Ardmore bar takes strong stand against pro sports…

As any good conservative (or bad liberal) will remind you, cancel culture is a terrible thing.

It’s an oppressive assault on an individual’s right to free speech and expression, can stifle and discourage the open exchange of thoughts and ideas, and because cases are tried by online mobs in the court of public opinion, there are no clear rules and guidelines on what’s an actual “cancellable” offense.

Knowing that, I’m sure conservatives in the Ardmore area are outraged by the decision of Starlite Club – a darn tootin’ dive and dance club that may be located in a former airplane hangar – to stop showing professional sports on TV over anthem protests.

Check this out:

Posted by Starlite Club on Monday, September 7, 2020

Boy, that sucks for sports. Just as Neilson starts incorporating bars into its rating system to help prop up falling ratings in the broadcast media, some hillbilly bar in Ardmore goes out and cancels on them. Obviously, someone needs to gather the commissioners of all the North American sports leagues and get them on this crisis immediately.

I’m not as up-to-date on the Ardmore bar scene as I’d like to be, so I scrolled through the Starlight’s Club’s to Facebook to see how this bombshell stance will affect their clientele and events. Most of the posts had to do with pool league, and the only photos of patrons I could find were of all Halloween costume contests:

Yeah, I think the Starlite, and America’s professional sports leagues, will be fine. Best of luck to them all.

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20 Responses

  1. So um sadly 20 some odd years ago I went to this bar, as it was the favorite hang out for college kids home for the wknd. It’s a giant rectangular metal building in a yard of metal buildings. In fact west of Ardmore through past Lone Grove is the metal building capital of Oklahoma quite possibly the US.

  2. Let’s be honest. Every sports league, whether it be professional such as the WWE, NFL (Washington Football Company excepted) or the Big 12 and SEC or semi-pro sports such as tennis, girls softball or the Atlanta Braves have committed the mortal sin of any sports group. They’ve fucked up the scheduling and team matches so bad nobody can bet safely on them. A pox upon all their houses, even the ones they themselves actually paid for.

  3. I’d like to protest their protesting protest which make it a contest.

  4. Truth is, they just forgot to pay the cable bill.

    1. Or just don’t want to pay The Cable/Satellite Bills! lol

  5. Let’s all go hang out there and watch sports on our cell phones!

  6. Like every other business in Oklahoma people can drink, play pool and watch Fox News.

  7. Small minded small town folks pandering to shallow minded patrons. Sounds about white.

    But on a side note, I was in Ardmore early this year, pre covid, and they do have, get this, one of the best sushi restaurants in the state! No shit, Ardmore! Downtown by the courthouse. How in the world Ardmore scored such a culinary delight is beyond me but I was satisfied nonetheless. Absolutely amazing sushi!

    1. Duke my parents have talked about how good the sushi is there. I’m leery it’s just one step above gas station or vending machine sushi.

      1. The Chef/owner studied in Japan for over six years and owned a successful sushi restaurant in Norman before moving down there.

        But then again what would a globetrotting fella like me know about sushi, i only lived in Japan for a year..

    2. “All our catfish sushi GUARANTEED hand-noodled by real Okies!”

  8. How am I supposed to unsee those “Halloween costumes”? Geez you guys!

  9. The Donald and Melanie costumes were big last year.

  10. The Facebook post actually says that this fine establishment is cancelling pro sports that allow players to kneel during the National Anthem. Because patriotism.

    They are standing up for perfunctory patriotism, just about the only kind that a lot of folks think actually matters.

    Salute the flag and even hug it, stand for the National Anthem, say the Pledge of Allegiance with your hand over your heart, and never ever lift another finger for your country Then you can imagine yourself to be and claim to be an American Patriot.

    The icing on the cake is when you vote for Donald Trump for president – the man who believes that people who volunteer to serve in the military and fight in combat are suckers and losers. Because what’s in it for them?

    1. Forced patriotism. We drill the fairy tale of The American Dream into their heads starting in PreK and forced them to hail flag of all importance while not teaching them anything to do with civics so they never learn the US is a republic and don’t understand the rights granted by the Constitution.

  11. I read a story once, I don’t know how true it is, that whenever Stalin came into a room, he would receive a standing ovation from the people gathered. He and his people would keep a watchful eye on the crowd throughout the entire ovation, and the first person in the crowd to stop clapping would be taken away. The anthem controversy reminds me a lot of that, how we turn patriotism into something we feel because we’re genuinely proud of our society to something we are forced to participate in or else.

    I guarantee you there was no shortage of people in this bar who watched the anthem ceremony sitting on a stool, beer in hand, chatting it up with no regard for what they claim it means to them. But because someone centers a peaceful protest around it, they suddenly become a person who has “God Bless the USA” in their sex playlist and dresses up as Uncle Sam to visit sick children in the hospital.

    1. “…we turn patriotism from something we feel because we’re genuinely proud of our society to something we are forced to participate in or else.”

      Exactly. Well said.

      Are you sure that the story you read wasn’t from more recent times and closer to home, involving a different leader who admires strongman leaders in other nations?

      1. Pretend patriots are the absolute worst. They actually think they’re doing something when they make a pledge to a colored piece of cloth. Straight out of Red China, theUSSR, and Nazi German. Absolutely pathetic .

  12. I went to junior high (yes before “middle school”) with a guy who was a Jehovah’s Witness. They do not say the pledge of allegiance or honor the flag. A little awkward but as I recall, we didn’t make that big a deal about it.

    1. This is America. No one should ever make a big deal over something like that… but sad to say, sometimes they do.

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