Terry Neese Runs Her Business Like Trump, Too!

Yesterday afternoon, Terry Neese got some good campaign PR when The Frontier published audio tapes revealing that she’s run her business like Donald Trump dating back all the way to the 1980s!

Via The Frontier:

Congressional candidate Terry Neese has long maintained she withdrew her name for consideration to lead the U.S. Mint 15 years ago because she wanted to spend more time with her family. But two days before her Senate confirmation hearing, Neese was summoned to the White House personnel office where officials told her they would no longer support her nomination because of the discovery of training tapes she made for her employees that encouraged them to lie and use unethical behavior…

In the nearly two hours of tape, Neese regularly told her employees to make fake phone calls if someone is in their office to make it appear they are working to find them a job.

“If you don’t have a job order, pick up the telephone, dial your home phone number or call a number where you know no one will answer. You are going to make a fake phone call,” Neese said.

“This is where Hollywood and acting becomes a big part of this business.”

Man, Stephanie Bice can’t catch a break! Even negative news about her opponent benefits her opponent!

This runoff has been a full Trump-Off, and it’s hard to Out-Trump the candidate who apparently graduated with honors from Trump University! I bet Neese aced “Fake It Till You Make 101” and “The Art of a Disingenuous Deal.” She, along with Mike Gundy, will be on the shortlist of applicants when OAN brings back The Apprentice in 2021

That being said, is any of what Neese did really that shocking? Whether I was waiting tables or designing brochures for a bank, I’ve had multiple supervisors over the years tell me to look busy when important people were around. Plus, I’m pretty sure they tell the volunteers working the studio call center during OETA Festival fundraisers to pretend they’re talking on the phone. If it’s okay for public television volunteers to do that when people are watching, it should be fine for people working for a weird lady at a temp agency.

Here’s more:

Neese also told her employees how to lie in order to get another company’s employee directory so she could recruit their workers.

When job seekers had children, Neese told her employees to tell a potential employer they had child care, even if they didn’t.

“Many times I will also create an aunt or an uncle, a grandmother or mother, someone in town who will take care of them in case they get sick, especially if they have a four-year-old, a three-year-old, a two-year-old or real young children who have to be in a nursery,” Neese said.

That’s pretty cool. I wonder I she also pretended to be her own publicist like Donald Trump did? Republican voters would be extra-impressed by that!

Neese even had a Trumpian response when asked about the tapes, which were conveniently leaked to the media a few weeks before the runoff:

At a candidate debate hours after this story originally published, Neese called the story “an absolute lie” and would not say if it were her on the tapes…

After turning down the U.S. Mint position, Neese said she had passed an “exhaustive FBI investigation, an IRS review and the Office of Government Ethics requirements.”

Give Neese some credit – she follows the Trump playbook like a total pro. Next week, she’ll probably double down and tweet that she’s heard recordings of Stephanie Bice calling craft beer drinkers “posers.”

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34 Responses

  1. About as welcome as a dry, hacking cough.

  2. I received this same package at my job and I mailed it to the Lost Ogle a month ago! I’m surprised you didn’t already jump on this!

    1. But it has more impact the week before the runoff.

  3. If you look busy, you are busy.

    1. Not necessarily.

      One of the first things you learn as a military recruit is how to “look busy” when you are not – while the brass is around. That skill saves a lot of ass-chewing.

      1. Yeah, you learn quickly how to walk around with a mop or a tool box, with an intent look on your face, like you’re about to go do some work.

        1. A clean desk is a sign of accomplishment. A messy one gives you material to rustle around in when a boss wanders past.

    2. I wonder if trying to look busy is harder than trying to stay awake?

  4. Watching the debate between Stephanie Bice and Neese yesterday evening, it’s pretty clear that Neese has no clue and won’t be getting past the runoff next week.

    Also, having listened to excerpts of this tape that was released by Frontier, I would say this is a good thing…

    Looking forward to a battle royale between Stephanie Bice and KendrA Horn for District 5.


    1. Stitt exposed for the dumbfuck that he is in the debate and yet won in a landslide against an intelligent accomplished candidate. doesn’t matter

      1. You are right. All you need to win in Oklahoma is an R after your name. You could be a total mindless idiot, and get elected. Nobody reads anymore, we are so split in this country nobody is paying attention to the candidates, just the party. So sad we can’t read and comprehend policies and backgrounds of our candidates and make an intelligent choice.

        The Neese ads are insulting to our intelligence. Good grief, they are embarrassing.

    2. It’s irrelevant. Neese would lose by more, but Bice will lose to Kendra Horn too. She’s one of the few Oklahomans in the national spotlight that doesn’t constantly bring shame to our state. She will win again and rightfully so.

    3. I have to admit I’m going to really miss Neese’s Husband’s polished steel bad ass revolver.
      You think he told her to keep her finger away from the trigger? At least Bice managed to squeeze one off before she accidentally shot herself.
      And bragging about your connections to the NRA? Is this a great state or what?

  5. I have no faith in the GOP Fifth on this one. I’m pulling for Bice because she seems more beatable, but those rabid in-person voters will see this news as another “she tells it like it is” strength and will send her to embarrass us even more in the National spotlight.

    Those glasses match the hat, you know.

    1. It’s sensible to have no faith in Oklahoma voters. They have disappointed us more times than I can count.

      That’s exactly why we should all be sure to vote. Don’t leave the choice to others in whom we have no faith.

    2. last night at the bean supper at thevfw, my neighbor and best friend crystil saw that pitcher of terry neese and her hat and matchin specticles and said anyone that works that hard to look matchey sure must have somethun to hide. then i listened to them tapes and sure nuff, she is a shady old lady. red glasses red hat, but not read a book. she would not know the bisness end of a gun if it poked her in her ying-yang.

  6. Neese is just another in a long line of ethical Trumpian business owners. Trump himself, the My Pillow guy are examples.

  7. Bullshit is the fuel this great country is built upon, and nobody bullshits others better than politicians and bidness people.

    For all their fake yammering about “integrity” and “family values” and “my Christian faith,” that shit goes right out the window if and when there’s money to be made, any way they can make it. If those bastards smell a stray dollar bill floating on the wind, they’ll kill their own mother to get it.

  8. Just another reason to vote for Kendra Horn again.

  9. OETA didn’t have their volunteers pretend to be on phones. Instead they had what they called “cooker phones” which was the sound effect of phones ringing that were played in the studio during pledge breaks to make it appear calls were coming in like crazy when they were not. Sort of like Terry Neese’s “manipulate people 24 hours a day” mantra.

    Terry Neese is the “Oklahoma Standard” candidate. Problem for her is the people who fund those candidates don’t see her in that light. Perhaps they don’t trust her, or perhaps she has their program running better than they do. Point is they aren’t contributing, and Terry had to make another loan to herself for the campaign. Like Janet Barresi she is funding her own campaign, instead of special interests, or people who would actually vote for her. On a positive note it does show that like Janet, Terry has a very high opinion of herself when people aren’t contributing to her campaign. I guess the loans are like OETA’s “cooker” phones.

    Frankly, I don’t understand why she wants to enter politics, especially if she has a business where she is able to pimp out office workers at a fee of more than a month of their salary just to get a job. The training tapes seem to show telling the truth isn’t exactly part of the culture that is Terry Neese. I guess she missed out on moving into the mortgage industry when that the better industry to leave to go into politics.

    The Oklahoma Republican party is imploding, first they lost a “safe” district because the candidate also believed it to be that way, and failed to make any appearances at home. The current incumbent actually represents the people in that district, and is being bullied by the opposing political gang simply because she is not part of their gang. I guess Kendra didn’t understand that a Democrat was never supposed to win Mary Fallin’s old Congressional seat.

    Terry Neese is the perfect opponent for Kendra, who will mop the floor with her in November. Now the Oklahoman Republican party will have to explain all the lies in their latest attacks of Stephanie Bice, who “voted for a salary increase” should they desire a stronger candidate.

    Now the question should Stephanie Bice get the nomination, will Harold Hamm now dump a bunch of money into the campaign of someone who went against him in the battle for teacher’s raises? This is really screwing up the Oklahoma Standard.

    I guess the voters don’t understand the agreement that was made between the candidates and donors in the Oklahoma Standard.

    1. I would think some people think it’s far easier to go to DC and steal it than stay in OKC and work.

  10. “We should run government like a business. Capitalism American Style, all the way.”

    Government exists to provide services – like defending our shores, keeping the peace, fighting fires, building and maintaining good roads, and (sometimes) delivering the mail. It doesn’t exist (like a business) to make a profit, or to enrich the people in charge even if they have blurred ethical lines. That’s a mindset that is difficult for business persons to adapt to.

    To me, “run government like a business” is an automatic vote for the other guy. The candidate who says that will deliver exactly what she promises. Just like Terry Neese would.

    I’ll leave remarks about the plutocrats presently in charge of the federal government for another time.

    1. Yo, TLO folks. I gave this a thumbs up, my vote registered (1) and then disappeared (back to (0). That happened with earlier support I tried to register on this particular issue.

  11. I am so confused by Terry Neese. Evidently she is the founder of some non-profit, IEEW. I’m guessing it is a non-profit, as it has an .org extension. She is listed as “Dr. Terry Neese” and the photo is from a few years ago before she started the glasses thing. It is the same Terry Neese, unless there are two Terry Neese Personnels in the state.

    Not sure how she became a “Dr” with only one year at OU, but hey guess anything is possible. She also is “a former basketball phenom in Southwestern Oklahoma and Northern Texas.” according to IEEW. Perhaps she received her advanced degree while on a basketball scholarship at various schools.

    The leaked tapes really show another side of Terry, almost looked like she was trying to build a MLM platform to franchise her “expertise” in personnel. Create a teaching program for people you scammed to scam others is a great business model, now I understand how she has received all of her business awards.

    Looks like she is ready to be the wheeler-dealer in Washington, and electing her to Congress is exactly the henhouse where that “fox” would like to live and do bidness. She would make Huey P. Long look like a saint, and put Oklahoma on yet another top-ten list of political corruption.

    What a train-wreck, she will do well in the primary I’m sure, these are the people Oklahoma love to elect for some odd reason.

    Congresswoman Dr. Terry Neese Imagine that Oklahoma!

    1. IEEW stands for Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women, a worldwide outreach that promotes peace through business and diversity. Hopefully, tapes like the one in the story aren’t provided for the women helped by the IEEW.

    2. I’ve heard her say in one of her MANY commercials that “Earl and God are always with me.”

      I’m not judging, but telling her employees to lie. Asking them to act as if they are trying to set up an interview for a customer as they sit there, doesn’t fit with the commandments I follow as a Christian. I’m wondering how she can justify it. How she can sleep at night.

  12. Grandma Karen got a giant wedgie. Good thing Bice demonstrated she knows which end of a pistol is the business end.

    1. And the NRA thinks she’s just the greatest! Maybe they can donate some of the stolen cash to the campaign?

  13. Always walk around with a clipboard containing papers. You look busy and no one bothers you out of fear the paperwork maybe for them. Works every time all the time.

  14. Squint a little at that picture and she looks like Sally Jessie Raphael’s evil twin.

  15. This is happening to me too. It has done this to me for quite a while now. Every time I vote either up or down, the vote registers then the total goes back to 0/0.

  16. I wouldn’t put too much stock into hoping that the batshit candidate equalizes things for the best possible scenario. This is Oklahoma. I remember hearing from Democrats hoping that Kevin Stitt would win against Mick Cornett so that reasonable people would come to their senses and vote for Drew Edmondson.

    It never happened. We would have been far better off with Mayor Mick instead of DipStitt.

    So, hoping Neese defeats Bice to give leverage to Kendra Horn is like hoping in one hand and shitting in another. It’s a foolish strategy that sounds good in theory, but is disastrous in practice.

    1. You’re exactly right. Now we are like the guy who’s every single stock trade loses money. So he figures it out and starts fading his original thoughts. But ultimately he goes crazy and quits trading all together after fading his original thoughts goes wrong and he’s not complicated enough to figure out how to fade the fade.
      I’m still trying to recover from the fact that this State would vote anyone who made as much sense as Kendra Horn into office in the first place? Could Scott Pruitt still get moved to OKC in time?

  17. As probably the only Democrat who attended the debate (?) in the Tower Theater the winner on points and a TKO was Senator Stephanie Bice. Not even close. I hadn’t been in person with Mrs. Neese for nearly 40 years and she was even worse than I remembered. Stephanie had done her homework on the United States Mint story, exposed Neese’s hatred for public schools, nailed her on not knowing a tribal treaty from a McDonald’s menu, caught Terry lying about the tapes and Bice seemed confident, cool and coordinated. Mrs. Neese pulled a Trump by waving irrelevant letters from a United States Senator, forgot she had to stay her near her mic to be heard and somehow thought the endorsement of about fifty old, white gun nuts who make up the 2nd Amendment ding dongs in Oklahoma would bring a round of applause. It didn’t, just laughter and hoots.

    Even with all that, and the OKC FOP endorsement for Stephanie, it all comes down to turnout on Tuesday and Terry will have the true believers showing up. Of course it doesn’t matter. Kendra will splatter either one but Neese would be far easier to wipe out. It was an embarrassing night for a woman who thinks she is so competent, smart and qualified which makes her Oklahoma’s female version of The Orange One.

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