Report: Oklahomans are great at getting “Catfished.”

In Oklahoma, noodling and dating have a lot in common. You have to be patient to get what you want. There’s a lot of anxiety, excitement, and sometimes bodily fluids involved. And, like a mudcat nibbling stink bait off the fingers of your cousin, Oklahomans will stop at nothing to get those digits. But be careful before you lure your next catch! Because also like noodling, the Oklahoma e-dating scene is starting to involve a lot more catfishing.

Via OKC Fox…

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH)–According to an article from Highspeedinternet, Oklahoma is one of the most likely states for people to be catfished in 2020.

The site defines catfishing as an online dating scam where a person uses a fake online profile to attract victims.

Much like the fish, Okies also often get swept up by someone wearing cutoff shorts and a sleeveless Sturgis shirt. Anyone who’s glanced at Tinder for more than 14 seconds could tell you that the Oklahoma dating pool likes a lot like an Oklahoma creek on any given Saturday. But hopefully unlike catfish-catfishing, these Tinder catfishes won’t do any real harm, right?

They may be using a fake profile to ask for money from people, for revenge, or just for fun, according to the study.

In terms of what states get catfished the most, Oklahoma is not in the top ten, the study shows.

However, the study showed that Oklahoma led the nation in dollars lost per catfishing victim at $70,288.

Holy mackerel! If I were catfished in Oklahoma, I would also want to crawl into a hole and hideout for a while. But if you find out your sex kitten is really a catfish, don’t give up hope on finding love! As they say, there are plenty of fish.

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13 Responses

  1. Huh. Catfish, bottom feeders, Oklahoma dating scene, noodling…

    I tried to put something together with these ingredients, but nah—I got nothin’.

    Slow comment day, I guess. Well. Time to hit the bottle.

  2. Interesting, looking at the map on that website, than many of the least likely catfished are in the area I’d call the “Sensible Midwest” (S. Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska) and 4 of the top 5 catfishing states are in an area commonly known as the Morridor (zone of higher-than-normal Mormon concentration — remember Manti Te’o?). The traditional Bible Belt does not seem to be similarly affected aside from the overspending by Okies.

  3. Maybe I’m exceptionally close with a dollar or exceptionally cynical, but I can’t imagine sending even three figures of money to an online persona, no matter how beautiful her (alleged) photo…

    … and no matter how lonely I was.

  4. I loved watching that cable tv show about noodling years ago. Can’t imagine putting a hand inside a water hole hoping to pick out a fish instead of a snake or other creepy creature.

    1. Uh, yeah….well I sure can’t imagine those ladies
      in the picture doing some noodling.

      That’s some fine material, especially the one on the left.

    2. In college I was walking along the shore of a small lake with four or five buddies, and one of them was talking about noodling. No one believed him so he showed us. He knelt on the bank and leaned way over while we held on to one of his arms. He reached under and after a bit yelled “I’ve got one. I’ve got one.” Then he threw a fish up onto the path.

      Then we believed.

  5. I doubt if it still happens because photos are so easy
    to send, but back in the day of AOL , etc I heard stories
    of people who would leave their spouse and kids to run
    off to live with someone they had never met or seen their

    And before that I knew a guy who left off to take up with
    his pen pal in another state. They had been writing letters
    back and forth.
    It was kinda funny when he told me that she immediately
    demanded that he not smoke around her. It didn’t last long.

    Another time I met a lady while working downtown who hit me up
    for a quarter to make a call. She had came to OKC to live with
    some guy she’d been writing and then discovered he had several
    women there.
    She left him pretty quick but discovered she couldn’t handle
    staying at the Women’s Shelter and told me she’d rather sleep on
    the streets instead.
    She was probably calling to try to get a bus ticket back home.

    I get all kinds of scam crap and it’s usually so damn obvious the way it’s
    presented that anyone with half a brain would find their intelligence
    insulted. But evidently they hit the jackpot on occasion or otherwise
    no one would be scamming.

    Which reminds me, are there still palm readers around town?

    1. One time I got a letter at my shop with
      very expensive postage that was essentially
      a form of the Nigerian scam.
      This was before it was a well known scam so I
      took it to the post office to show it to them.
      Hell, they just glanced at and acted like it was
      no big deal … guess they saw them routinely.

      Another time I took in a counterfeit $100 bill and
      didn’t realize it until I saw it in the daylight.
      I had the guy’s phone number so I called the cops.
      One came out and bagged the money and said he’d
      turn it into the property room and that I may or may not
      be hearing from the Secret Service.
      Well, the cop didn’t even want the guy’s phone number
      and sure enough I never heard from the SS.

      It had gotten me curious (thinking counterfeiting was pretty
      damn serious stuff) and when I researched it a bit a I learned
      that an average of $3500. a week is discovered for OKC.
      The article said they’re usually passed at garage sales.

  6. Some Okies love to get suckered. Stitt says what?

  7. Fuck that. Have to cuddle with the Eufala women of Gar. Men have sexy snouts, too.

    That is a hot date.

  8. Only question that should be asked is where in the hell did these stupid bastards get $70,000?? Must be a whole bunch of state lawmakers and oil overlords leading that herd of Dumbasses!

  9. The sheriff’s deputies in El Reno sure know how to take advantage of these poor idiots who try to hook up over the web. They’ve arrested several creeps who thought they were communicating with young girls, only to find out that it was a deputy all along.

  10. Check out the Broyles v Inhoof article in the Wonkette.

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