Right Wing Oklahoma Lawmaker Comes Out As Pro-Choice!

There are two things that every woman living in Oklahoma hates: 1. The unrealistic beauty standards normalized by the idolization of the flawlessness that is Reba McEntire and 2. Our esteemed male lawmakers pushing bills that aim to take away our body autonomy. Every time we turn around it seems like some representative is introducing legislation that strips our rights. But not today! Finally, we have an Oklahoma lawmaker who is pro-choice in this state!


 OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A state senator started a petition this week arguing the government does not have the authority to enforce local mask mandates…

Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm is urging Oklahomans to sign his petition saying wearing a mask should be a personal decision.

“This is about government forced mask mandates. If you want to wear a mask in public, if you want to require in your business, in your home, your private property, you can certainly do that,” Dahm said.

The petition says “We are free people. Our body is our private property and should be treated as such.”

It sounds like Dahm is a reformed man! After pushing for bullshit legislation like this one in 2016 that tried to make abortions a felony in Oklahoma and strip the medical licenses of doctors providing the service, it is great to see that he finally understands the importance of body autonomy.

But some Oklahomans are second-guessing Dahm’s new-found perspective…

 ACLU of Oklahoma says the language is similar that used by pro-choice advocates.

“Senator Dahm has co-opted language from folks who say ‘our body, our choice’ on personal, private healthcare decisions to try to use that about how people engage in public settings in ways that affect broader public health and safety,”

Planned Parenthood Great Plains also sent News 4 this statement in response-

“It’s rare that anti-abortion politicians who have long-criticized the work we do would want to get on board with pro-reproductive health care messaging. However, the common thread here is plain to see: ignoring evidence-based science and the advice of medical professionals to distract, disinform, and deflect attention from an unpopular political agenda.

Like a college freshman who is three weeks deep into their Intro to Political Science class, Senator Dahm’s political stance appears to have swung hard and fast to the left. For those on the outside looking in, it’s easy to be skeptical when someone seems to change their ideology so rapidly. That’s probably why the Oklahoma ACLU and Planned Parenthood are having a hard time seeing that Dahm is a changed, pro-choice man. But come on, guys. If Dahm really were truly a pro-life advocate, he’d be advocating FOR the masks, not against them.

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15 Responses

  1. BOOM! Roasted! You thought this was a hit, NATHAN! Turns out it SUCKS!

  2. A Republican hypocrite. I’d be shocked if the two terms weren’t synonyms.

  3. Dahm ass.

  4. Scraping a baby and wearing a mask are the same philosophies?

  5. Guys (yes, guys) like Dahm are “pro-choice” as long as your choice is the same as their choice for you.

    I hope that everyone understands by now that wearing a mask during this pandemic protects OTHER PEOPLE much more that it protects the wearer. People who won’t wear masks in public places are saying “I don’t give a crap about you, or about anyone besides myself. Get out of my way.”

    When you see people who refuse to wear masks and mock those who do, that’s exactly what they are telling you.

    (Did Kevin Stitt and Herman Cain, both unmasked, catch the virus at Trump’s Tulsa rally? No one will ever be able to say for sure.)

    1. The timeline (as we currently know it) works for Cain catching it at the rally, but it doesn’t work for Stittiot’s case.

  6. Black babies just don’t matter, Margaret Sanger is dancing in hell. For some all babies matter.

    1. For some, all fetuses matter. Then after they are born, they are on their own.

    2. Again im gonna beat a dead horse but its sad how the planned parenthood destroys the black community like it does they terminate more babies of color than any republican congressman or what ever seat he is holding. Why aren’t more democrats and liberals able to see that this looks like population control ?! Its a big club and were not in it #sameteam….

  7. Maskdebater

  8. Nathan Dahm says our bodies are private property and we can do whatever we want. Therefore, screw the local rules, whether it be from private businesses or government. Does this mean that the next time I go to Mazzio’s, I don’t have to wear a shirt, shoes, pants, or underwear and still get service cuz my private property doesn’t want to wear clothes that day??? (I’d still wear a mask) Is this a great state or what, and definitely Imagine That!!!

    1. And if you didn’t wear pants, you probably wouldn’t have a way to carry money so you don’t have to pay! What a country!!

      1. Fanny pack.

  9. Herman Cain had this exact same attitude. He died because of it.

  10. But of course Nathan Dahm is a hypocrite. Because most conservatives are:

    * On economics and taxation: Austerity for thee, but not for me
    * On war: Send other peoples’ kids to die on foreign soil, but not my kids.
    * On “socialism” — The “socialism” that gives members of Congress awesome health insurance and wealthy Congressmembers and Senators who receive subsidies for their “family farms” is great, but OMG we can’t have Medicare For All and can’t wait to gut Social Security because that’s … “socialism.” Remember: Conservatives have been responsible for the *upward* redistribution of wealth since the Reagan years, and decry the calls for progressive taxation as “OMG WE CAN’T HAVE THE REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH!”

    [Also: There’s a reason why I kept putting “socialism” in quotation marks. If conservative people are going to blab about “socialism,” they could at least look it up: “A political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.”]

    So naturally it follows that Dahm, good conservative hypocrite that he is, would co-opt the language of reproductive justice activism to justify *not wearing a mask in the middle of a pandemic*. On its face it’s highly offensive, of course, because those standards don’t apply to women. Conservatives hate women, and I have a difficult time understanding why women would *be* conservatives outside of being self-loathing.

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