OKC man bitten by alligator thing hiding in garden…

Weird question for you. Have you ever found yourself floating in the pool, enjoying the sun, letting your mind wander, and thought – “What would I do if an alligator was in the pool?” It’s not a serious thought – you know an alligator probably won’t bust through the drains while you’re on a floatie […]

TLO Restaurant Review: Polk’s House

I grew up a thankfully nourished child due to Oklahoma’s once-stellar free lunch program. To typically hungry kids like me that counted on a warm tray of eats every school-day for breakfast and lunch, the gorgeous ladies of well-balanced meals were the true educational heroes of the near-penniless students.

Those women in their tight hairnets and orthopedic shoes always made consistently delicious meals that can still inspire me today more than any celebrity chef that graces a local eatery with their overpaid presence ever could; if I’m being honest, there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t lament that long lost culinary tradition.

And while those days of free lunches might be gone, that taste—that goddamned taste I just can’t shake—is back in the best way possible at the incomparable Polk’s House, 2319 N. Lottie Ave. Sure, they might serve grown-up selections for grown-up hungers, but the spirit of that lunch-lady love remains as soon as you walk into the tiny corner building to order.

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