Lost Ogle Show: Mauree Turner – Democratic Nominee for HD 88!

Last week, Marisa and I welcomed Mauree Turner – Democratic Nominee for Oklahoma HD 88 – to The Lost Ogle Show! As she was babysitting her nephew, we talked about her election night upset of incumbent Jason Dunnington, her passion for criminal justice reform and community organizing, and what it’s like to be recognized at […]

Edmond Facebook Group Tries to Rally Brave Anti-Facemask Shoppers

Earlier this week, an Ogle Mole pointed me to a Facebook group called “Brave Shop – Edmond.” Before I clicked, I figured it was another one of those Facebook groups where people applaud local businesses that require masks, and shame the ones that don’t, so consumers can make informed choices on where to shop and […]

Bice and Neese squabble over Mike Pence endorsement

Just like a classic football game between Oklahoma State and Texas, the race between Terry Neese and Stephanie Bice for the Republican nod in OK-CD5 has quickly devolved into one of those “Is it possible for both of them to lose” runoff elections. In fact, things have gotten so sad that they’re now fighting over […]