Update: Here’s another video of Sassan Moghadam accosting Norman teens with brick…

Earlier today, we told you about “Unite Norman” co-founder Sassan Moghadam helping bring his city together by accosting teenagers with bricks for driving through a parking lot.

About 20 minutes after I hit publish, a bunch of Ogle Moles sent me this other video that a different teenage passenger in the vehicle filmed. It provides a clearer view of the Moghadam, brick in hand, confronting the teens and informing them he’s making a “citizen’s arrest.”

Check it out:

For what it’s worth, Moghadam is a “well-established” developer and contractor in the Norman-area, which gives credence to the theory the Unite Norman also serves as a front for greedy land developers who are still mad that the Norman City Council voted against continuing lucrative, developer-friendly TIF subsidies. You can read about that controversy here.

Not surprisingly, Moghadam is also an avid big game hunter. Here’s a photo of him posing with an Ibex that he killed:

Hard to believe, huh? The loser that accosts teens with bricks also shoots animals for fun!

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53 Responses

  1. Let’s deport HIM!

    1. Yup, Right back to iran…he’s still got the damn accent so it’s like he never ran away in the first place! Plus he’s got experience in herding ignorant Okie rednecks on his resume …so he can go into the spying biz in his original country now!

      1. Wow… that went racist quickly.

  2. Once again, for anyone who wants to know what song the teens played, it is called ‘Fuck Donald Trump,’ by Y.G. It can be found on YouTube.

    1. Thanks but I’ve been singing that song already for a few years. It’s my version but it’s good enough.

  3. A couple of comments. How can you be a big game conservationist when you kill big game? Secondly how would you like to be an unemployed tenant in one of this guy’s properties????

    1. I would NOT want to be an unemployed tenant in one of his properties. Also, after visiting the website of his company, I’ve found a bunch of people I hope to not have to do business with.

  4. He is certainly a dick for accosting kids with a brick.
    No question!
    But lay off the hunting thing….someone else is likely to look like a dick there

    1. It’s not the hunting thing that pisses people off. It’s that these endangered species are targeted in ILLEGAL hunts.

      1. I know. I work with a guy who goes to Africa and kills everything that moves. It is all legal but God knows why it’s fun but he does it and he is a competent and decent guy. And then in November we all go to Wisconsin and shoot as many deer as we can possibly shoot and the locals praise us because the deer are such a pain in the ass there

        1. There is a management and conservation side to deer hunting and it makes the herd stronger/healthier. Humans have eliminated deer’s natural predators and now have to manage the mess.
          I only kill what I eat and prefer the chemical-free benefits of natural meat.
          Much better than going to the supermarket and certainly more humane than commercial meat production.
          I never understood why people kill an animal for a trophy. Real hunters with a respect for creation don’t do that.
          sorry – got off topic…

          1. Probably argue the “humane” part of your comment.
            I’ve seen way too many deer shot that ran off to suffer for days and die. We used to find them all the time. There is nothing human about hunting. Nothing. Get out in the sticks and half of all hunters at least are nothing more than poaching law breakers.
            But you’re spot on about the natural predators.

    2. No, they’re pretty much all dicks.

      1. The Donald’s two oldest sons also enjoy killing exotic animals for fun.

        Just saying…

  5. What an embarrassment to Norman. FFS! This group of losers were sitting on their fat asses across from Thunderbird Casino with their little petition Sunday. It looked like a meeting of the Red Neck Woman Haters club. Frankly they all need to let Norman continue to be the progressive city it always has been. Go back to Moore. I’m sure it’s better suited to your political views.

    1. Well, Norman hasn’t always been a progressive city… note the streets named after kkk high members and African Americans had to leave town by sundown, or else. Plus the racist crap happening on campus over even the last few years. But we are more progressive than most of oklahoma.

    2. Wanda, You do realize that the signatures are only to get this issue on a ballot for everyone to vote on it…right? Gathering the signatures IS NOT in it’s self going to do anything to remove the office holders.

      1. Of course she realizes that. What’s your point?

        1. Maybe someone needs to inform Ms. Sapp that collecting signatures from people who do not reside within Norman City limits is clearly illegal. Unite Norman was clearly on the North side of Highway Nine accessing traffic coming into Norman City limits. I won’t be surprised if many of the signatures on your petition do not belong to Normam residents. Let’s be honest, Norma, wasn’t that the intent all along ? Their is an email from one of your group’s leaders circulating on Twitter that you might want to check out. Very enlightening. If you have to commit fraud to further your agenda? You clearly do not have the necessary support.

      2. If I’m not mistaken, the earliest a recall election could be held is *January 2021*.

        The odd-numbered City Council wards are up for election in *February 2021*.

        I am thinking, frankly, they are pulling all this BS because they’re too chicken to run for office themselves. We’ve had *conservatives* on the City Council before. They were divisive and tried to pit city people against country people. And they engaged the City Council in culture-war BS like throwing down on our LGBTQ+ community and stagy, paternalistic garbage like the “In God We Trust” motto on the wall in the Council Hall (where it is displayed today, along with “E Pluribus Unum,” a more fitting motto that doesn’t invite Establishment Clause moaning).

        In short, it’s theatre. But it’s very dangerous theatre.

        Obviously, I don’t support their effort. But I’m also an old, and every time I see them at their little tailgates I sort of want to give them the finger as I drive by, but also I know there’s no point in antagonising them. I want to hope that most Normanites see they are making asses of themselves.

    3. And what is the “Red Neck Woman Haters Club”? It was two woman and one man setting there. All seniors.

      1. Norma Sapp is part of the Unite Norman hate group.
        Norma, it’s funny they call themselves a “grassroots” group. All of the founders/leaders of this group all have deep pockets. If you do a little Googling, you’ll see for yourself. They’re just using innocent citizens to get what they want, and use trigger words to reel y’all in. “Defund” “Radical” “Back the Blue.” Also, when Chris Dragg wrote his “report” in the media group, he failed to mention that that asshole, Sassan, threw a brick at those teens. Of course, twisting it to fit their narrative. Smh

    4. Progressive? Maybe in things some officials say or the image they try to project. But when it comes to spending money on the city’s biggest needs or problems, Norman has a long way to go.

      Talk is cheap. Do something that really matters. For kids and familes: redevelop the dilapidated central park and improve the other parks in town. Do something about your shitty road system. (What about a major redevelopment along Porter Ave. which connects the hospital, downtown and OU.) Make sure the homeless have somewhere inside to sleep and hang besides business sidewalks and alleys. Think big and act bigger. Norman is a fraud.

      1. Norman does far better than most. The proposed city budget includes 5 million to further address the homeless situation. The former library is now a warming station in winter /cooling station in summer for our homeless population. You’re confusing infrastructure issues with our city’s progressive agenda. The issues you are moaning about are basic infrastructure problems. Norman has more neighborhood parks than most cities of our size. I agree Porter Avenue needs attention but why not write a letter or attend a council meeting? I’ve always found my council representative to be open to hearing our concerns. Norman is a fraud? If you believe that then you’re welcome to work to change it. You can email the parks and recreation board with your concerns.

        1. Please, I’m not confusing anything. I think you judge a town by what it is (in infrastructure, services or whatever), not its intentions (agenda). Norman’s central park is an embarrassment. (Compare it to The Station in Moore). Norman has no decent north-south thoroughfare through the central part of town. Downtown withers while several outlying areas thrive.

          Several years ago, I attended a council meeting where the Porter issue was discussed. The possible solution presented that day: change Porter from four lanes to three lanes (with a turn lane) and create a historical district of sorts drawing on the area’s past and architecture. The intent seemed to be to discourage traffic so as not to overburden this culturally rich area (ha!), rather than move traffic through town more efficiently.

          Here’s an idea: Be bold. Instead of anchoring the city to its past, create something that defines and brightens the future. Buy up land, make Porter a major thoroughfare with adjacent green belt/park areas tied to a revitalized central park and downtown.

          The bottom line: Norman is held back by a large older population that doesn’t support large investments in Norman’s future (but will give the police department whatever it wants). The liberals/progressives can’t seem to overcome this obstacle and get sidetracked by social and cultural issues. Meanwhile, developers are using the police issue to try to take over and grift some more.

          I lived in Norman for 27 years, and recently moved to Moore. I think Moore is a better town for kids and young families. Maybe the “agenda” in Moore isn’t as progressive as Norman’s; the results seem better.

          1. Hope you enjoy living with all the “knuckle draggers” in Moore. Edmond and Moore are virtually the same, except Edmond has a higher income level among it’s citizens. Both epitomize exactly what’s wrong with Oklahoma.

  6. What a douchebag, and that’s an insult to douchebags.

  7. These Clowns are just like every Right Winger. They’re always the “Victim” no matter what they do. It’s just a shame these kids didn’t exercise their “2nd. Amendment Solutions” on this brick throwing Prick!!!

  8. Should have shot his ass. Self-defense

  9. Thanks to The Lost Ogle for not being afraid of this jerk like the OKC news stations are.

  10. How about a Citizen’s Commitment to Griffin Memorial for this lunatic?

  11. Those united arseholes need to move to Pleasantville or Mayberry RFD if they want to live in the past. Time marches on.

  12. OK, here’s my question:

    News stories about “Unite Norman” portray it as a group of disaffected Normanites who were “pushed over the edge” by the June vote to decrease NPD’s budget by 0.4%.

    Is that true? Is there any evidence that “Unite Norman” existed before that meeting? Their Web site wasn’t created until about two weeks later.

    NPD responded to the vote with what could easily be mistaken for/described as a classic protection racket, threatening or implying that everyone would get hurt unless the council and all citizens gave them whatever they wanted.

    Regardless of whether developers or even NPD supporters are involved, did this opposing organization exist before that council meeting?

    1. I’m hearing that similarities between “Unite the Right” (the 2017 alt-right rally in Charlottesville) and “Unite Norman” are intentional, in that both were organized and financially supported by Identity Europa, aka “American Identity Movement”, which are honest-to-betsy neo-Nazi white supremacist hate merchants.

      Seems like it could be, as their logos are oddly similar. But I’d be interested in knowing more about any connections, if indeed what I’m hearing is true.

    2. I thought they were an outgrowth of ReOpen Norman, a group on Facebook (which I do not use) that was opposed to Mayor Clark’s response to the pandemic/mask mandate/what have you. As I posted a while back in another comment, a former City Councilor is involved with the group, David Spaulding, and his involvement with ReOpen Norman and Unite Norman tells me everything I need to know about their leanings.

      But yeah, “Unite Norman” didn’t exist in that name until after the City Council action to redirect funds that were meant for police positions that have been UNFILLED AND VACANT (at least that’s my understanding) toward community programs.

    3. Yes, they started organizing on GroupMe in May, before the vote.

  13. That’s assault. Pure and simple. File on the ugly d-bag

  14. OK, just want to post my viewpoint. I am a moderate Democrat and did sign the petition. I do not support the viewpoint of the Unite Norman peeps as a whole, but the reality is that Norman (the 3rd largest city in Oklahoma), is the only city in the top 10 (by population) that operates in a budget deficit. And that is mainly because the powers that be in the city have been historically unfriendly to attracting any new business (no incentives to attract them). I support local business as much as anyone, my waistline shows the amount that we have supported local restaurants during the pandemic. But the reality is that in the city council’s apparent attempt at trying to keep Norman a small college town, commerce is looking elsewhere. It is no secret that OU has been looking to build their new basketball arena in Moore dt this, and with it will go additional revenue to somewhere other than Norman. The big picture is that under there current climate, Norman will get left behind. I am far from having an economic background, but the math is simple!

    1. I would question whether an unwillingness to spend public money to help largely out-of-town, for-profit businesses is the same thing as being “unfriendly to attracting any new business” as it sure seems like the only empty storefronts in Norman are from businesses that moved from existing locations to the University North Park development.

      1. You said exactly what I was going to say.

        “Friendly to business” should not mean “give them whatever they ask for.” That rarely, if ever, pays off.

    2. There is no evidence of the bizarre claim that OU is looking to move the basketball arena to Moore.

      1. That basketball arena talk is likely a reference to this, from July 2018:

        The proposed arena)/entertainment district was going to be developed in the University North Park area. Not in Moore, but certainly closer to it. I remember hearing the arena was going to have a smaller capacity than Lloyd Noble Center.

        I have my gripes about Lloyd Noble Center, but it’s not ready to be replaced. I actually sort of wish OU would do again what they did a few years back and throw some of the early-season non-conference games back to the Field House (the OG home of OU basketball).

    3. For sure, driving around Norman reminds you of Soviet Russia with the total dearth of restaurants and opportunities for shopping.

    4. First off, OU is NOT looking at Moore for their basketball arena. Fabricated garbage. And there is no evidence that Norman is losing business to Moore– Norman does better per capita than Moore sales tax wise, this has been the trend for the last four years at least. GFTO with this chamber lobby bullshit.

  15. Really? What race was being called out? Iranian is not a race.

  16. Anybody out there like to start a grass roots movement to boycott Ayatollah sASSan’s shady businesses in Norman and drive them into the dirt? But first, try spamming their website thats begging for signatures and it will drive them NUTS!

  17. First it was the fight for a free maskless Norman, that failed, so it became the battle against reducing the rate of growth of the bloated police force. Yes, its all about developers and the University’s access to taxpayers money. In the time of online retail commerce and now the virus, the taxpayer is expected to fund unnecessary retail construction, and OUs ridiculous construction business arm. BASTA

    1. Bricks, eh? Now we know who tossed a bunch of em’ through the windows of the Cleveland County Democratic Party Headquarters a few years ago.

  18. I’ve worked with SASSAN before and he can be the biggest asshole ever. He is very aggressive and talks badly about others daily. Just found that he has lost of legal troubles on OSCN https://www.oscn.net/dockets/Results.aspx?db=all&number=&lname=MOGHADAM&fname=SASSAN&mname=&DoBMin=&DoBMax=&partytype=&apct=&dcct=&FiledDateL=&FiledDateH=&ClosedDateL=&ClosedDateH=&iLC=&iLCType=&iYear=&iNumber=&citation=

  19. Is there a list of every business or property he owns? I’d like to see it, that way I can never go to them or use their services.

  20. Just more insanity in Norman. Soon Norman will make Austin seem normal. Out of control cops, a crazy DA and right wing idiots marching around. There’s no way I’d pay to send my kids to OU with this crap going on. Those cops can hassle folks, harass the elected mayor and council but can’t direct traffic at the football game.

    I’m glad I live in tolerant and liberal Edmond. Oddly, that is no longer a satirical statement, it’s just accurate.

    1. It’s “akrit”, son. Getcha’ a copy of “The Good Old Boy Okie Dictionary”, and see fer’ yer’ self!

      1. I’ve heard so much Ozark intonation over the last few years that I’ve taken country music stations permanently off my radio and hide in the corner at Henry’s with my cigar (pre virus) so I won’t hear folks’ voices.

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