and be a citizen from birth? That’s IT?!?!

    Let us not continue to bullshit ourselves. The entire election system in the US is irretrievably broken. Jerry Springer Show guests have invaded politics, and they have a lot of kin-folk and fans ready, willing, and able to yell YEEEEEEEEE-HAW! while simultaneously giving both the Nazi salute and the finger to this country when their boy wins the presidency.

    1. It isn’t our election system that is broken, although the Electoral College didn’t work right from the gitgo. Consider Jefferson v. Burr.

      There are other fixable flaws as well, like electing county sheriffs in low-turnout Republicans-only primaries. From that, you are likely to wind up with unprofessional and corrupt law enforcement “professionals” in office for life. For example: so many of Oklahoma’s county sheriffs.

      When clowns run for, and are elected, to high public office, it’s not our electoral system that is broken. It’s our voters who are broken. And I don’t know how that can be fixed. You can’t fix stupid.

      In the particular case of Kanye West, some people will vote for him because they don’t like Trump and can’t bring themselves to vote for a Democrat. Or because they don’t like Joe Biden (or Hillary – looking at you, Patrick) and can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump. Or maybe because they like Kanye’s records, or want to see a Kardashian in the White House who is famous… for nothing in particular.

      All those “Democrats” who voted for the likes of Ralph Nader or Jill Stein instead of the Democratic not-liberal-enough nominee, possibly leading to President GW Bush, or President Trump? Stupid. How do we fix stupid?

      Sorry for the extended rant. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

      1. Thanks for the thoughtful response.

        I guess my point was, I’d like to see a higher bar in place for people to become candidates. Can’t even qualify for a low-level security clearance? You can’t run. Never finished high school? You can’t run. Etc. (I know the voters are, in principle, supposed to weed out a lot of these losers by simply NOT VOTING FOR THEM, but we saw how that worked out in 2016. The turd floated to the top of the pool.)

        The Electoral College, the way campaigns are financed, gerrymandering, a two-party system instead of a five or six party system, men and women in their 80s (!!!!) serving in Congress, etc.—seems to me the system is broken and in need of a complete overhaul. Which, of course, it will never get. Leading to disaster, eventually.

        I have the feeling we may look back on Trump and think, by comparison to who comes after him, he wasn’t so bad…the same way we think G.W. Bush wasn’t so bad compared to Trump, or Reagan wasn’t so bad compared to G.W. Bush. We keep getting these horrible human beings as president and just when we think it can’t get any worse, it does.

    2. Or we have we reached the culmination of the Tea Party version of the GOPer Party? Only the dumbest among them hatched and made it back out to the water.

  11. I’ll go with President Obama. West is a jackass.

  12. All you need to know: Has campaign rally in South Carolina.

    “Kanye West Missed the Deadline to Appear on the South Carolina Ballot; Raises Concerns Amid a Series of Alarming Tweets”


  13. Uncle Kanye is a Trump supporter — look at the hat — who thinks that Trump’s racist rhetoric doesn’t apply to him. Chances are he’s just out there to mislead other minority voters into keeping their votes away from Biden.

    1. You think Donnie campaign might have something to do with this? Nah, couldn’t be. Bingo

    2. If that was the case, why Oklahoma? Trump could piss on the virgin Mary and still carry this red state.

      1. He has announced nationwide. This is just the first place he made the ballot.

  14. Truly exasperating how my fave Beatle, politically progressive Macca, appeared in a Yawnye music video. Oh well, at least it wasn’t Pat Boone or Ted Nugent.

  15. If Pres Trump doesn’t win, or someone with his same stand firm set of nads (there is no one else,, I elect pee wee Herman..He would be more trust worthy than the rest of the idiots. Probably smarter too.

  16. I support anyone who can expedite the dotard’s White House exit. Hell, I’d vote for Charles Manson’s carcass if I had to choose between that or Trump. Helter Skelter!

  17. Wow, this article has everything delusions of grandeur, a Kanye apologist fan and an author with absolute shit taste in music! Okay, the last two are the same thing really. Sorry not sorry Lucas. Having had the whole Kardashian family shoved into my news feed ad nauseam and watched this publicity stunt play out long enough to realize that the only solution to all this is to throw them all off a cliff. Trash, just trash.

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