Good news! Only 35% of Oklahoma School Districts Don’t Require Masks!

As one of the leading rabble-rousers in the local Coronamania echo chamber, I’ve been overwhelmed with lots and lots and lots of news tips this summer about all the different places around the state that either don’t require masks, or don’t enforce local mask mandates. Over the past couple of weeks, most of these tips […]

Moore rapper Barbie Doll reveals pregnancy in new music video

You can take the rapper out of Moore, but you can’t take the Moore out of the rapper. Earlier this week, 2020 revealed more flaws in the simulation when beloved Moore rapper Barbie Doll released a new music video announcing her exquisite, pregnant return to the 405 rap scene. The track is simply titled “Mommie […]

Oklahoma is a “Top Ten State,” alright….for despair.

COVID-19 aside, Oklahoma ain’t doing too hot lately. In fact, a recent clickbaity study by Zippia reported that our state is rated #1 in despair. How’s that for a “Top 10 State?” But I think we need to better understand what this “study” means for us as Oklahomans. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, despair is […]