Rock Dove-ster: An Afternoon at the American Pigeon Museum and Library

A fortnight ago, as my ladyfriend and I were traveling to Spencer to give the puppy I had recently adopted some vital vaccinations, driving down a barren NE 63rd, off to the side of the road we passed by a rather large red-bricked building that proclaimed it was the American Pigeon Museum. Like a bird […]

Maggie Carlo is leaving Channel 5… again

Back in 2017, Maggie Carlo returned to Oklahoma City from Chicago after a nearly 10-year hiatus to head the Channel 5 morning show.

Now, after three years brightening Oklahomans mornings, she’s leaving them behind like a bus stop forecast.

Here are the details via a lengthy social media post:


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Abby Broyles T-boned in hit and run accident…

Early this morning, Oklahomans woke up to the news that Abby Broyles – my former KFOR co-worker who is now the Democratic challenger to Jim Inhofe for the US Senate – was involved in a hit and run accident late last night. Here’s a tweet about it: Say a prayer for Abby tonight. A couple […]