5 other things we’d like to know about Jim Inhofe

2020 has been hard on Oklahomans everywhere, including our esteemed Senator Jim Inhofe. Last week, the Oklahoma Democratic Party call for an investigation into Inhofe’s “ethics” after it was found that defense contractor stock magically made it into his portfolio after the senator had lobbied to Trump to increase defense spending. But you know what? […]

Remembering Robotic Wednesdays

It’s amazing to see how the bar scene has changed since I turned 21 back in ::counts on my fingers and toes:: 2004. There were only a couple of ‘cool’ places to go and none of them were in my neck of the woods, so we’d have to go to the northside of OKC to […]

TLO Restaurant Review: Ranch House Café

As water from the hole in the ceiling near the back of the dining room slowly drips into buckets on the floor, it’s obvious that Ranch House Café, 5000 NW 10th, is on its last legs. It was lunchtime on a Thursday and the parking lot was more than empty. Poking my head in to […]